”I didn’t have Peace!’ – A YPG success story

”I didn’t have Peace!’ – A YPG success story

unnamed-10PRESS RELEASE – My suffering started at the age of fifteen, I didn’t have food to eat and my house use to have the smell of misery and poverty every day. We were so poor that we have to beg for things from our neighbors.

When I use to go to school my teachers never understood what was going on in my life. They never knew why I was failing in my homework, in my exams and in my assignments it was because I was hungry, my belly was empty and sometimes I had to stay home for my brothers to go to school. The money was not enough for all of us to go to school every day.

Almost every day we use to fight in my house, my mother and I never use to agree. The lack of peace in my house made me to have the desire to go out, to leave my mother’s house and disappear. I had anger against my mother, against everybody.

At the same age my friends and my brother taught me how to smoke because I lacked the love from my mother I tried to find love in parties and smoking. And in one of this parties that I went I almost lose my life, a guy asked me to dance with him and I said no because of that he started to fight with me.

I use to go to the Entrepot Secondary School but because of the bad companies my grades started to go down, all I wanted was to smoke, drink and live a life on my own. I behaved like a big woman but I was like a child inside. I use to suffer with suicidal thoughts, I use to ask myself why God brought me on earth, what was the reason of living if I was hungry, if my house didn’t have peace and my teachers never understand me? That is why the thoughts of killing myself was always there.

I met a friend that told me about the Youth Power Group (YPG), when I came there for the first time  I saw many youths and they were talking about changing their life, how to do good when everybody keep doing bad, how to be a better youth when nobody else have no hope in them.

They Believed in me, that I could change and I decided to follow their advices and today I’m a changed woman, I want to live and not die, I sleep well, nothing accuses me, for many years I was looking for a job and I couldn’t get one after coming to the YPG now I have a job, I love my mother and I help her when she needs. Since the moment I decided to change my life I don’t regret.

Maybe you youth think that nobody is there for you, maybe you keep trying hard to change your life, at this moment you have no more hope in life but I tell you to take the opportunity to change it!

If you are going through the same situation, I advise you to join us at our meetings every TUESDAYS at 6PM and SUNDAYS at 1PM

YPG HELP LINE: 724-8130 / 724-8041

YPG WhatsApp: 730-4040 / 730-2043


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  1. Wonderful. Everytime i read these testimonies i wonder if youth from everywhere could have the chance to be a part of Ypg.I am a living witness and testimony of Ypg and I approve any youth to be a part


  2. Every thing in slu is reactive, for once we need pro-activeness. Too much is going on in this small island for the ppl with power to change or impact it to just be lying back and expecting it to magically improve. Come on man. BTW this human services department needs to be replace. this is a ghost of an agency. Never one seems so lazy. Human services, gender relations, Make your presence known. Too many senseless killings. I do not expect everything to change over night but i do expect some media presence from these agencies, a 5 year plan, work shops, at least.


  3. Proud of you my ? girl hope people that's like you before follow your footstep blessed


  4. What exactly is YPG, what do they do, who's in charge or giving oversight? I keep reading these interesting pieces but it would be nice for the family court and the Human Services department to take a look at the organization and other similar ones and let the public know whether they are good spaces or not. These are vulnerable populations and our human services people need to be proactive in supporting and protecting our youth through such organizations. Same thing should be done for these "Modelling Agencies" that seem to pop up all over. Many are not registered businesses, and even more are predatory organizations with very dubious characters involved. Let's be proactive.


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