“I do not respond to anything this talk show host says” – Guy Joseph on Jimmy Henry allegations

“I do not respond to anything this talk show host says” – Guy Joseph on Jimmy Henry allegations
L-R: Joseph and Frederick.
L-R: Joseph and Frederick.

Government Minister Guy Joseph has refused to comment on the alleged resignation and police investigation of Minister in the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives, Jimmy Henry.

“I don’t respond to speculation. You should know that. I don’t respond to what people just say out there. When the government needs to say something on a matter, and you know me and the media, I come out and I speak on the issues that I have to speak to,” Joseph said when he was questioned by reporters about these issues at the July 10 pre-cabinet media briefing.

Henry, according to disclosures made by talk show host Richard Frederick last week, was allegedly stopped by police at the George F.L. Charles Airport and questioned regarding the alleged possession of a significant sum of undisclosed cash.

But Joseph, the Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, told reporters, that the person or persons who disclosed this information are free to many any “irresponsible statement” they want.

“You see those persons who are out there doing their political beat, you can ask them about that. They are free to say what they want, they can make any irresponsible statement they want and it is upheld. As a minister of government I do not have that latitude or that liberty,” he said.

When a reporter asked Joseph if the talk show host’s statement was irresponsible, Joseph said: “I do not respond to anything this talk show host says and you should know that. Enough have been said about me and when I choose to speak on a subject I speak on a subject. I do not have time for this.”

Henry has not made any public statements on the allegations.




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  1. Like true cowards, they cannot attack the message so they attack the messenger.....I dare you to say he lied.


  2. Give GUY a break in your as you jackass RF is no better than the UWP now he want to talk tell him is to late


  3. You lucians forget too fast this man never told us why his visa got revoked yet still everything he spits is gospel.


  4. RF the fellas want their money for their green matter plant vegetation. Your boys are acting like pirates and you coming and preach peace on TV. Your day will come!!!


  5. Richard needs to speak about why his visa got revoked. That should be is next topic on his show.


  6. Highly respected Attorney!!!!!! ..lol he was just an attorney you need to take out the words highly and respected when you talking about this talk show host because many persons know that he is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing, but ehat he need to remember we can do what we want but not for as long as we like and the day will come when he will have to account for the many ills he has not taken responsibility for because god is wide awake and watching him.


    • I agree with you totally. Richard in my opinion is among the lapoest lawyer I have witnessed. Loud mouthed, Jesus user in disguise. God MUST deal with him.


    • In the sense that he got the work done as an attorney...especially for MURDER and DRUG cases.




  8. HAHAHA. Guy just dissed the shit out of Richard TalkShowhost Frederick by calling him a talk show host. LOL. Dude went from being a highly respected city attorney, to being a Policitician and minister to being on the same rung as Claudius Francis, a freaking talk show host. He would love to be in parliament, where power resides. He would have loved to contest the last elections. He would have loved to be accorded the previleges and respect of a minister. He however will never tastt that again. He is now relegated to hobknobbing with the people who destroyed him. Richard is now a labah Poodle aka talk show host. They murdered his already tattered character profile with the Art of War thousand cut upper cut, and even got him to join them as their thursday nght minstrel show. Richard is bleeding in ways only Guy Joseph would know. As long as Richard could not have prevented Sarah from winning or impacting the elections, then you labour people should have known that he was useless. Enjoy the talk show host as much as possible before the US battle ship comes to the habour to get him (Im serious!). They were coming in December 2011, but waited 6 years. They are coming!


  9. A man who is constantly seeking the microphone has nothing to say to the media. The fellar is now moo moo. Boy, looks like crapaud got his tongue.


  10. Lol he is afraid of RF, hence the reason he won't respond.Lizards know exactly which tree to climb...


  11. He can't answer cause all what's being said the evidence is being showed for all to see that's why he is guilty and can't say antything.truth is being told and shown to st.lucians


  12. Hey, I am clean. Look. I have found a sinner. Scalp this sinner. I am clean. I am clean. I am clean.


  13. These questions need to be answered. And a few more, like is the talk show host credible? KDA said RF was the worst thing. He was viciously attacked and along the way RF lost his US visa. Lucians were convinced RF was the worst thing. UWP kicked out RF. Now RF is the best thing? As if RF needs and apology by SLP or an explanation or something? Was he all that you said, or no?


    • RF seems to have forgotten KDA's briefcase about 30 years ago and his own (RF) about 10 years ago


      • Did you not defend the very sins tens yeas ago....now the shoes are on the other feet you want the sins exposed.........I saw what you did las night little......


    • Ironically, all Flambeaus thought he was even better than slice bread now they see him as shopion.....stop the hypocrisy.....


  14. Guy Joseph the Coward! You can't respond because you have nothing to come or present to refute what Richard says about you or the fake government. Lol. You are little feral monkey yapping about Dr. Kenny Anthony all day. ?


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