‘I am all about the people’, says SLP Dennery South candidate

‘I am all about the people’, says SLP Dennery South candidate
SLP candidate Jerome ‘Pharaoh’ Gedeon. *Marius Modeste photo.
SLP candidate Jerome ‘Pharaoh’ Gedeon. *Marius Modeste photo.
SLP candidate Jerome ‘Pharaoh’ Gedeon. *Marius Modeste photo.

PRESS RELEASE – Mr. Jerome Gedeon says his love for people and his desire for better representation for Dennery South led him to offer himself as a candidate for the Saint Lucia Party (SLP) in the next general elections. During an appearance IN THE RED ZONE on Choice TV on Monday, Gedeon said he was also moved by the encouragement of his constituents. According to Gedeon,

“Personally I am all about people, I am all in for people,  I am a people’s person and looking at my Constituency, Dennery South and the plight of the people clamouring for good representation, I was moved through much encouragement by other persons who saw in me a representative who can make a difference in Dennery south. I pondered and here I am right now to represent my people of Dennery south.”

Gedeon stressed that given the caliber of persons who form the SLP, its policies and record in caring for the poor and vulnerable, the SLP was a natural and most suitable choice. He expressed that his background in community development will be used to reenergize the youth of Dennery South. Gedeon said,

“I made one promise to the young people I have encountered since my decision to offer myself as a candidate. I made this solemn promise that every single sport will be given its due recognition and attention. It is not going to be only football, it is not going to be only cricket, but the basketball, netball, volleyball will all be given due attention. Every young person who is interested in a sport will be given an opportunity to participate. When I am elected into office, this dream will materialize.

Right now we have the football field that is being refurbished and will be lit in the not too distant future. As such, more competitions will be held.”

Jerome Gedeon who holds a Bachelors Degree in Sport Development as well as an MSc in Sport, Leisure and Tourism Management also offered Sports Tourism as a new economic driver for Saint Lucia. According to Gedeon,

“Sports Tourism is right now the leading sector in the Tourism Industry when it comes to revenue generation. I think the time has arrived in Saint Lucia where we do not look at sports only as a moment to take a sweat. It is time we begin to look at the commercial aspect of sports. We have the infrastructure. We have Beausejour and rehabilitating George Odlum Stadium will make it a prize asset when it comes to football and athletics. All we need and require right now is a state of the art indoor facility with change rooms, wet rooms, recovery room to encourage athletes to come to Saint Lucia to recuperate. With the Owen King Hospital almost complete and the likes of Darren Sammy and Levern Spencer as ambassadors, Saint Lucia is well placed to make such an investment and market our destination.”

Jerome Gedeon served Dennery South as a school teacher and sports coordinator from 1986-2013, the Vice President of the Youth and Sports Council from 2007-2013, a member of the Constituency Council from 2011 to present and currently serves on the Education Committee of the Dennery Corporative Credit Union.


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  1. blah blah blah blah. Delusions of grandeur....talking madness and bluffing the ignorant! You are better off dealing with the high level of illiteracy in your area


  2. Doesn't his constant mention of sports and the revitalization of sports in Dennery suggest that the current Minister of Sports is failing at his job?


  3. I listen to this guy on the red zone on Monday night and my message to him is, "young people don't live on sports alone they also need jobs".
    The last time I checked, the SLP's definition of youth is any person from sixteen to forty.


  4. *Yawn* Isn't everything he said the same thing that Shawn Edwards said on his platform..re: sports? The Commonwealth Games had to be postponed/cancelled because of the lack of facilities. What do you think you can do to improve it? Oh, and Sports Tourism isn't a "leading sector" under the tourism umbrella; it's eco-tourism and culinary tourism - WORLDWIDE.


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