How many more people must die, before better is done with our health services? (letter to the editor)

How many more people must die, before better is done with our health services? (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor: My news is not breaking, but it should be of concern to those seeking medical attention at the polyclinic. As a concerned citizen and patient, I am devastated by a recent experience.

I arrived at the Gros-Islet Polyclinic close to 9 p.m.  I saw a nurse who screened me. I was told my blood pressure was a bit high and asked to pay $20 to see the doctor.

I was fully aware that the clinic closes at midnight. But I was under the impression that I would not be sent away without seeing the doctor, because there were only a handful of persons waiting.

I was happy, when it came for my turn. But that was short-lived, when a nurse came to inform myself and another patient about 11:35 p.m. (the only two remaining patients) that the doctor will not be seeing anyone else.

We were told to go to Victoria Hospital or return to the clinic in the morning.  The other patient pleaded with the nurse, informing her that the hospital had advised patients to visit the clinic, due to the number of patients they had.

We were nevertheless sent home. And to add insult to injury, they refused to refund us our $20 or a fraction of it.

Don’t we as consumers have rights, when it comes to refunds?

They were the ones who turned us away. So, why are they refusing to refund us our money? I would like to hear something from the health minister regarding this issue.

How many more people must die, before better is done with our health services?

I heard the Prime Minister saying that healthcare will be on their top priority, if his party gets into office for another five years. This is shameful!



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  1. I think the nurses and doctors try their best but are woefully let down by the equipment ( or lack of) and facilities. The doctor concerned should have at least seen the patients and reassured them that they would be OK to go home and spend the night, they should have been given a paper to say that the following morning they were to be given priority treatment.


  2. This is a whole lot of b-u-l-l. Why do we have to wait for Kenny to be reinstated .. he is in power and nothing is being done. People are sick now ... you can't tell the sickness to hold on.. So many have lost their lives waiting...


  3. As a labour supporter I must tell u that u should wait for after elections for health to become a priority so wait my lady, wait, EN ROUGE. We have such a brilliant PM who will make health a priority after 2016. Also after 5 years he cannot gv us St. Judes nor the New National Hospital. WAIT my lady I say wait till Labour is voted back into power by you and myself. EN ROUGE Kenny all the way.


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