“Hypocrite” – Hunte’s government had approved dolphin park project, says Chastanet

“Hypocrite” – Hunte’s government had approved dolphin park project, says Chastanet

Former Chairman of the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Julian Hunte has been called a “hypocrite” for his opposition against the proposed dolphinarium at Pigeon Island which his party, when in power, had approved.

That’s according to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

“… he is a hypocrite because he is the chairman of a party that approved the same dolphin park. So this is where we now have to separate what is political rhetoric from what is the reality on the ground,” Chastanet told reporters on Monday.

Hunte, also a former St. Lucia National Trust (SLNT) chairman, has been a vocal critic of the proposed dolphin park and Desert Star Holding (DSH) development projects that are being pushed forward by the United Workers Party government.

At a Trust meeting on March 11, 2017, Hunte said he has had “sleepless nights and difficulty” understanding why a dolphin park at Pigeon Island, a historical location, was necessary.

The SLNT has opposed a dolphin park on St. Lucia, regardless of location.

However, Prime Minister Chastanet noted that Hunte’s party gave favour to the same project back in 2013-2014 when it was earmarked for development at Anse Jambett in Canaries.

Chastanet admitted that there are environmental concerns with the project, but those are being addressed like any previous development in St. Lucia.

He said: “… the feedback we are getting on the ground is that there are people who clearly have environmental concerns, there are people who have some concerns in terms of the size of the project, but when you sit down with them and they start getting what the facts are, are all encouraging it.

“The purpose of what we are doing is to come to the people of St. Lucia way before the decision is made, to allow people to participate in that process. “


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  1. i agree they are hypocrite... "they" (slp) approved the project before however, as they ain't the ones who is going to start the project or see it in fruition they have a problem. they want for them to be the ones to get it done. they had their chance. they just cant accept defeat. and plus they know if / when this project gets under the current administration, they would lose vfort votes at future elections

    but they were too embarrassed to make a public statement on how broke the country is and what exactly was done with the monies. (and ex leader would say if he was reelected health care would be priority.....hahhaha funny .... had big ceremony just to give the hospital a name... then only to find out the place don't have laundry other necessary other things.... everything else seem to have been priority if reelected. but the question is .. when?
    ...i wonder if they were in power if ...IF they would consider that project


    • Of course you'll agree, you rahtid Uncle Tom you.you'll will never do away with that slavery mentality that's tattooed in y'all brain


  2. Mr PM your problem is that you don not consult with other relevant organizations. You think because you are Prime Minister you can do as you wish and all will follow. Consult! Consult! Consult!


  3. Prime Minister you are the one who started this. You proposed Pigeon point. Now you getting licks you blaming the SLP. You are in the hot seat
    when did i say that


    • Never thought St Lucia could have a worse prime minister than Kenny Anthony but Chestenet makes hime look like a saint.
      This dolphinarium just does not make sense on any level.
      Firstly this and the proposed causeway linking the Maria Islands is an echological disaster. If it happens it can never be repaired,so one man just should not have the authority whatever his position to destroy a whole eco system forever for his own greed.
      I am vehemently opposed to any kind of animal captivity for profit. However this dolphinarium just does not make any sense for the people of St Lucia. These developers say they will employ around 68 people not all of them St Lucians. What about all the jobs that will be lost ie: the dolphin and whale watch tours and the taxi drivers.
      Chastenet tninks this will boost tourism. The man is insane. If Richard Branson (who I personally detest) carries out his threat to stop flights to St Lucia (5 flights a week) how many tourists will be lost to the country and how will this benefit taxi drivers and hotels. Trip advisor have already said that they will remove St Lucia from their web site if this monstrosity goes ahead.
      Dolphinariums and zoos are an antiquated relic from the 1970's and have no place in today's society...
      Most tourists from the USA and UK would not go near them.
      Mr Chastenenet, can you not put your greed aside regarding this abomination together with the DSH project and think of the long term damage you will be doing to both the people and the island of St Lucia.
      Please stop acting like a tin pot third world dictator and listen to the concerns of some of your citizens.
      You sir are doing exactly the opposite. You will just alienate the rest of the world apart from the Chinese from coming to this beautiful island.
      Fiinally, Guy Joseph, you too are a disgrace.
      PS. The only consolation I can take from this fiasco is that I like Chinese food


  4. Prime Minister you are the one who started this. You proposed Pigeon point. Now you getting licks you blaming the SLP. You are in the hot seat


  5. Chastanet himself is a hypocrite . Kenny gave scholarships to students to further their education all you had to do when you took over was to pay for it . you'll dont have money for education but you in all sorts of things. #the children are the future of tomorrow chas. You're behaving like trump.


  6. Really Prime Minister,

    Who are these people who mention you sat down with. Where was this meeting held?
    Stop fooling the few ignorant Lucians that are not asking proper questions. The public has said No. Get another project or your party will lose the general election in August 2017.


  7. Is something is wrong it is wrong. Not because somebody did something that was wrong you have to do it too. That doesn't make it right


  8. OFFENSE! Get them hypocrites and liars! Overnight Dolphin Lovers! Audi Driving Socialists.


  9. That was then and this is now. The world and public opinion public taste public sentiments have moved on. One question for you though: where is the dolphin park...is there one in st Lucia? If not why?

    Today if you want to set up dolphin park there need to be public approval. Now that is not too much to ask!


    • You don't need public approval. You just need a 40% unemployment rate and hungry stomachs. You need 18 homicides by the middle of march. You don't need to change policy six months after a government which approval a project decides to hijack a public entity to cause trouble. The National Trust has lost credibility for its obvious hypocrisy. The dolphin park will happen. The streets have ordained. The gutters have blessed it. The ghetto is hungry. We want food. We want dolphin meat. We want a dolphin park. Go drive an audi you cant pay for after your government gets kicked out of office. You will never drive it again after it gets repossessed. Chastenet has all pwells raised. Its rather refreshing. Now keep them raised. Get those blood pressure capsules. Change is hard. Success is harder. Dolphin please!


        • You cant count nice and step as employment. You were simply borrowing money to run a programme which was unsustainable. Kenny is like Chavez and Moduro all rolled up in one. Too bad he is from the uppper class and too bad he is well educated to the point some refer to him as a genius. Well genius doesnt mean anything if all you do is play politics rather than performing. This is not Stephenson King. Chastenet is going to call you hypocrite because he can call you hypocrite and there is nothing you can do about it!


    • You are right - not in 2017. Dolphin Parks were amazing a few years ago. Now we know how the inadequate range, isolation, feeding for tricks and separation of families makes them psychotic killers. Too many trainers have died because the captive dolphins have gone berserk.

      A Dolphin Park in Saint Lucia will spoil our Tourism Product - everyone will suffer for it.

      Read about Tilikum - a Dolphin - and Watch the 2013 CNN documentary "BlackFish".


  10. I've seriously had enough of that dolphin saga. You'll politicians have too much drama. Do you think that's what the citizens of st.Lucia want from you guys;DRAMA????


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