HTS journalist Rehani Isidore in critical condition (+video)

HTS journalist Rehani Isidore in critical condition (+video)
Isidore presenting for HTS

(SNO) — The Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) Miguel Fevrier on Monday revealed that HTS/Radio 100 journalist Rehani Isidore “continues to fight for his life” in hospital.

In a video statement, Fevrier said MASL learnt of Isidore’s hospitalisation over the weekend but did not give any reason for the journalist’s hospitalisation.

In addition, St. Lucia News Online has sought and has since not received any official word from the relevant authorities regarding the journalist’s status.

“We understand that rumour and speculation has and will exist but while we await official word from the relevant authorities MASL makes no further statement on the matter,” Fevrier said.



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  1. The young guy is NOT in a fight to save his life because it was he who decided that it should end. How stupid can you be? The doctors are in a fight to to save his life. If i try to commit suicide you will say that i trying to save my life? Hey if you cannot say something logical. Don't say anything.


  2. Yeah since Rehani stood up to Chass he's been served buckets full of woes. Coincidence? I think not!


  3. That's reporting is biased and hypocritical. Lack of details while other reports contains lots of hearsay in the intial report. I am disappointed in this news article.


  4. Sorry the hear that but I guess no speculations are RIFE in that case! It a wait and see. Not even good responsible investigation.


  5. Lucia is a small place.Most people know what's happened to Mr.Isidore.But the hypocrisy...These news reporters up in everyone's business but is tightlipped on this story.


  6. Wishing you a full recovery, I am appreciative of your voice for it twigs my ears to listening intently. It is probing, measured and compassionate.


  7. If this is not obfuscation and cover up I don't know what else it is. This is exactly what the media and the public complains about daily, one set of rules for the regular people and another set of rules for others. And here in the MSAL applying different rules to its friends, family , and foreigners. Had this been me or you the MASL members would have been at my front door trying to capture my mother and wife and children crying, They would have reported every neighbor who would want to share a rumor, they would have posted all my facebook pictures, they would have pictured my car, my bike, and my dog. But you make a video quick because it's your friend and colleague, and you lie to our faces. As a close friend you eh know lol lol yeah right. This is Lucia.


  8. Do we have to be so cold hearted for the sake of politics? Gosh man!!!!!! How can we ever be united in this place? Yellow,Red,Green or Blue, it's a life we're talking about. SMH.


  9. Anonymous

    I tell uif it were Ubaldus,Chass,Guy Kernisha ,Nicole ,Nancy or anyone under the UWP umbrella it would have been out there. But yo PA sav. Hypocrisy to the Max


  10. Since when Miguel doesnt do his favorite? Which is to disclose the rumour. Come on shorty...u always tell us the rumours...why are u so bias now? Tell us what he did, so we can lift him up in prayers accordingly. Politics have made some journalist very stupid, in fact jackasses and u Miguel and Rehani are a perfect example of jackasses. Hope he pulls through, so he can face this humiliation. Speedy recovery!


  11. If Chastanet does not call in the FBI, Scotland Yard or even IMPACS to investigate other mysterious and suspect acts of sabotage in the country, he will be doing the country a great disservice. He would be distancing moderate people from him and his party because they would be viewed as more of the same cover up of the great political hoax/beast. This would probably pave the way for the election of a populist the likes of which we are seeing in the US and Europe. Don't say you were not warned.


  12. Lol. Lol, Lol now St. Lucians are inching closer and closer to finding out the conspiracy. We will also in time get to know what forces were behind the destruction of the equipment at the DSH site and the fires at Folk Research Centre and the Soufriere Hospital. Oh yea, no comment because i would not want to speculate.


  13. The young guy is in a fight to save his life and all some of you are worried about is how he and media reported and treated your preferred politicians. No wonder this society is going down the drain, if in times of life and death we cannot put aside politics then politicians have succeeded in fool the masses for their gain. Hoping for a full recovery for Mr. Isidore, he has a bright future in journalism please survive.


    • Where is the SLP to help him now. They were the ones who were using him to do their bidding.


  14. yea salop waiting for relevant authorities my arse.
    That eh a uwp operative uh or a member of government.
    but wait Jimmy was treated differently by you punk


  15. Two things. You claim you have no further details. And you a journalist, president of a journalist association. Good Investigative journalism would have you find out why he was hospitalized.
    Now you may know the reason and not say, But isnt it your job to bring us information, like other persons who attempts suicide, persons in hospitals per accidents, or any other reason, which especially if saucy you all quick to state. Why the hypocrisy here, and you have not given any reason. My prayers have to be specific. Give me the details so I can pray.
    Wait, thats the same journalist they accuse of RAPE?


  16. “We understand that rumour and speculation has and will exist but while we await official word from the relevant authorities MASL makes no further statement on the matter,????????

    and you two were the master of reporting rumors and speculations everyday on HTS without waiting for any official word from the relevant authorities. It is rumored that Chastanet this, It is rumored that chastanet that... all of a sudden you want to wait.....


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