I am ready to serve: Ernest Hilaire

I am ready to serve: Ernest Hilaire
Left to right: SLP Chairman Claudius Francis, SLP Castries South candidate Ernest Hilaire. * SLP photo
Left to right: SLP Chairman Claudius Francis, SLP Castries South candidate Ernest Hilaire. * SLP photo

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Castries South, Ernest Hilaire, has announced some plans he has in mind to make the constituency better declaring that he is ready to serve.

The former Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom spoke at a press conference on Tuesday.

Below is his full address: 

I am Ernest Hilaire and I am the Saint Lucia Labour party’s endorsed candidate for the Constituency of Castries South. I was born at lower Morne Road and spent my early years roaming the pathways, alleys and steps of Hospital Road, Faux a Chaux, and Bananes.

I was nurtured in the youth and student movement and was the founding President of the Student Branch of the National Youth Council. I also served as Vice President of the National Youth Council having been a founding member. I served as President of the Caribbean Federation of Youth and had the honour to represent Saint Lucia and the Caribbean as a student representative then as a youth representative.

My early years were spent in the arena of community service and activism. My consciousness was shaped by upbringing and dedication to serving my community. I have been a tireless advocate ever since I started my life of community service.

I became a political activist in 1986 when I attended my first Labour Party Conference and have had an extremely active role in the party ever since. I believe in the philosophy and programmes of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I believe that we need to build a more equal and meritocratic society where everyone, regardless of place of birth, family background or political affiliation, has an equal chance to succeed in life.

I believe that development must be about the people, with the people and for the people. I hold firm to the belief that public life is about service to the people and not a favour to the people. The Labour Party has best offered me the chance to live that philosophy.

I have learnt hard work and commitment through my upbringing in the youth movement, through community service and as a political activist.

I first served as Attaché to Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony from 1997 and in 1999 became Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I also had the privilege to serve as the CEO of Cricket World Cup 2007 Saint Lucia Inc. and as Tournament Director for the ICC World T20 2010. I worked as a Management Consultant with the renowned management firm Mckinsey.

I am a former Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board and most recent professional assignment was as Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to France. I was also accredited to international organisations headquartered in Europe. Whenever given an opportunity I have worked hard and tried to serve with distinction, always representing Saint Lucia’s best interest.

I attained a first class honours in Political Science and Sociology from the Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies. I attained a Masters of Philosophy in International Affairs from Cambridge University and followed up with a PhD from the London School of Economics. I also hold an Executive Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Notre Dame University in the United States. Throughout my studies, I have worked diligently, gave of my best and pursued excellence.

Much work has been done in Castries South but still there is much more which has to be done. As an urban community within the city, the constituency faces all the challenges of lack of housing, poor living conditions, high unemployment, inadequate facilities and social discontent. But it is a place overflowing with talent, opportunity and expectation.

I am excited about the journey ahead as I stand as the lead advocate for the constituents to deal with the issues which confront them. I intend to be relentless in addressing the housing issues in Faux a Chaux, Bananes, Cemetery, Marigot and Ciceron. I intend to be unwavering as I argue for a settlement of land ownership issues in Goodlands, Bananes, Morne La Toc and Cemetery. I will not rest until proper facilities are provided in Marigot, Barre St. Joseph/Ti Colon, Faux a Chaux, Goodlands and Ciceron. I dream of a redeveloped Bananes Waterfront which will offer employment opportunities and enhance the appearance of such a beautiful stretch of land.

I will argue for continuation of the infrastructural works which have started, to ensure that there are proper roads, drains, footpaths and lighting throughout the constituency. Beyond the projects, I am most excited about the programme which we will implement to engage the youth and offer them an opportunity and space to start realising their dreams and aspirations. I am excited about working with the youth.

I intend to serve Castries South with the same hard work, dedication and commitment which have thus far guided me throughout my time as a student leader, youth leader, student and in my professional life.
The journey continues for me and there is no other destination but a better Castries South.
I am ready to serve!


