Hundreds of shoppers to Saint Lucia from Dominica? For real?

Hundreds of shoppers to Saint Lucia from Dominica? For real?

Dear Editor: Permit me space to shed some light — over darkness sought to blind some people — on reports that over 400 Dominicans arrived in my country by ferry today for a one-day shopping trip organised by Saint Lucia government officials.

According to reports, the Castries City authorities claimed that this initiative is in keeping with making Castries one of the best places to shop. Ooohhweee!

What are these guys talking about? How did they organise over 400 Dominicans to get them to shop in Saint Lucia? Did they round them up like cattle? Were they vetted? What process was used? How? How? How? Nothing was explained. How comes it is the first we are hearing about this initiative?

From my recollection, Dominicans coming here to shop is an every-day thing — and has been for many, many years. And not every Dominican on a ferry come here to shop. So now, the Castries authorities, or, er, the government is claiming ownership of ‘some initiative’?

People, Dominicans been coming in droves to shop or simply to visit family. Some stay, some go. It is not entirely for shopping. Not saying the ones on today’s ferry trip were not here entirely for shopping but not even ‘Ras Ipas’ was aware or saw anybody from Dominica in droves shopping.

I have a friend who arrived on today’s ferry and she knows nothing about being part of this special-400 batch. She came here with EC$120 and it was not to shop, nor were her other four friends, who coincidentally happened to be on the same ferry. They too, came to see friends and family and hopefully to be able to survive while here on some KFC.

Mr. Mayor and Mr. CC please stop trying to get attention. Not saying you’re lying but I can’t honestly support what you’re saying.

Provide us with more facts, show us documents (not fake ones, cooked up overnight) that clearly shows that this a new initiative and most importantly HOW IT WAS DONE! And indeed if it was done, who gave these folks money to shop and provide the 400 names!

Anyway my friend and I are off to Rodney Bay — oh, and not to shop — just to gossip on this piece of news.

— Staying Anonymous (for good reasons)


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  1. Honestly, y'all caribs have no problems. Like this is supposed to be an issue? What's the fuss about tho? ???... Please visit big countries & get to hear or witness real messy situations/issues. Gtfoh talking about shopping & ferries...SMH


  2. What does the st Lucia government has to do with we dominicans coming to shop.
    .The mayor didnt even know we were coming till Friday passed... stop take credit for what you had no partake in... this trip was all the idea of wadix
    It has nothing to do with st Lucia government..
    I hate a false news..
    And for st Lucia government had to get 415 plus dominicans to come over they would have to pay for our fair and shopping money.
    So with this I bid fare well


    • Exactly. It has nothing to do with ST.Lucia pushing their tourism. It's just Wadix of Val Ferry, giving Dominicans one day sale on boat fares, and Dominicans took a hold of it as they normally do.


  3. VAL FERRY (A local ferry service of Dominica) usually has specials on holidays like today (May day), where they get sale on low one day fares to the ferry's destinations. Sometimes Guadeloupe, sometimes St. Martin, and so forth. The special for this holiday was to St.Lucia. So that is why you guys see this big influx of Dominicans. I don't know the number of people, but I know alot of people grab those ferry deals. A fun quick trip to shop! The ferry even had one day service to Guadeloupe for a football game that the Dominica team participated in. It's great stuff guys! Dominicans get a good deal to visit St.Lucia, and give St.Lucia a sale. MAYBE not much, but ads up. It's a win win!


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