House and land tax exemptions

House and land tax exemptions

Saint Lucians who have homes to a market value of up to EC$200,000 will be exempted from paying house and land tax come January 1, 2014. So said the island’s prime minister as the House of Assembly passed the House and Land Tax (Amendment) Bill on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said the bill was urgent.

“The Government of Saint Lucia indicated that it would remove from the land and house tax roll persons who have homes to a market value of up to EC$200,000. In other words, the vast majority of poor persons in this country will no longer be required to pay land and house tax if the market value of your home is EC$200,000.”

Homeowners whose property cost more than $200,000 will not be left out. They will be given a credit of up to a maximum of $200,000.

“What’s proposed is that in the case of persons who own homes to a market value of over EC$200,000 they would be given a credit up to a maximum of EC$200,000. So if, for example, the market value of your home for taxation purposes is put at EC$400,000, the land and house tax will be levied not on EC$400,000 but on EC$400,000 minus EC$200,000 — only EC$200,000.”

The prime minister noted that Saint Lucians will enjoy a number of benefits from this amendment including helping to ease the burdens of the Inland Revenue Department.


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    • Happy the dr must be sleeping under the same roof as you .do your background check before you write your shate


  1. I like that, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Why would people complain about this? It is fair in my opinion. Cut it for all!!

    People seem to think the more you make the higher your rate of tax should be...that is BS. Some people work damn hard for what they got, they shouldn't be penalized for that.


  2. Mama if Kenny had raised house tax it would be a different thing! Can't please none of you lot! I were in his shoes I would jack it in I wouldn't need all this pressure from idiots I rather let Ti Chas run St Lucia to the ground and then laugh in all you face!


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