Huge payout this week in Lucky 3

Huge payout this week in Lucky 3

19f426c9-b8de-4331-a608-a63e8144d9dePRESS RELEASE – Congratulations to all Lucky 3 winners in today’s mid-day draw. There was a huge payout of $26,690 on the numbers 7-5-6.

This comes after some large payouts for both Lucky 3 and Big 4 in last night’s draws. A lump sum of $23,212 was paid out on Lucky 3  after the numbers 9-5-2 were called and a further $20,600 on Big 4 after 2-5-5-2 was called.

Let’s keep the momentum going this week. Keep in mind the Super 6 jackpot is attainable this Friday at $225,000. Can you smell the money???? We sure can 😉


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