Hon. Emma Hippolyte to host public meeting

Hon. Emma Hippolyte to host public meeting
Emma Hippolyte.
Emma Hippolyte.
Emma Hippolyte.

PRESS RELEASE – The Hon. Emma Hippolyte District Representative for Gros Islet will be hosting a Public Meeting on Thursday 26 th May in the Nestor Place area in Grand Reviere.

The Meeting will start at 7.30 p.m. and the public will be informed of upcoming plans and information on what has been achieved.

The Management Committee would like to extend an invitation to all residents of the Gros Islet District to come out and participate in this Public Meeting.


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  1. Elections round the corner, I see the Corinth road at the back of LIME all patched up. I see the BIG hole in the Windjammer gap patched up. Emma I see right through you. SMFH.


  2. Emma - I think the age for politics is not for you now so I am sure you can find something else to do. Time to give it up.

    Nothing has been achieved so I don't know what really the meeting will be about.

    St Lucia rated the 2nd highest unemployment in the Caribbean. Kenny Anthony you should be ashamed.

    SLP supporters do you all read and listen to the news ? Civil servants what do you have to say?


  3. Janice give Emma a last chance.
    She is coming to explain the 100million in jobs and the better days bluffs, Juffali and lambirds and why the two hospitals not open yet.

    Same time she will explain why the health and justice systems have collApsed. She will explain why the abattoir cannot be finished and open and why the crime lab collApsed and is still closed.

    She will explain why the financial building at point seraphine cannot be finished and why the human resource centre in gros islet which Spider started has not moved an inch on four years.

    She will explain IMPACS and up to now why no resolution. She will explain why detectives raided her office on search of evidence.
    She will explain why she had not openly spoken out about violence against women and rape in parliament. Maybe she will indicate if she is handicapped from speaking about rape in parliament.

    Finally she will give us the reason why she lied and said she would stop the gaming machines but only ended up increasing them.
    An interesting meeting and she will have a lot to explain. Oh I forgot she has to explain 25% unemployment and 50% unemployment amongst the youth.


  4. Emma you are a decent lady and I'm sure after this elections,
    you will be in a great position to get a good job. But for now
    take heart, politics is not for you; give it up and take a bow.


  5. Granny Emma what you have to say now? The figures came out our country is number two for highest employment rate in the Caribbean.


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