Housing Minister to meet with residents to discuss Gaboo Lands Project

Housing Minister to meet with residents to discuss Gaboo Lands Project


PRESS RELEASE – The Minister for Physical Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal, Hon. Stanley Felix, along with ministry staff will convene a community meeting with Morne du Don residents on Thursday.

The intended purpose of the meeting is to provide information concerning the status of the Gaboo Lands Rationalization Project.

The Gaboo Lands Rationalization Project was initiated and funded by the Government of Saint Lucia through the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal.

The project involves the rationalization of the unplanned development which has been established on block and parcel number 1048C 180 located at Morne du Don and commonly referred to as “Gaboo Lands.”

This land has been subdivided into 34 residential lots in accordance with the approved rationalization plan for the area. Each household occupying the land will be offered a lot in an effort to improve its socio-economic status.

The community meeting will be held at the Morne du Don Combined School on Thursday, May 12. at 5 p.m. At the meeting, offer letters will be distributed to existing residents (for land ownership) and payment options will be presented for the purchase of the aforementioned lots.


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  1. That SLP Government is making me dislike them even more, reason being they feel they are taking me for a ride. I am much smarter than that. All the works they want to push, is one of the reasons why there should be a fix date for elections. All the parties involved will know when elections will be called. Kenny cannot hold us ransom because he is the only one who knows the election date and because of this he is pushing all the work which should have been done within the five years trying now to complete them in a matter of months and then announce a date for elections soon after. Stop doing things in a hurry. These things will not last. We all can see this is political gimmick. How on earth can you get funds to have all projects approved in just months before an election. Kenny or Tony whatever, stop thinking that you can fool us


  2. Sarah flood put a fire in his backside. Now he all around busy making promises with tete chaud.
    But should it come to election time and to Sarah to get him busy. What happen the past four years.

    But it is easy to see. He sat his backside in his ministry saying Fredericks is the rep so let him do the hustling. More so there was talk kenny would not run him again. Only now he get a vapon


  3. Desperation, desperation, desperation, O he gang of desperadoes, now stooping to the lowest denominator to see if you can fool the people of St. Lucia again. If we let it happen indeed we are more than fools to you guys another chance again. Once bitten twice shy ...


  4. Who the hell you think you fooling? is it because election is coming? now you want to come with housing for the people. They should give you a kick in the face. Hypocrite


  5. Kenny did the same thing in "Shanty Town" Vieux Fort, in a couple of months after the ghetto extended way up into Moule a Chique.


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