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  1. The emperor and his new clothes. It is ironic that upon becoming the slp candidate you have forgotten the role you played in electing this government . You Served as the ambassador but we are yet to see the difference you made. Apart from the obvious diplomatic scandal with your endorsement all over it we a yet to see and economic benefits of your appointment. Further if your job was so important why didn't the government name you replacement? Slp's last candidate had great promise in the opportunity to help educate the people of the area. However he even failed the nation's youth with a watered down educational opportunity. As for your current plans for the community it seems to be the new clothes which the emperor has in stock. You were in a influential position and refused to see after their needs. Now with your new clothes you are promising to use all your connects to make ends meet for the people. Too little too late! The people deserve better.


  2. You ready to serve !!! you mean ready to serve your pocket. There is no way this clown thinks people are gonna buy this bullsh*t.


  3. You ready to serve l, yet you cannot come clear on the Jafflie issue. Crawl back under your rock loser.


  4. Hillaire has to be one of the most arrogant man in politics in fact in the whole is Saint Lucia. This is a man who gives the appearance that he walks on air. If this guy had Chastanet's wealth he would probably wear gloves when amongst locals. He is definitely a fake. He is not likeable or personable. How can he identify with the less fortunate when he had spent the bulk of his adult life avoiding contact with them. Most politicians who come in as Hillaire is, are approachable only around election time. If you already have a chip on your shoulder as a so called public servant if you ever become a parliamentary representative or a even PM you will be even more conceited and your arrogance will exceed that of KEnny. For this reason I hope you never succeed in politics. Go work for Juffali. Bluffing us with plans for research center only after we discovered your secret appointment. . What else is other for us to know? We know for sure that as PM you will not be trust worthy. Only party hacks who are either ignorant or dependant will vote for you. And trust me you may believe that you are ready but most of us Saint Lucian know that you eh ready yet. So wheel and come again.


  5. Tell me about Jufalli not your glamorous resume, aa, even PhD at school of economics, you sure St.Lucia politics is for you with all your degrees, maybe you should try running for congress. Iron lady Mary Isaac won't play with you. This time all ambassador to Mexico we giving you. Ah ah, even Masters in international affairs, mwe mwem. Never me with SLP again, never


  6. Mr BOMBASTIC u should have asked for governor general, that role suits u more with the stand offish type of demeanor u give off. Ur accomplishments are great yet u are untrustworthy what good is that? and who better to have by ur side but the serpent


  7. Proud of you my fellow bridge boy. Always new that you had what it takes to succeed. Wish I was home in time to vote but I will for carnival. Good luck Harvey. (Charlie )


  8. the last line should have been ask yourself why is it on the eve of an election the gov't is playing the blame game.


  9. I am listening to the SLP government try to give an explanation as to why St. Jude hospital is not yet completed(Only Now after 5 years I wonder why?) St. Lucians do not be fooled by all of this walls were broken down because after the SLP government came in they wanted to be internationally accredited.
    for those who do not know with that comes with a lot of rules and regulations oh and a lot of MONEY being spent e.g. the rooms have to be a certain size you have to have a certain amount of space around each bed so were before in the old plan a ward had ten beds you can only have 5 i hope you all understand where I am coming from. so from 47 million to 140 million uncompleted who is to blame SLP think about it . Stay tune more to come do not be fooled as yourself why is it at the if of an election that the gov't is playing the blame game.


    • You guys don't read, John Peters did a piece in the voice on the st judges fiasco ( he called it). So go read up on it and come again.


    • They have always been playing the blame game. Having a meeting with kenny is futile. Every response to a question asked is redirected back to the previous admin. It is Sickening.

      But the sad part is ppl who vote party do not know how to reason nor use logic to poll what has happened these last 5 years. so it is futile to convince them. Just pray that all persons who say they won't vote at least decide on the day to vote against the ruling party if they were unsatisfied with progress or lack of.


    • Tell slp to stop all his lies about when they came in they saw walls to small. Thats a big some walls were adjusted long before they came ino office and some while they in office. But would that have taken five years? Ask kenny when last he ever visted the staff or st.jude hospital. He forgot he said he would send the staff back in 6 months to a year.


  10. You have not been employed by us, and you are ready to serve. What is your hurry? Is it because you want to get in Government to make the poor become poorer. We the voters do not want you.The huge salary you earned while you were St. Lucia's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, try living on that. It should be enough to see you through. Cool out with Claudius and take this serve thing out of your mind. Ba. Bye


    • He has been employed at the expense of Tax Payers for several years, but he is only now ready to serve. So what was he doing all this time?


