Howard Gibson’s death under police investigation

Howard Gibson’s death under police investigation
Howard 'Howie' Gibson. Photo: Facebook
Howard 'Howie' Gibson. Photo: Facebook
Howard ‘Howie’ Gibson. Photo: Facebook

PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the suspected drowning death of 40 year old, Howard Gibson of Hibiscus Lane, Entrepot, Castries.

The body of Gibson was recovered off the coast of Vigie Beach, Castries by officers attached to the Marine Unit.

He was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

A post mortem examination will be conducted later this week.

Investigations continue into this matter.


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  1. I now realise that I knew Howard cuz he's much the last time I saw him and that was without locks. Very very sad news to me . Condolences to his entire family. In all honesty he was a jovial and cool dude.


  2. Change that news and do your investigations separately to find out what happen to him officers.How would you know that,when you can't even get those culprits to those cold murder cases on thee island?Tired of this article.


  3. What... Someone held him under the water... Choops.. Useless police ... Even if it wasn't a drowning y'all won't figure it out cause y'all have more than half of homicides unsolved in the damn country .... All y'all are good for is beating on/ killing people ... Choopps... Y don't y'all do more investigation on yanna , Fraser , Clarke,,charlery , etc and all the rape cases y'all blaming the ladies for ... Choops


  4. Howie you will always be loved and missed. You were never a bad person. You showed me alot of love and the right way to live. Blessed love my king. Jah alone that know how sad my heart is all now. I would have never believed you would have gone this way.


  5. I don't understand what the police have to investigate on this man, just get his medical records and that should speak for itself, is not anyone that took him to the beach or pulled him into the water,he drove himself there,what other terms for drowning can be used maybe he wasn't much of a swimmer and got into deep water,""""" That's It Right There"""""


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