“I am here to stay” – Flood-Beaubrun concedes defeat, promises to stick with UWP

“I am here to stay” – Flood-Beaubrun concedes defeat, promises to stick with UWP
Sarah Flood Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Delegates of the United Workers Party (UWP) were in loud cheers on Sunday evening after Sarah Flood-Beaubrun took to the stage to congratulate her political opponent Allen Chastanet on his victory.

The former Health Minister and Speaker of the House of Assembly conceded defeat and pledged her support to working with the new executive of the UWP.

“I am pleased to accept the results,” Flood-Beaubrun said while congratulating Chastanet, Dr. Gale Rigobert and other newly elected members of the UWP executive.

“I will work as hard as I can with the leadership of the party to ensure that we have a resounding victory at the next elections,” Flood-Beaubrun asserted.

She also thanked the delegates who supported her and voted for her at the convention. “I appreciate your support and I thank you for placing your trust and confidence in me,” she added.

Flood-Beaubrun also thanked delegates who did not support her and said she was warmly welcomed into the homes of members and those whom she talked to on the telephone.

“You are the reason why I can confidently say here to you that I am here to stay…anything I can do to help in the edification process, I put myself at the disposal of the party,” she added.

She underscored the need for the UWP to revive the women’s arm and attract the youth votes at the next election, and noted that the party has a lot of work to do, expressing her commitment to help.

“I came here smiling and I am leaving here smiling with peace in my heart. We are united in one common purpose,” she added.

Flood-Beaubrun is an attorney by profession and has been a member of the UWP since 2006.


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  1. Requiem for decency:
    Sarah you are a brave woman; you were sent there to do a job
    on Allen: everyone including yourself knew it couldn't happen
    but you took the bait, got hooked out of the dirty flood waters.
    Got rinsed and now glowing as a star that you once were.
    Now accept my humble advise, stay where you have landed and
    don't listen to your old cuckolding critics. Begin to focus on
    victory for your Party and the blessings you hoped for will be
    realized. Stay positive, unite and show love: FINALLY, LOOK UP.


  2. A courageous woman who always got things done. Now we see she is also classy. Well done Sarah! In just one speech you gave the UWP a chance at unity.
    Sir John would have been proud of this lady from Micoud!


  3. Who cares if this woman is there to stay or not? She is a propagandist by inclination as well as an opportunist with nothing to offer the people of St Lucia. She is a chancer who is simply milking it for all it's worth - the publicity that is. She is behaving like she is doing the people a favour. It should be the other way round. With her cocky attitude no wonder she was tossed aside.

    She is a narcissist who is trying to make up for lost time and opportunity. She has spent the past 5 years squandering her time spewing bile and claptrap. No one who "wastes time" doing Jack Diddles can expect to be happy. Like the current leader she has nothing to offer this party. None whatsoever!

    Only a prozac-minded optimist will assume that this busybody wannabee will serve the interests of the people she is purporting to represent. Politicians by their very nature are wheeler dealers and backscratchers. They will promise the delegates anything to vote them in as leader or as an MP. They will deliver nothing.

    The UWP needs strong leadership. Someone who jumped ship with spiteful motives is unable to offer that kind of leadership. She stood up as an independent against the very party that she is now saying she will not leave. What a hypocrite! Who is this woman trying to fool? It is all about her and her cohorts. What does she know about party loyalty? She betrayed the labour party and will do the same to the UWP - She has done it already by standing as an independent in Central Castries in the last election. She ought NOT to be trusted by the political elite.

    A prime example of someone with the leadership qualities that I am talking about would be the Right Hon. Richard Frederick. He may not have a PhD but he is articulate, sharp, polished, charismatic and gives the people what they want - Representation. Frederick is the consummate politician.He is truly a man of the people.

    It’s a pity the same cannot be said of little Miss showboat who seems to be more concerned about "showing off" her personal business interests than it is to win over hearts and minds whom will soon be forgotten in the event that she were to become an MP again. She will keep switching political allegiances until she has no more allegiances to switch to. It's as simple as that. She is forever sanctimonious.

    The UWP needs to be very careful with this woman of self-importance . Having been defeated yesterday I get the feeling that she may become disenchanted and decide to jump ship again.Only this time she may want to go back to familiar territory by rejoining the ranks of the party that gave her the first political opportunity namely the Labour party. She could also strive to seek refuge with the little known LPM.

    The UWP need to be vigilant as there is every possibility of this happening.This woman will compromise her principles in order to feed her insatiable and rapacious appetite for power. She has no scruples and should be banish from the political scene in St Lucia.

    The supporters of the UWP need to wake up and demand proper representation. They need Someone who can connect with the people not some fly-by-night poseur who is all in it for herself and her cohorts. The delegates have rightfully rejected her with good measure. They should do the same to the current leader. St Lucian can do without a ravenous capitalist wanting to take over it's helm. This man is not fit to be captain of the ship...'The St Lucia'

    The UWP needs Richard Frederick and Stephenson King like never before. They are the only men of valour and probity who can take them out of the mess they are in right now. As for this woman who was rejected by the people yesterday she would not know the words"I am here to stay" if they were to fall on her lap or thighs. She is most probably planning her next move. Which party will it be now dear lady? The greatest remedy for your anger is delay.

    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany.


    • Malcolm, please stay in Berlin.....we dont want you contaminating the minds of fellow St. Lucians. Talk abt lost the plot...Richard Frederick you say? smh, Germany needs you....Lol


  4. Was looking for an alternative with Mrs Flood Beaubrun. I am not a fan of politicians but I have respect for someone who stands for principles. Sorry, guess I am back on the side lines with no one to vote. Only person who would have gotten my vote.


  5. Previous take note! That's how the democratic process works in a party.

    Also, everyone buys votes so stop pretending to be deaf for one and blind for the other it's sad reality in our democracy.


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