Huge turnout for SLP Castries market steps meeting

Huge turnout for SLP Castries market steps meeting


PRESS RELEASE – On Thursday, April 14, 2016, the Saint Lucia Party (SLP) welcomed a huge crowd to the Castries Market Steps to celebrate the introduction of Team Labour 2016.

Supporters and other members of the public flooded the area to see the slate of SLP candidates, led by Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

The great turnout and sheer excitement around Team Labour 2016 on social media, reflects a growing campaign of enthusiasm for the party’s policy-led, collaborative, no-nonsense approach; and mounting disappointment with the United Workers Party’s politicking and lack of real policies.

SLP Chairman, Claudius Francis said, “The event to celebrate Team Labour 2016 highlighted the spirit of unity and collaboration within the party, in stark contrast to the infamous pettiness and in-fighting of the United Workers’ Party. This cooperation is vital to Team Labour 2016’s commitment to continue developing policies to meaningfully change people’s lives through actions, rather than words.”

Members of the team spoke fervently about the many achievements of the SLP government, and their plans to continue to work hard for the people of Saint Lucia. In particular, the Prime Minister outlined his dedication to providing affordable healthcare for all Saint Lucians, by working towards Universal Healthcare in Saint Lucia.

He also pointed to the party’s concerted effort in bettering the lives of young people, by improving sporting facilities, expanding its One Laptop per Child policy, and providing every child with an opportunity to go to school, which has prompted a revolution in education. Dr. Anthony also announced plans to build a link road between Gros-Islet and Dennery North and informed the gathering that work will soon commence on the new Thomazo and Canaries bridges.

Further, Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Phillip J Pierre drew attention to the endorsement of Saint Lucia’s economic policies by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.  During its term in office, he said, the SLP’s excellent economic management has built 21 bridges and 5 new schools; and plans are in place for two new hospitals and a new airport, in addition to an expansion of the successful NICE programme. He affirmed that under the SLP, Saint Lucia can expect good governance, stability, unity, and a new generation of global citizens.

The SLP looks forward to continuing the discussion of its plans and policies at its next public activity. John Charlery, candidate for Castries North, will be launched at the La Clery Playing Field, on Sunday, April 24, 2016, from 1:30pm.


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  1. SLP you all come back with that same team labour from 5 years ago- with Kenny as leda. Jadia, tell kenny you want a bonus before elections.


  2. i am so tired of this political crap everybody wants power,power to deceive, power to manipulate,, power to separate power, power, power and the blind people they always lead a stray free ride, free bbq n rum, two galvanize for your roof and a pathway to your home every damn 5 yrs and the eyes of the ignorant and the under cover just stay like a hypnotized freak.,


  3. Glitter and spin. It's not quick and today election rhetoric that counts.
    What counts is all the alleged mismanagement, corruption, unopened hospitals after four years, juffali. IMPACS, failed and collapsed justice system and the continuing silence and arrogance to questions from the public.

    Up to now no one knows about grynberg and Lambirds which has suddenly gone silent.
    The French guy get his day in court and Lucians left behind can suck salt.

    Roachamel, Grynberg, IMPACS, Lambirds and Juffali all dark secrets for which St. Lucians will go to the polls ignorant of. We do not deserve answers, we are small time. Well, we will see. All of the dark secrets will soon come before the People's Court.


  4. Compared to turn outs I have seen at SLP Meetings on the Castries Market Steps, the last SLP Meeting there wasn't that huge.

    In fact, the last 3 or 4 meetings of the SLP at the side venue between last year and the one which is made mention of in that Press Release were very disappointing.


  5. AA. They forgot? Or are they Lying?.That is not how you show a turnout. It is usually from the front to the back. Not from the back to the front. The front is where everyone stands.


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