Hope Soufriere calls for donations for Christmas hampers

Hope Soufriere calls for donations for Christmas hampers

A non-profit charitable organisation called “Hope Soufriere” is raising funds from now until December, to put together a number of food baskets for poor families in Soufriere.

The organization is calling on persons both in St. Lucia and overseas to donate. The objective is to put together as much food baskets as possible for poor families in the community, which will be distributed during the Christmas holiday season.

The food basket will include: 1 bag flour, 1 bag sugar, 1 bag oats, 1 bottle oil, 1 jar peanut butter, 1 jar jam, 1 bag powdered milk, 1 pack tea/cocoa, 1 pack sausages, 3 tins sardines or tuna, 1 pack salt, candles and matches, 1 bag laundry soap, bath soap, 1 tube toothpaste, 3 rolls toilet paper and biscuits or candy.

The organisation said it estimates each food basket and gift to approximate Canadian $120. There will be no cost for purchasing and delivering the baskets and gifts – 100% of donations will go to the children/families.

Hope Soufriere was established in 2011 with the aim of helping poor families and their children, mainly to  assist with eradicating poverty and improving the livelihoods of these residents.

All donations that go to the organisation are used to assist those that are deemed to be in most need.

In December 2011, Hope Soufriere was approached for help by the Principal of the local High School. The teachers had identified the reason for the high level of absenteeism, low grades, petty theft and fights, among particular students, to be directly related to these students having nothing to eat during the day.

Hope Soufriere started a hot lunch program providing meals to 25 students and at present the organisation feed 35 students, and continue to receive reports of better attendance, attitudes and grades.

The organisation assists families with purchasing materials, which includes clothing, sheets, books and other items. It also helps poor families in getting clean water inside their homes, rebuilding their homes, provides aide to the hearing impaired, renovations and food subsistence.

For more information on Hope Soufriere, you can visit our website at www.hopesoufriere.org or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hope.soufriere and for those who would like to make a donation you can visit: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/-at-christmas-christ-is-born-again-through-our-acts-of-love/256691#.VFhaSuZ4lJc.facebook


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  1. Good idea. Am placing a call to all the local businesses who make their millions off the backs of poor people in this country to give back to the poor and underpriviledge. That is your moral responsibility. Give back to that who have given to you and made you filthy rich.


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