Huge garbage piles discovered in Marisule River

Huge garbage piles discovered in Marisule River
A section of the river filled with plastic bottles and other waste.
A section of the river filled with plastic bottles and other waste.
A section of the river filled with plastic bottles and other waste.

A concerned citizen is calling on the relevant authorities to assist in removing an enormous amount of garbage he discovered in Marisule, not far from the Courts branch store.

The man, who asked not to be named, said he made the discovery while taking a walk close to the Marisule River and was shocked to see that there was so much garbage there.

“The river was filled with garbage and the stench was almost unbearable at times,” he said.

The man said it appears there was some activity in the area, possibly a heavy duty vehicle like a tractor was used there. The area is filled with plastic bottles and Styrofoam boxes.

He told St. Lucia News Online (SNO): “Fellow St.Lucians especially those who live in the areas that contribute to the flow into this river, as far back as Monier etc. must take special effort, to see that they are not responsible for contributing to this effect of indiscriminate garbage disposal.”

This river is also the habitat for many fish, and is close to a residential area that is prone to flooding.


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  1. Even people who live far away from rivers should be mindful of how and where they dispose of waste. All gutters will eventually lead to a river. It may take some time but it does.
    I am in disgust! Like some one said we say that our politicians are not doing what they are ought to do but what's about us? We waste water, we dispose of garbage like crazy.
    We need to start off by teaching our children the right things and we will have less of an issue. I see patents walking in town with their children and they would drop their trash anywhere no hesitation! (Parent and children alike)
    Speaking of children what ever happen to schools clean up campaigns and making slogans, poems, songs?
    We should also make recycling more common to our country and the Caribbean at large will and can eventually benefit us! We just need some great mind to take care of business.


  2. This should be our focus when it comes to climate change.( Garbage disposal, proper and maintained drainage).


  3. We st.lucian complain that the politicians are the one destroying the island they may have their ways of doing it, as a people we are doing our part in the worst way one can imagine .In the days gone ,govermnent allow people to cut down tree's in the hills to plant bananas ,as a result we are having problems with land erosion ,loose soil blocking the rivers ,and now plasticbag ,plasticbottles ,old stoves, and fridge are being dumped in the rivers.As an island who promotes and depend on the tourist dollars we should learn how to keep our environment clean ,cause if we don't the whole nation will suffer.


  4. this is so irritating, why cant authorities charge for littering, what is this.? choops only in st.lucia from the head down that we show no pride in our country,


  5. Nasty people. The nastiest people I have seen on the planet are Saint Lucians. They don't deserve the island. Uneducated, uncultured and uncultivated.


  6. St Lucians are just naturally nasty pigs. They shit and eat the same place. Shame because they complain about mosquitoes and their diseases but the people are the cause of those diseases.

    They should have very strict rules and charges for people caught littering any where in St Lucia.

    No water




  8. That is a real disgrace. Why are we as a nation destroying that beautiful island that we have the liberty to call home. Can't believe that we are so nasty that we pile our trash in a river. Don't we have Gabbana dumps. That's why we have all those blood sucking mosquitos carrying all kind of bacterial infections. KEEP St.Lucia clean please
    It's the Law. My fellow St.Lucians.


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