“I am at a loss” — Pierre dismisses UWP’s response to his letter as “bizarre”

“I am at a loss” — Pierre dismisses UWP’s response to his letter as “bizarre”

(SNO) — Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre has described the United Workers Party’s response to his letter to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as “bizarre”.

“The United Workers Party must be in a rather desperate situation. What our letter said to the prime minister was that he had awarded a contract to a firm for $15 million without tender and that contract would mean that the taxpayers of Saint Lucia would have to pay $15 million plus interest at 6.5% over a period of four years. All we are asking of the prime minister is or him to follow the Finance Act and bring the contract to parliament. That’s all we are saying. We did not question the contract. We did not question why the contract was given without tender. All we said was that this is a loan, according to the Finance Act, Section 39,” Pierre said.

In a statement rarlier on Friday, the United Workers Party (UWP) said the Labour Party has a “pattern of destabilization and sabotage” that is now clear for all to see.

Pierre, in response, said he does not see the relationship in him asking the prime minister to obey the law and the United Workers Party saying that his party has a pattern of destabilization and sabotage.

“There is no relationship between the government being asked to follow the law and destabilization. I am at a loss. I am going to say that the government is desperate and trying their best to deflect attention from the real issues,” Pierre said.

According to the UWP, Pierre, in his letter to the prime minister, made reference to $15 million for roads in Micoud and a further $13 million for the one in La Ressource.

“What Philip J. Pierre failed to tell the St. Lucian people is that these road projects were facilitated via a Design, Build and Finance arrangement,” the UWP noted in its statement.

“This Design, Built, Finance arrangement is no different to the very same facility used by the Saint Lucia Labour Party during their last term in office for the Banse – La Haut Road totaling $29 million. In fact the signing ceremony to mark the commencement of that project was held on Wednesday January 7, 2015 at Banse, yet only taken to Parliament in July of that year.

“Here we see, again, another shameless example of the St. Lucia Labour Party endeavouring to sully the reputation of this government when they themselves, while in government, subscribed to, and implemented the very same Design, Build, Finance facility for multiple projects,” the statement quoted.

The letter to the prime minister has the contractor describing the facility as a “Design/Build/Finance – Road Rehabilitation Loan”.


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  1. Nothing new here, SLP. Reread the annual budget speeches, but going past all the blather and bluster. What do you honestly see?

    Alright, you and I both have the benefit of hindsight. So, let's take another look. Now, answer this question. What have been the results?

    Can't make any sense of what happened? Ok. Okay. You are still at a loss? OK. That's where you are. Thanks for being so honest for a change.


  2. Happily, SLP is happy to see that the uneducated are very confused, like them. Politicians are either acting to line their pockets or those of their friends. Or, they are doing things that will give them all the chances to win the majority vote to gain power or to remain in office.

    A country does not made developmental advances on just hot air. A country does not make progress on just the almost daily spewing of just hot air from mindless power-hungry political has beens.

    And that is exactly what the polity is bathing in right now. Check to see how many new ideas for the development of this country are being tested and contested. None! None whatsoever!

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Take a closer look.


    As usual, running on empty, they are bankrupt when it comes to good ideas to govern. STEP is not one.

    That is why they have the unenviable record of saddling this country with humongous debt burdens for foreign exchange losses with FRENWELL, BLACKBAY, and GRYNBERG, for $48 million, $86 million, and $150 million. These are all Jackass mistakes that future generations have to pay for with nothing to show for it. These are the achievements of these very misguided noisemakers.

    We, therefore, have to look forward to nothing more from them other than STEP redux.


  3. I suppose it ought to be brought in to parliament, but I wonder what about it that UWP wants private. Anyway SLP is doing a great job in their current position as the opposition. I sincerely hope the when they find themselves in office that they do such a great job the the nation's situation and confidence in the people in charge would be above all others in our history.. We need HELP!!


  4. You at a loss for everything you dummy.......Old man step a side you stale, people are tired of you every day same shit different days with you, now you hungry for power you will NEVER be Prime Minister of St.Lucia if the Unicorn tell you so and you believe I have the Brooklyn bridge for sale. Bluff the red kool aid drinkers laced with 100 proof white rum,kata pol slipper followers, toothless vampires sweaty stinky deplorable junkies yes they will jump when you ask them to that's 20% not the other 80% hell no we are not stupid. We want St.Lucia to be the Helen of the West and Simply beautiful again the creme' de la creme' of the Caribbean thank you.


  5. At least the SLP took the contract they brokered to parliament. UWP had no intention of doing so. Everyone hate to be called out but it is what is. You are breaking or have broken the law. 60 days to table it to parliament or look like an ass in court. I bet my last dollar Chastanet will have it tabled. They have a choice !


  6. At a loss? But of course! A long time ago. Now, will you get your act together? They say when you are in a deep hole, you should stop digging.


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