Hon. Ernest Hilaire calls on government to consult before implementing projects


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(PRESS RELEASE) – Opposition Parliamentarian for Castries South, Hon. Ernest Hilaire has called on the Allen Chastenet Government to be transparent and involve the Parliamentary Representative for and the people of Castries South in any development plans for the constituency.

Hon. Ernest Hilaire noted that the Prime Minister’s Office issued a Press Release which indicated that ambitious development plans have been completed for the Banane Bay area. The MP noted that the Press Release said that the Prime Minister made the announcement at a meeting in Banane which was attended by officials. It was also announced that members of the public will witness a gradual transformation of that area in the coming weeks.

Hon. Ernest Hilaire is strongly supportive of any intention to re-develop the Banane Bay area having announced during his campaign in 2016 that this was a priority area for the Saint Lucia Labour Party if re-elected. However, Hon. Hilaire is advising the Government to include the families, fisher folk and businesspeople who will be affected in any project conceptualization and implementation.

The MP says it is totally unacceptable that as Parliamentary Representative he has not been informed nor consulted in anyway on the Project. It is even worse, that the people to be most affected have not been consulted nor included in any of the planning for the improvements.

The MP appeals to the Government and Mayor not to be dismissive of the people as any sustainable development must be for people and with people. Hon. Hilaire further notes that sustainable development is best achieved when Government and officials approach projects without the arrogance and disdain that is shown in this case.


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  1. This report indicated that "Hon. Ernest Hilaire noted that the Prime Minister’s Office issued a Press Release which indicated that ambitious development plans have been completed for the Banane Bay area. The MP noted that the Press Release said that the Prime Minister made the announcement at a meeting in Banane which was attended by officials. It was also announced that members of the public will witness a gradual transformation of that area in the coming weeks."

    Ok, so what further consultation or information that Hilaire awaits? He could simply contact the government for further explanations as there is an office responsible for that. Then he could critic the plan. Does Mr. Hilaire expect the PM to come to his home and lead him by the hand to have a discussion. If Mr. Hilarie is new to politics he should be reminded that it was upon his own volition that he took on the work top represent people and that involves getting off your ass and making the mileage to find out what is happening.

    To say the PM had to consult you, when there was a meeting and a press release to me notice has been served, suggest therefore you need to get on your bike. I am no fan of politics but Mr. Hilaire (the people also) has also to remember that he is a politician and his work is entwined in politics, therefore he was also obligated to inform us that they had appointed Juffali as our Ambassador. We also were entitled to know why we got castigated by the international community suggesting that we allowing Juffali to escape liability to his ex-wife under the pretense of being an Ambassador to St. Lucia. Therefore politics being the nasty game that it is renews the need to practice the legal systems most famous maxim "WHOSOEVER COMES TO JUSTICE MUST COME WITH CLEAN HANDS." What this says is that you cannot take advantage of a crooked system then expect others to treat you fairly in that same system. Don't call wolf when your are in fact one of the wolves.

    Politicians always think that they can trick the public into believing that we should forget whet was done before so they should move on. In fact what was done before has to be remedied before we move on or else there will always be unfairness in an unfair system and revenge. We the people had all the chances to remedy this through Constitutional Reform, however we betrayed ourselves by siding with our party and the politicians who made them up. Not standing up for one another we were made to stand up divided therefore divided we fell and that is significantly advantageous to the politician.

    One may ask where does it all stops? Well unfortunately there is no such answer to this, however, there is something better and it is a beginning. It starts by firstly acknowledging what occurred in the past, then a process of reconciliation and rectification then we move on with that knowledge so it would never occur again. But simply saying that someone else should act decently or professionally is just cosmetic and prolongs the life of politicians and the political game that they play. I hope St. Lucian not only understand this but they act to remedy this political dilemma.


  2. Ernest for an intelligent man try some other tactic with this consulting bullshit you talking about. Under the dictatorship of Kenny he was not even consulting you now you asking the government to consult you since you are the rep for Castries South. You guys stayed in power for so many years and did nothing to develop your constituency so you are embarrass now that even though you won your seat the government is still coming to develop the entire country and not just areas that they won like what your government was doing. Back off boy! and stop pretending that you guys are still in power!


  3. Mr heliare please shut up with your non sense about consulting
    consult with who
    do you know what goes down in that area
    and the list goes on
    nothing decent takes place there
    consult about what
    if you say consult them on righting the wrong that takes place there i will be the first to agree
    i wonder which people that complain to you
    i dont see you in the area
    i dont see you talking to the people
    there need to be some order in that area
    plus mr Heliare most of the folks there are squatters they dont own the lands there
    and also Mr heliare the real fishers in the area have their personal homes but choose to live by the bay so they can move
    mr heliare i wonder if you remember a few years ago those fisher folks you make mention of were consulted and asked to move to a decent area in tapion
    under the Japanese grant fishing facilities were put in place for those fishers
    from lockers to moorings they never moved but rather remained in that area
    then tapion was developed into a residential development
    the remains of these facilities are still there to be seen the lockers were moved to asne la raye where the fishers there are making good use of them
    i think by your statement you are anti development or you want for it to be done under your government
    did kenny consult with anyone on gryneberg
    roachamel or any of the projects he implemented
    i think this is just plain politics or you want to remain relevant


  4. While I believe some of these comments are not dealing with the issue at hand, I must admit that if it was not for Hilaire and the Jufalli situation the labour party would very likely still be in power. I also believe Hilaire should stop trying to out shine Pip.


  5. Consult my ass!!! Our man who you consultation for Jufallie passport? Rochamel, Gryberg, St.Jude cost overruns? Same shit goes to UWP if they mess around like SLP especially you Sheilary.


  6. This eyesore of an area is finally getting much deserved attention and you re angry at that? Very unpatriotic, you only loyal to money.


  7. Politics again.. Consultation or not you would have had a problem with the project just because the project is not under the SLP.


  8. We consult only with land owners. Majority of those people are squatters and as such they will not be consulted!


  9. sheliare plz shot up since when you'll know that word consult, Kenny ask the no project to be done in any opposition no constituency.
    oh I forgot you his arse kisser.


  10. shut up there hilaire!!!!!! when yall had put jufalli in did yall consult anyone? not even the st lucian people knew about it.


  11. I hope Guy Joseph family will not be the only one to get the contract.


    • give the guy a break. when Raneau was getting all the contracts where were you? so wam guy and his family cant get some to


      • This ladies and gentlemen is the typical mating sound the wild idiot makes during the mating season.


  12. You are right to do this Mr Hilaire, same seems to be happening in Marigot!


    • the fool still thinks his party has done nothing wrong! he is part of the reason for the state of many projects. the slp continues to embarassitself with little to no memory of their many failures. what an idiot!!


  13. You not interested in consulting you interesting in blocking because you too myopic


  14. Kenny never consulted with anyone.


    • That's why we voted kenny out. So our new government should show they are better and consult with people


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