Hot Couture to showcase Saint Lucia as award-winning destination

Hot Couture to showcase Saint Lucia as award-winning destination
Hot Couture 2013.
Hot Couture 2013.

PRESS RELEASE – After a stellar inaugural event in 2013, Saint Lucia HOT Couture will take place again today, Wednesday, May 7, and the word is that the island’s premier runway fashion event will be even bigger and better.

A new venue and format have been chosen for the show, local and regional designers selected, and model castings have been conducted across the island.

One major change for 2014 is the location and there is great excitement about the Johnson’s Centre in Rodney Bay, which will host the glittering showcase of local and regional fashion.

Situated right in the heart of the Jazz & Arts Festival hub, the venue will provide easy access and plentiful parking for patrons on the big night.

At a press launch of the event on April 16, Tourism Director Louis Lewis said: “The theme of the HOT Couture sophomore outing is ‘Island Vibe,’ celebrating the awards and accolades Saint Lucia has received as a world-class destination for the past several years, and the signature events for which the island has become famous.”

The production team, working alongside the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, includes three of the island’s leading fashion/event/production gurus namely, Mae Wayne, fashion savant, publisher and editor-in-chief of SHE Caribbean; Adrian Augier of Landmark Events, who will once again provide the set design and transform the Johnson Centre into a sensational, island-inspired backdrop for the May 7 show, and Dahlia Francois, décor and events specialist who will add in the finishing touches.

Connecting the dots and knitting together the entire production is Trinidad and Tobago’s runway coach Richard Young, a  “Caribbeanist” art designer, stylist and producer who has spent 25 years promoting the regional industry and made his TV debut as runway coach on the first season of Caribbean’s Next Top Model in 2013.

HOT Couture exploded onto the runway in 2013 and became an instant hit with fashionistas and festival goers. The show will be in two parts, celebrating Saint Lucia’s Sports Illustrated shoot with resort and swimwear collections in the first part, while the second half will feature couture and party-wear to celebrate the wonderful public relations (PR) received from The Bachelor for two seasons.

From Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica, the 2014 HOT Couture stage will feature rising and renowned names from the frontlines of fashion.

Fiona Compton, Queen Esther, Shazi Chalon, Treasure, Sophie Betts, Thelma Williams, Claudia Pegus, Heather Jones, Anthony Reid, Mitchelle Murrien-Meiling, Robert Young, Arlene Martin, Rhea Cummings Jordan, Shanika Burnett, Kesia Eastwick and Spnoa Noel will all showcase full collections.

As an added dimension, returning 2013 models will be joined by a cast of internationally recognised names, featuring from Saint Lucia Aishia Gustave, from Trinidad and Tobago Soowan Bramble and Athaliah Samuel, and from Jamaica Sedene Blake and Sashauna Alli.

The popular Trunk Show returns on May 8, just in time for Jazz fashionistas to pick up the right outfit for the main weekend of the festival.  Hot Couture is expected to add even more heat to an already fiery 23rd edition Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival when the acclaimed fashion show hits the runway.


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  1. The professionals said it was SHITTY. So its all in Europe that we had a SHITTY PERFORMANCE. THATS THE REVIEW. We pay an arm and a leg for top of the line acts so make no excuse that the man/woman was too expensive. Isn't a Jazz ticket too expensive for the ordinary ST. Lucian? So you take our money to put up a top of the line production which we can't even afford and you still try to do a shortcut by giving a friend the contract and you come and give that sour excuse. Man/Woman shut da hell up. Failures.


  2. Hate that St. Lucians aren't professional enough to work together despite differences. McDoom had a successful production last time around. Why change something that works simply because of ego. Back to exploiting of models etc etc. Bring McDoom Back. Trinidians would NEVER bring in a St. Lucian designer to host such a production SMH!!!


    • This insularity is myopic and unfounded! Mc. Doom is reported to have his hands full in Europe and elsewhere - and those who are employing him pay way more than we can afford to. Further, a St. Lucian, Stuart Charles Fevrier, has been established in the highest echelons of Trinidad & Tobago football for more than ten years!
      Several Lucians, including Invader and Ivan Smith are highly regarded and treated with maximum respect in the land of calypso and steel band!
      Have I not proven that your comment is of little worth?


  3. Wow ! Wee ! From International runway coach to Caribbean runway coach....everything in St. Lucia is losing ground.


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