  11. Conceited and arrogance are the hallmarks of this labour party. Graft, nepotism and corruption are the order of the day. Contempt for anybody not kneeling before them. Victimization for anybody critical or questioning of this oppressive regime.


  12. Eh las. Look at his face. Mr Bombastic. Mr Arrogant plis passe Kenny, Mir. Juffali. Mr Johnny Come Lately who just remember castries south.

    When he was an ambassador on the cocktail circuit and with all his Juffali friends did he ever think of getting a wheelchair for a disabled person in hospital road or Ciceron?
    Did he get even two school books for the Marigot school? Did he ever think of getting a few footballs or a little cricket gear for a sports club? Mais non! That's because Hilaire thought he would alwAys be in the protected cocktail circuit and would never need the people of castries south. Today he needs them and without shame his hands out for votes. Well he go get five to stay alive every time.

    So when Mary Isaac was taking kenny's heat for stAnding up against the 5% cut in civil servants salary where was earnest hillaire?

    It is well known that hillaire is the backbone crafting much of Dr. Anthony's policies, failed policies so there is nothing different in hillaire. You see earnest hillaire you see kenny anthony staring you straight in your face. No difference. In fact many will say hillaire is worst than Kenny for arrogance.


  13. Kudo to u and ur glossy resume. Such wonderful achievements on paper....but yet still u lack trust and public appleal and that my friend is crucial for persons who do not vote party. Also like employers would say what we're the end results of these posts that u held? Meaning u had the title but did u leave them in a better standing or worse??? (Icc world cup involvment, Jufalli etc) Just asking. Because a lawyer can be a lawyer with a degree but if he has bad judgement and never wins a case what good is he??


  14. All those press conferences where you'll come on and read from a script pretending to care stating all that you'll will NOT do with your "BOSS AT YOUR END".....If you truly care and you are passionate about helping the people, you should SPEAK from the heart MOST OF THE TIME.

    You'll appear fake! Tell us the truth about jufalli...


  15. Why are you St Lucians so negative? Most of you who write those comments are a bunch of illiterates.

    Sometimes I hate going on that site, because you all a bunch of haters and disgruntled people. Most of you would never be able to live out of St Lucia because you all need to stop hating and get a life. We are not afraid, the UWP has to be afraid with all the fraud they have allegedly committed.

    Allan is just so desperate of becoming the next Prime Minister he will do whatever he can to get there. There's a lot of fighting going on between them in there but they make people believe that they are so united. Please grow up and stop hating you UWP people.


    • You say illiterate ??? yet you're the one hailing party ("We are not afraid, the UWP has to be afraid")... every commentator gave their personal view against a particular candidate not the party! Of some i'm sure have supported slp such as myself. However I do NOT support party hook line and sinker like some of ya'll. Show me the candidate and i will vote for or against him if i find his ethics questionable. And Hilaire take the cake on that one.

      He has shown nothing but greed and selfishness....a trait most politicians have SO it is our right to deny him power. But as the chameleon that he is im sure DE PARTY will find another "high post" to put him if he is unsuccessful.


  16. Hilaire make social media account. Even following me on Twitter. Since when? All of a sudden you are a man of the people? Since when you so humble? Your watch alone is maybe somebody mortgage. I really don't like you. I detest everything you stand for. Philandering, dishonesty and a rampant liar.


  17. With such a long list of achievements, when did you find the time to give any real public service? Maybe all those skills would be best put to work in a supporting role to a minister, not as an actual minister. You might be too busy analyzing and not able to again, give any real public service. This is not the time for personal achievement. It's about bringing that achievement and experience to help save the collective. Our St Lucia. It's not about name-calling or colors. It's about the best solutions and follow through action to take us out of the mess the pursuit of personal achievement got us into in the first place.


  18. I loathe those who make Saint Lucians second class citizens. Patriots don't vote for traitors.


  19. You are ready to serve as PM. I can see envisage the boxing match between you and Kenny in the red corner, and Pip and Alva in the other corner. ( Not yellow, maybe Black)


  20. Helaire you mean you ready to serve yourself again ? World cup cricket , Juffali and now the trea....
    When are you going to stop. One thing I can you for sure, you will never be pm of this country.


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