I am HIV positive and pregnant for my boss

I am HIV positive and pregnant for my boss

Dear Willie:
 It was a cold rainy Friday afternoon when my boss called me into his office.

Willie, my sheer blouse did me no justice in showing just how cold I was. Nonetheless I chose to remain in a professional frame of mind. My boss however had other intentions. He asked my plans for the weekend which I found was a tad bit inappropriate but I quickly brushed that thought off when he asked if I was available to work on Saturday. We all know that St. Lucia is in a bad state economically, so I put my pocket first and told him I would make myself available.

Saturday morning I got to the office bright and early only to realise we were the only two in the building. The darkness throughout the building was the sole indicator. At about 10 a.m. I was making some photocopies, and before I knew it my boss had picked me off the ground from behind and placed me on top of the copier. I screamed as his hands slid up my skirt and grabbed my sacred fruit.

It’s been a very very long time since someone had touched me in that way and sadly my bodily urges allowed me to let him in after resisting his touch and asking him to stop. Half an hour and many many beeps from the printer later, we decided we had had enough and it was time to clean up. The copier was a hot mess.

Here is my dilemma Willie, after weeks of headaches, nausea, and one missed period, I’m pregnant! Willie it was extremely sweet at the time, but now I feel like I was taken advantage of. I could hear the Lucians now “she wanted it more than her boss,” “that girl really fast.” I am only 18 years old and I have found out that I am HIV positive. I am certain that it came from my boss.

Since confronting him he proceeded to offer me money, a car, land and even a promotion, even going as far as threatening my life, further insisting that I not tell a single person about what happened between us on that Saturday, especially his wife.

Willie, at this point I need all the advice I can get. HELP!!!

Dear Miss: At first I thought I was reading  a sex novel then I had to slap myself back into reality.

Okayyyy. Well you’re in a predicament. I am so, sincerely sorry to hear about that. But I would like to know: what news did he get from you? Did you tell him you’re pregnant only? Or did you also tell him you’re HIV positive?

Also, if I was you, I would not be so quick to pass judgment that it was your boss who gave you HIV/AIDS. You were not a virgin at the time you and him had sex.

And reading from your letter, you gave in to your boss too quickly.

I recommend professional counselling with someone you can trust, such as a relative, or religious official. Telling his wife would not make anything better. If you haven’t told him you’re HIV positive, you need to now and fast, because if he did that to you, he will do it to others – while spreading the virus!


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  1. you gave in too easily...unprotected sex? cant say i feel sorry for who gave who HIV...THINK! Have some pride!


  2. St Lucians so gullible! Can't yall see this is a make believe story? This lil girl imagine this story after watching too much soaps or reading too many romance novels.Choops. She must be laughing her head off reading all of yall stupid comments!
    Why dont all of you go read the bible!!!!!!


  3. Very sad and upsetting story.Sweetie how sure are you that this man is willing to give you all these things. He is just threatening you just so his wife wont no. The wifey has to no.I am just trying to imagine myself in this situation as a wife.Honestly I would want to no whether my husband is having and affair.The best advice I can give you is to tell someone you trust and dnt keep it quiet.Nothing he gives to u now can erase the hurt and pain he has caused.Protect yourself and your baby and stop protecting


  4. these married men are something else. All married men does cheat...u seeing them well dress in all their government and bank uniforms at night wifey home and they prowling when scene get hot they like to back out fast of the relationship and tell the girls they want to work out things or lets just be friends... But once u in u're in .. they want to call u all kinda of names and give u endless attitude when u talking to them.. girl life goes on this isnt the end of the world for your ma girl... but u have a hold cuz u are carring his baby (if its his) so he will always be in your life i guess thats wht happens when u make reckless decisions....


  5. THAT is really unfortunate but honestly, i feel sorry for the wife. She is completely innocent in this situation and will now have an std cause of her husband saloptay!!!! SMFH


  6. old gal get of this site
    you open your legs and wine for your boss and now you asking for help no way burn fire your legs get promoted before your pay wow poor jab anyway not here stay out


  7. she shud of really sad her name just to make sure we eh having sex cuz i eh like to use condoms, it takes away all the feelings son.