Hon. Stephenson King to attend workshop on Sustainability, Energy and Development

Hon. Stephenson King to attend workshop on Sustainability, Energy and Development

kingPRESS RELEASE – Member of Parliament for Castries North, Hon. Stephenson King will represent the Parliament of Saint Lucia during a four day workshop on Sustainability, Energy and Development scheduled to kick off in Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow.

The workshop is being held under the auspices of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. The activity is expected to shape an aspirational framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) for the Caribbean region.

The high level multi-stakeholder meeting will bring together a network of parliamentarians who will be updated on the strategic goals formulated thus far, as well as provide an opportunity for them to develop new initiatives.

A CPA release says, as representatives, legislators and scrutineers, parliamentarians have a responsibility to actively engage in the development agenda, to shape its success and in so doing make concrete improvements to the lives of their people and the global community


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  1. Aa i thought it was Rigobert that would go to report back to the party.WILL THERE BE FEEDBACK TO THE LEADER OR EXECUTIVE?


  2. Why wasn't Rigobert chosen or Richard? lol. I hope he will be on time, not fall asleep and sends a report when he gets back. lol. This is politicking again, all of a sudden the ruling party no longer finds him useless or un educated or stupid and now remembers he is a former PM.


  3. It was time, it was high time this guy got to do some work
    to get him some traction. He has spent the last few years
    feuding against Ti Chas with no avail, listening to people
    who only use him (and he didn't know it) for their own
    selfish means, and worse still, he listened to them.

    Steve, let me tell you, you have a lot to offer, only be the gentleman
    you have always been known to be. You must indeed listen, but
    use some wisdom, don't allow yourself to be used as a political football.
    Forget about the class system in St. Lucia, the Comptons are yesterday's
    dinner, that legacy is long done and finished; it is a new world out there.
    The morning after the next election day in St.Lucia will be a new beginning.
    Just make damn sure you are on the right side of the winners. Some have tried
    to high jack you and show you the Honey pot, but be wise man, don't take the bate
    stay put and do the right thing. Be blessed, be wise and be good. Blessings.


    • truly believe he will announce his swing last minute to leave ti chas scrambling for a rep. hope the uwp is smart enough to have reps on stand by for the following MP seats: spider/king/rufus.


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