How to save on your clothing

How to save on your clothing

The dollar in your pocket has to stretch further than ever before, causing everyone to take greater care of your household goods and clothing rather than unnecessarily buying replacements in a frivolous manner.

It is nice to purchase new clothing and where your budget allows some time in the stores, you still have to ensure that the deal you are going to receive is the best for you.

It is worth taking your time to sit back and think about your own clothing habits and how these are closely linked with the cleaning of your clothes. Where you cannot afford to dry clean your clothes, it makes sense not to buy dry clean only wear.

Having a particular dislike to ironing will not be helped if you continue to buy items that must visit your ironing board before wearing them. Having to conduct these tasks with your clothes will become ever more annoying and you will have to make the choice between leaving them in your wardrobe or wearing clothes that are not necessarily fit or presentable for the job.

Where you can buy clothing that mixes and matches well with the majority of your wardrobe, you will need fewer clothes to offer a different presentation every day of the week.

Forming a distinction between your employment work wear and the appropriate rags you will use when you are cooking and cleaning, will enhance the longevity of both sets of clothing.

The less you are able to stress your clothes by not laundering them too often, the longer life they will have, but this shouldn’t mix with the requirement to not wear sweaty garments for too long, especially in the Caribbean heat and humidity as you try and wear an item twice before cleaning it.

Where possible, if your clothing washes well in cold water, you will be achieving a little exercise while failing to run up your energy bills at the same time. Cold water detergents are available at your grocery store for this purpose.

Mothers with small children will know that hems should be reinforced the day you purchase the garment to give them a chance for a much longer life.

When you see clothes on sale at particularly low prices, it can be tempting to purchase these in the hope that they will do a long-term job for your wardrobe. Unfortunately, poor quality clothing will let you down quite quickly and you will have wasted your money. It is better to save up for a little while longer and buy better quality garments that will last you for years than to buy junk that will quickly turn into rags.

Keep your ears and eyes open to make sure that you find out about real sales where quality items are being sold at a price more suitable for your budget. Making a pact with a group of friends and colleagues to share this information will enable everyone to benefit from good quality deals which will ensure that your wardrobe remains more than acceptable, even when financial constraints appear to rule the day.

Samuel Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Axcel Finance Ltd., the leading regional microfinance institution. Share your thoughts and email your questions to [email protected]


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