“I always put people first” — Pierre responds to Budget Address

“I always put people first” — Pierre responds to Budget Address

The prime minister’s 2020/21 Budget Address is a naked admission of a desperate government on the verge of electoral defeat.

Over the last four years, this government has wasted the opportunity given to it, by the people of Saint Lucia, by squandering the resources of the country in a shameless and unrepentant show of preference for the infamous FFF group, while the vast majority of Saint Lucians have been made to suffer — and in many cases intentionally. It’s no wonder with the next general elections around the corner, the chief architect is now asking for prayerful forgiveness.

The government has a fundamental problem that has characterized his term in office: it is not trustworthy. The government has shown time after time that he cannot be trusted. The things he says are hardly in sync with what he does or what is true, and even when you think he is locked into what is signed, he does the unthinkable and reneges on it. Ask the Saint Lucia National Trust, they will tell you. A leopard never changes its spots.

Whatever has been promised in this budget are nothing more than just promises in the hope of seducing voter support at the next general elections. Let me say this to the government, the people of Saint Lucia will judge you by what you have done or, more appropriately, not done over the last four years against what you have promised. You cannot undo the blight you have inflicted on the lives of Saint Lucians by the harmful economic and social policies of your government and still threatening to do with new taxes on the earnings of poor hard-working Saint Lucians engaged in the production of charcoal — yes Mr. Speaker — people making coals to sustain their families.

The verdict is clear: the prime minister and his government have been an abysmal failure and the people of Saint Lucia know it.



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