HR Connect with Harvi Millar a success

HR Connect with Harvi Millar a success

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – As the Chamber continues to find ways to “connect” with its members the “HR Connect –With Dr. Harvi Millar” an initiative designed to ensure that the strategic objectives of organisations are met through wise investment in HR capital stimulated great interest, feedback and participation by attendees.

This first program was sponsored by Windward and Leeward Breweries LTD who has sponsored a number of the Chamber’s Membership Engagement events over the last two years.

Dr. Millar reassured participants that he was not an HR Expert, and then engaged them in rethinking how they saw the Human Resource which they managed so as to align their staff values with that of the organization. The Venue host of HR Connect was Coco Palm Hotel and the Topic of the discussion of June 22nd, 2018 was “Maximizing Your Return on Your Human Resources” which Dr. Millar twisted and suggested that it was more about Maximizing the “Value” than the return as the prime objective.

Dr. Harvi Millar, a St. Lucian Management Consultant and Professor at St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia Canada, who hails from Marchand was able to get participants to share their experiences and challenges in an interactive discussion which followed his presentation. The positive response to the event and the dialogue from the Saint Lucian Business Community was welcomed by the Chamber and matched by the feedback provided by attending Business Leaders and HR Professionals.

The Chamber took the opportunity to conduct a Training Needs Assessment among attendees and this will inform future events and programs which the Chamber will seek to host in the upcoming months. Attendees also specifically called for more learning, networking and professional development opportunities for HR Professionals which is in keeping with the Chamber’s Strategic Initiative: Develop and implement a system to engage/involve Members and provide networking opportunities for sharing best practices.

The opportunities to connect with members will be hosted at discrete intervals during the year and will seek to bring Chamber members together to share ideas, best practice, network and find new opportunities for collaboration in various thematic areas. The Chamber takes this opportunity to thank members and participants for their contribution to the successful debut of HR Connect.


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