Horse killed in Beausejour accident

Horse killed in Beausejour accident

IMG-20151126-WA0042A farmer escaped serious injuries in a vehicular accident today, Nov. 26, but a horse was not so lucky.

Reports reaching St. Lucia News Online (SNO) are that a Nissan two-door pick-up collided with a horse on a road in Beausejour, Gros-Islet at around 4 p.m.

The horse died on the spot, but the driver of the vehicle – the lone occupant – was not injured.

Police were reportedly on the scene carrying out investigations.



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  1. the owners of horses and cows need to be responsible for the damage done by their animals............period. I guess we will never find out who owned the horses as he would not want to be liable to the vehicle owner.The solution!! ,have every animal (cow and horse) tagged or micro chipped(micro chipping would help against theft too) and if it is being a danger to traffic or is hit the authorities will now be able to identify the rightful owner. if it has to be seized by the authorities because it is too close to traffic and is not claimed after a specific length of time then it is slaughtered and used for government institutions.


  2. All of urll dat beatin urll ass about d man was speedin I bet nun of urll dont av a vehicle. Dat has nating to do wit speed. Those freakin animals jus crossin d damn rd. up to lasnitte i almost hit a cow n i wasnt drivin fast


  3. i live at beausejour and the horses dash across the road if startled. this has nothing to do with speed.

    The owners of these horses need to keep them off the main road!


    • There are too many horses on the Beausejour road. Last week a horse just ran in front of my car and I had to sway to the side to avoid knocking it. Imagine if someone was on the side then I would have no choice but to knock the horse.


  4. I have seen this happen too many times in Beausejour. There are always horses grazing in the area and every so often, too often, a horse belonging to one of the nearby stables is killed by a negligent speed's as if just because they are near a stadium, it is the place for all sporting fun. I am not opposed to more speed bumps! let us think of the stable owner who's livelihood depends on these horses.


    • oh please.... shut up!!! why don't the owner of these horses tie them when allowing them to graze? or keep them in their damn stables and feed them hay?!!! if u do live in that area and do drive then you should know that driving about 30mph is more than enough to cause that much damage when colliding with a horse. it's amazing the horse died. they usually just gallop away from the scene and leave the drivers like an ASS on the road. have u ever seen one look left, then right, then left again and crossed? wake up, those horses dash across the road everyday simply because they are not tied or accompanied by someone. Gosh. I feel sorry for the owner.... OF THE VEHICLE!!! they should put a speed bump on you instead.


  5. Actually no one needs to pay for this man's vehicle because the picture clearly shows that he was driving very fast in a residential area. If was a child or as a matter a fact anyone that was crossing the road Mr man would have killed them. Slow down people


    • You idiots just talk crap....The driver is paying licencing and registration fees to use the road....Horses dont have a licence plate and therefore should not be on the road...lucians like to misuse the roads ...just drop their animals their kids or wateva in the road and complain when it gets KILLED...


    • The picture shows he was driving very fast? Wow.. I wonder else is seeing the fast moving vehicle in that pic.. Always some am amazing comments here.. Some people just want to be a part of things whether they qualify or not.. Lol. I'm going to look at that pic again.. Don't know how I missed that fast moving van.. I thought it was a man bending over a dead horse with a woman in the back right on her cell.. But who said I'm right.. Sigh...


  6. Stop making useless comments thats a horse place with many stables around a horse can easily escape a stable


  7. It's not the "fowls play" this time.its horse play!

    Those drivers are driving too fast and reckless in residential areas. They need to slow down. 2 days you see them in an "L" vehicle learning to drive and before they get their licenses they driving like everywhere is the millenium highway!

    There is a need for tougher traffic laws.


    • Some are of the opinion that the 'L' meaning 'Lunatic', needs to be kept on many vehicles, because it accurately describes the driver.


  8. why dont the brain dead owners of these animals keep them secured appropriately around public roads, instead of drinking white rum in the shade of a tree and tinkin everything irie.... who will pay for mates vehicle?


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