“I am not afraid” – Dr. Ubaldus Raymond defends his credibility

“I am not afraid” – Dr. Ubaldus Raymond defends his credibility
Dr. Ubaldus Raymond
Dr. Ubaldus Raymond

Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond has defended his credibility, after naked photos allegedly belonging to him, were shared on social media.

The country’s junior Finance Minister told a news conference on Friday (Jan.13), that he was blackmailed.

“There have been attempts to extort monies from me through devious means,” he explained.

Dr. Raymond said no amount of threats will cause him turn away from his values as a family man, declaring “I am not afraid.”

“People will constantly try to besmirch your character and use underhanded tactics to undermine your credibility,” he said.

But since entering politics, Dr. Raymond said he has maintained that his integrity and credibility are of utmost importance.

The United Workers Party minister said he will not give in to political operatives who will use the most “disgusting tactics” in order to malign his name or to scare him into submission.

“I will trust in the Court system and in the almighty God,” he added.

Dr. Raymond said other persons have gone through similar circumstances and they have probably not been able to fight back.

“They have been too scared, they have felt ashamed or they did not want toopen up themselves to the kind of attention that shames victims of such crimes,” he added.

The minister said he will not make any further statements on the matter.

The news has provoked a media frenzy in Saint Lucia.


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  1. I am appalled at the CORRUPTION that goes on in public office in St. Lucia. This is a situation similar to that of Anthony Weiner in the US.

    We need to hold ministers accountable for their arrogance. UBALDOUS RAYMOND shame on you!!!!

    As a lawyer you know you know that no one is above the law. THERE ARE CASES IN PRECEDENT to show it. You abused public office


  2. Let's stop this," who without sin crap" because this same scripture says "go and sin no more." It is good to judge to determine good and evil.The man entertained the girl, whether or not other politicians are involved,we will soon know.The minister holds more blame due to his age, responsibility and having a family.Final judgement is God's but the Bible tells us exactly how to judge.What about cases such as rape and murder that have yet to be called.We need to demand people in public office to stop destroying young lives.Both did wrong but as a minister he is more culpable.


  3. The young woman should look bad too, no morals, go to work for your your $$$$$, everyone is giving their openion, i hope it come back and bite her,sex for $$$, what do you call that.... prostitution. Someone put her up to this, i hope this is a punishable offence, make an example of her so that others will think twice before they do it. STOP USING YOUR BODY FOR $$$$,. AND STOP BLAMING THE WIFE......


  4. I understand that the young lady was undertaking work experience in the ministers office. If true this makes his conduct despicable' , and is a form of abuse.
    I personally believe that the ministers position is untenable, and an honourable man would resign..
    The young lady attempt to blackmail him is unacceptable, however she is a victim of the ministers exploitation, and hope the courts sees it as such.
    His attempts to brave it out are deplorable, demonstrate a certain amount of arrogance ,contempt for the citizens of St.Lucia.


  5. Many people have many comments.

    A democracy allows us to contact our elected officials to let them know of our opinions and suggestions.

    PM Office numbers as follows:

    General Office: 468-2175
    PM Secretary: 468-2184
    Cabinet Secretary: 468-2102


  6. Is it true a well placed lawyer andcformee politician paid bail for this young lady maybe we need to find out to see where this thing first started and where its heading


  7. women need to stop using fb to do their nastyness all of a sudden the men and women especially the women exposing their bodies on social media what a shame you think is when you post it they will love it at that time it has no value in that case a woman is surpose to be heard and not seen nacked on social media meaing both men and wemen


  8. This gentleman have sex scandal on his hands but at least its not blood and drugs scandal.
    The wife should go away for a while so that she could sort herself out. It is a very embarrassing situation. Others could come out to expose others in high positions. The lady needs to come out and tell us why for a attractive young lady would go so far for a dollar. Her family are decent strict people.


  9. He committed a moral sin (that's between he, God and his family), she committed a crime (that's between her and the judicial system).


  10. Hypocrite my ...this man is a minister. his position alone holds him accountable to public scrutiny.
    His actions should be reflective of the integrity he speaks. There is nothing respectful about his behaviour.
    His comments are even more despicable than he himself.

    The persons who have not been caught can't be used as an excuse for him. other sinners cant be used either. He is a darn right disgrace to me as a St.lucian and a Flambeau at heart. 18 or not, clearly she lacked maturity and he capitalised on that. He is an adult.

    Under the law she is an adult as well, but judging by her actions this Dr. Raymond knew damn well her thinking was kid- like. Guys don't be bias in our thinking to defend someone and keep using that we are human and we are not infallible.

    We have a sense a responsibility as adults and accountability as elected officials to the public especially the ones who elected you to office. The young lady is no dog and neither is he but he is indeed the adult here, what's his excuse...are we really gonna continue to blame her only.

    she is a daughter of the nation. A nation he serves. Where is his loyalty the nation itself. NOT to mention he did entertain the idea that he has never paid this much before. therefore it customary trait of his to pay these little girls for pleasure.

    Obviously there wouldn't be problem if it was a discounted figure. Maybe her priorities are warped....what if she needed the bomb money for books, and he didn't pay would we have beat our asses the same way.. !

    everything in life is an investment believe or not. whether it's time money , attention, a sense of good or sex. Dr. Raymond is his own threat not the kid. call it bomb or whatever..... Noone does shit without returns....according to Dr. Raymond....there are conditions to be met only the figure is too high a price. Her rebuttal could be .......I understand judging by the size of that d.... maybe a lesser figure would do.


  11. St. Lucia stop and check people are saying send him home make him pay do him every thing ........ let us look at every thing. I just want all to see we are 10 weeks to presenting the budget and this minister is playing a major role in that and persons want a mess up. Now if you play with his mind you will throw him off and mess up things.
    People let us build this nation stop destroying people. Our young women need to be taught values and better ones that they have now. Most parents raise material young women they want things more than even themselves. My father taught me to be the woman that I should be and I am. To be contented with what he can give me till I can give myself better and this is what parents now-a-days don't teach.
    This is why young girls/boys go after older and married men for things any thing that parents can not give or will not give for some reason, and these same parents not strong enough to ask where it came from. My daddy also told me that men are Dogs and will have the best bone but still must taste another one.
    I don't know what happened why or how but all I know only God can and will fix it only He can. Please
    people stop and examine ourselves and pray for all involve and for the healing of our nation.


    • I guess he forgot that when he was soliciting this alleged young ccriminal. If you can allow this 18 year old to play you, as my minister with in one of the most important ministries, i am very worried n concerned about the kind of decisiions you will make and take.


  12. His former students at Howard University seemed to have liked him: