Hope for Wilton’s Yard

Hope for Wilton’s Yard

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On Whit Monday Wilton’s Yard received the youths from the YPG Saint Lucia with great joy. The group went to the community with the aim of helping the youths and the people of the area.

There the group embarked on the distribution of clothing ,snacks for the children, interacting, counselling and simply being that listening ear and to provide moral support and encouragement to those who were in need.

Amidst the distribution of clothing items, toiletries and moral support, the group provided soup to the environs of the community as part of the “Hope for Wilton’s Yard” Initiative.

The primary objectives of the YPG Saint Lucia is to create awareness of the struggles and difficulties that many people here in Saint Lucia are faced with on a daily basis.

“We as a group dedicated this day specifically to help the people in this community who have been struggling for so long.” – said the coordinator of the YPG Saint Lucia William DaCosta lamented on the dilemma faced by the people of Wilton Yard.

Williams said “that many other communities will be receiving the same help as well as there are many communities in dire need of help, this initiative will bring good results for the country.”

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“Youth Power Group, The Most Outstanding Youth Organisation in the Country.”


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