‘Hope for the common dignity of mankind’

‘Hope for the common dignity of mankind’

The Planning and Organising Committee for Chakadan Daniel’s case has been developing links with human rights agencies within and outside Saint Lucia.

Below they circulate, on behalf of Jamaicans for Justice, a press statement to mark Human Rights Day, December 10.

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day we must continue to affirm the hope for the common dignity of mankind and for our society to develop an awareness and respect for those fundamental rights which we have by virtue of being humans.

As the world mourns the death of Nelson Mandela, this is an opportunity for us to coalesce around his vision, his quiet dignity and his respect for the human person. This is a crucial moment in our history to reaffirm the indivisible nature of human rights.

No society can truly advance if we do not appropriately protect the rights of all those in society especially those who are most vulnerable: the disabled, sexual minorities, victims of government abuse, social exclusion and poverty.

As we celebrate Human Rights Day we do so with the acute awareness of how far we have come but an even greater resolve of how far we must still go in protecting and advancing the common dignity of all mankind.


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