I cried last night (poem)

I cried last night (poem)

Cherish the now….
Last evening as I was tucking my ‘baby’ into bed she whispered….
Last, first day of school….
I didn’t understand…nor comprehend…
So she repeated…
Last, first day of school….
I gulped and let a tear roll down into the pillow in the darkness

Cherish the now….
It was only now that I held her in my arms wrapped in pink
declaring that I was bestowed with an angel…
Her first steps in her frilly white frock
Her first words…
Her first nursery rhymes book that I have saved

Cherish the now…
It was only yesterday that I dropped her to nursery…
When she smiled and waved
Excited to enter a new domain
With new friends and learnings and games galore
My heart strings pulled as I let go of my little one

Cherish the now…
How I wish I could press restart
And cherish every second one more time
Those little fingers wrapped tightly around mine
Eyes twinkling with excitement for anything pink
Her giggles on seeing her father back from work
The baby smell that stayed on my clothes……

Cherish the now….
She grew from baby to toddler to little girl…
And before I could hold her tight and long enough
She has become a young lady
Last year of school
Getting ready to embark on another adventure…

Cherish the now…

Before you know it they will be getting ready to fly the nest!

– by Sunaina Vohra


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