House Speaker apologises; urges MPs to be respectful

House Speaker apologises; urges MPs to be respectful
Speaker Peter Foster

Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia Peter Foster has apologised for falling short on the expectation of all Saint Lucians and allowing a confrontation to occur in the House.

“Recent events fell far short of the rules and my expectations and I would dare say, the expectations of the people. To the people of Saint Lucia, I apologise for allowing this to happen,” he said.

Foster said he did not profess to be always right and whether he was right or not, no Member of Parliament (MP) has the right to argue with the speaker or to behave in a manner that is not proper.

“When this happens, there are sanctions that can be imposed, with which I am sure all members are well versed,” Foster told MPs during Tuesday’s sitting.

Foster explained that there are certain Standing Orders which describe the role of the speaker and how the speaker maintains order in the House.

He said his role as speaker is also to determine the relevance of a member’s observations to a motion or bill with that determination of relevance to the subject matter before the House.

Foster said the House should not been seen as something of less importance. Rather, it should be treated with high esteem by all sitting MPs and given the respect it deserves.

The speaker also advised members to show respect for themselves, other members of the House, the chair and the people they represent.

“This is the only way we maintain order in this House. Otherwise the order expected in debates would quickly descend into chaos,” Foster noted.

Foster and Castries South East MP Guy Joseph had a long exchange in the House during the last sitting, which led to popular discourse in the public.

The incident occurred during debate on a motion concerning the Laborie/Banse Road project.

Joseph maintains that the speaker was in no position to engage him in a debate and to interpret law to him in the House.

Foster was forced to instruct the MP to discontinue his speech after he kept debating the speaker’s role.


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  1. The new word to describe the speaker''s so call apology is - Fauxpology (n) an excuse or attempt to shift blame disguised as an apology.


  2. Man just tell Doctor Plumber that you sorry not us ! We need no apology . You were afraid Guy was going to expose you , your caca was half mass! So you behaved in a manor not becoming of the speaker of the house you should be fired ! But wait for it next elections you and Astaphan have to defend Kenny's tricks he played for the past ten years . We shall replace you . You tried to shut guy up because of your nasty deeds ! Shameful man !


  3. There is nothing to apologise for.Two big men had an exchange.It was like talk your talk but dont mention my do do name.Lol


  4. Peter Foster - your head is too swelled up to apologize. This is not an apology. Get you act together because you can't conduct yourself in the house a speaker of the house so you were out of line.


  5. This is no apology. He did not apologise for his behaviour, the man is essentially saying sorry for letting that Guy say so much. The closest he comes to admitting he is wrong is saying that he is not perfect but even if he is wrong no one has the right to correct him. He must be a god in the house.

    I have little respect for Guy but Mr. Speaker wants people to respect his role when he appears to have little respect for it himself. I for one see no value in this sham of an apology.




  6. This does not appear to be an apology for his actions but rather what happened in the house. As far as I see he is justifying his actions. Yes the MP should have behaved better but the Speaker was clearly biased. He went outside of his role.


  7. The speaker initiated the DEBATE. he should apologize to Mr. Guy Joseph. He have to admit that it was not his role to debate. I hate being fooled by scumbags.


  8. This guy has just demonstrated to that Guy the way forward. He has powers vested in him which can be used to prevent the recurrence of such a confrontation. As a citizen of the country, I have accepted his apology.


  9. There is process and procedure and then the are political machinations....while the speaker proves that he knows the rules of the house and is well versed in the running of the house, he gave guy joseph the political upper hand! Guy clearly won this round....and struck a substantive blow to the speakers's rep and he will forever be known as the most outwardly political speaker ever! He has also placed the proceedings of the house in the public limelight, which is good for overall democracy and for informing of the public, but he may have also given the opposition a platform for exposing the constant borrowing by the current administration....this may also prevent another roachamel or the selling of the seabed underneath the noses of members of the current oppisition, the people of St. Lucia, the members of SLAP and the fishes who reside in our waters! It can also prevent anthony asstaphan from getting any more legal work!


  10. he apologized!! and stated whether or not he (the speaker) was right no mp is allowed to argue ... is he gadaffi/sadam in the making or is this a refined version of dictatorship?


    • He did the right thing without admitting guilt. He specifically said " whether I am right or wrong". His only guilt was to allow the situation to escalate. He explained the power vested in him.


  11. Does the author of the article and the person who comment really understand what the Speaker's apology was about? It certainly don't seem so.


  12. Seems the speaker is only building his case for the eventual or inevitable sanction against the member. Kenny also hinted this possibility sometime ago. Democracy is definitely taking blows.


  13. At least we now know that there was actually one grown up involved in this. Thank you for apologizing to the nation. It takes a grown man to do so.....


  14. When is Guy going to apologize for his awful behavior and bringing the house into disrepute. His Ghetto behavior has no place in Parliment, just because you can't thief the people's money anymore and give it to your family.


    • If Guy has displayed "ghetto" behavior and needs to apologize then ALL the members of parliament need to do the very same. Some have walked off during heated arguments, engaged in excessive talking during various speeches, rocking away in their leather chairs daydreaming Smh. what a waste of tax payers money!


    • It is Guy's right to bring out wrong things, the same way the Labor Party does to UWP when they are in power.


  15. "Since when that is your role".... now a popular saying in local parlance in St Lucia! Guy Joseph has thrived on that publicity and now Mr Foster showed that at least he could make mistakes, apologize and move on... now to the business of running the affairs of St Lucia!


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