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“I did not call the seaweed” – Minister Rigobert says she is trying her best with seaweed problem

By SNO Staff

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Minister Rigobert speaking to reporters last week.

(SNO) – Sustainable Development Minister and Micoud North MP, Dr. Gale Rigobert, believes the people have been too hard on her regarding the sargassum seaweed situation, saying that she has not only been actively seeking a solution, but noted that residents rarely attend public meetings to address the issue.

“So I continue to apologize to my people,” she told reporters last week Tuesday. “I did not call the seaweed. Sometimes when you hear people speak, you get the impression that I asked somebody to come and dump a whole lot of seaweed in Micoud. I did not do that. It’s ‘Mother Nature’. My responsibility, along with my colleagues, is to ensure that we help them solve the problem.”

The seaweed invasion is island-wide but Praslin and Micoud appeared to have been the worst hit in recent times. And Rigobert said satellite images of sargassum approaching St. Lucia indicates that the island is expected to get a lot more seaweed.

Some residents have complained that the government has not been doing enough to help, but Dr. Rigobert said this is not the case. She said many affected residents have failed to turn out at public meetings to hear what the authorities, including herself, are doing.

“We have held meetings with stakeholders, the Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Fisheries, with which we work very closely; has held community meetings, albeit that they were poorly attended and that is why I want to encourage people to attend public meetings. That is where the information is had. That is where the information is being shared,” the minister stressed.

The minister said thousands of dollars have been spent in tackling the problem, but the government’s resources are limited. She adds that she has held meetings with founder of Algas Organics, Yohanan Dujon, whose company processes the seaweed into liquid fertilizer.

“Each time the seaweed comes, we invest $100, 000, and next week, another $100, 000. I don’t know that we have the resources to keep up at that pace, without having a comprehensive fix,” Dr. Rigobert said.

She added: “So after having met with Mr. Dujon, who is working along with IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture), who is working along with UNDP GEF, who is working along with the …sustainable development and my own parliamentary office, and after having invited from proposals from qualified persons who have expertise in dealing with sargassum, this (would not be last week) Thursday, Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture, PS for Agriculture and I, and perhaps some other stakeholders, will be combing through the various proposals that we have received with a view to determining which ones are most feasible, pragmatic, and can give us the comprehensive, sustainable fix that we need for this sargassum problem.”

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  1. Politicians, politicians, you were elected to represent the community, why are you speaking that way. unprofessional !!!!!!!!

  2. Untold arrogance and complacency.... It's at moments like this one notes that some ministers are not fit to hold ministearial office.

  3. It's sad that this is the level of response from ELECTED minister. She make sit seems like a favour she is doing for her constituents and not her job... SMH

  4. Gale is the only government minister who lives in close proximity to the stench of the sargassum seaweed. With that said, we recognize that this problem is beyond all stakeholders. Please seek assistance from Taiwan or Japan. There is an equipment used by these nations to harvest edible seaweed. Maybe this can be implemented in our case. The truth is nobody knows the toxicity or effects of it on us humans.

  5. Gale we know you didn't bring the seaweed neither did u bring crime unemployment and every other social I'll facing us. But u were elected to fix them. Go ahead and fix them and stop your arrogance. A good minister chooses her words carefully. Yall said u could fix the problems. I don't wanna hear excuses.

  6. You did not called the seaweed we know that,but you
    And the government can do something about it, it's a shame to see that mass by all the beaches when I came from the us the 16th of may all over the beach
    Had that seaweed and from that time the government haven't done anything about it but
    Haven't done anything about it.there is no work for the people,that's the time to put the people at work

  7. You right them places not important. If you all want help go next to a hotel. You do you'll think you all are asking gorverment for help. Smh

  8. Street talk.

  9. Gale if the meetings were announced properly im sure we would have attended. Most of us never even knew there were meetings.

    I am very disappointed in the level of representation i have received from you.

    To be honest, you can do better much better

  10. If Dr Rigoberrt agrees to install a mirror in her bathroom I will remove the seaweed by myself.

  11. Where are your garbage trucks Gale?

  12. Well said boss lady. They behave like it is not affecting you too. Humble yourselves people. Be patient and be of good courage. Stop the blame game. We are supposed to be more responsible and take a little more pride in the upkeep of our country/community. What happen to self help and less reliance on government.

    • St.Lucian at Heart

      How does it affect her? How many times a week does she travel down south. I live in the community every day. My son has even gooten I'll because of that smell. Some of you all are behaving that you all must defend this politicians who live and travel in luxury. When she travels down south she is on an air conditioned vehicle so she does not take the smell that I have to inhale every minute of the day. I believe that the government has acted irresponsibly and that is the bottom line.
      OUT OF PLACE Gale.

  13. when up north got hit with the sargassum in a shake of a foot it was gone. you swear it never happened. so why must persons in the south suffer so to the fact they are not conveniently located in a location the government seems to care more about. It is not good on their health. Come on...

  14. Well said boss

  15. St.Lucian at Heart

    Yes we know that you did not call the seaweed but wewould appreciate if your choice of word can be more tolerable. I wonder if Spider called the seaweed and then had a change of heard. How did it ddisappeared so fast from the northern beaches. Thisiis why people like you will have to come beg for my vote the next time.
    OUT OF PLACE Gale.

  16. So. Full of yrself lady,whats goes up must come down like it or not😤😤😤😤😤

    • St.Lucian at Heart

      That is what they forget very easily and they have some ilinformed persons trying to defend them.


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