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Homicide victim was to planning to get married in August

By SNO Staff

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Keymuel Alexander also known as Kyron Frederick.

Keymuel Alexander also known as Kyon Frederick.

The girlfriend of Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim Keymuel ‘Kyon’ Alexander said her lover never liked giving up.

She spoke about the strength of her boyfriend who battled for his life for four days before succumbing to gunshot wounds to the head and leg at Victoria Hospital Tuesday after 7 p.m.

“He is a fighter. [He] never liked giving up,” said the girlfriend, who prefers anonymity.

She said her boyfriend was born Kyon Frederick but changed his name to Keymuel Alexander. When asked if she knew why he changed his name, she said: “I don’t know but he has documents stating that info.”

She said the 43-year-old is survived by five children, one of whom belongs to her – a boy who is 11 months old today (June 28)

She said though the deceased served time behind bars, he was a “good” person.

“I don’t care about the prison. He won his cases so I don’t put him as a criminal. He is so good…” she remarked.

According to reports, on the night of Friday, June 23, Alexander was walking on the road when he was shot several times at the White Rock junction, near a gym. Law enforcement sources believe the incident was a drive-by shooting.

Emergency authorities received the report of the shooting at 10:26 p.m.

When the ambulance personnel arrived, Alexander was on the road surrounded by several people. He had sustained two gunshot wounds to the head and one to the leg.

He was rushed to Victoria Hospital where he remained in critical condition until his death Tuesday evening.

Residents had reported hearing multiple gunshots – up to six – followed by the sound of sirens.

His girlfriend said she believed he was heading home when he was attacked. She said she was not at home at the time.

She also took to Facebook to mourn the loss of her son’s father. She wrote that he was planning to get married to her in August.

She states (unedited): “R.I.P baby il miss u so dam much…my ride or die …u knew how to make me happy …never let me down…my life …Seth life will never be the same without u….u were planning to marry me in august….wish i saw that day…love u ..u will always be in my heart…no other can take ur place.”

She also wrote: “Holding ur hands for the last time ….it was cold cuz u were gone …am gonna missed that fun…energetic..warm hearted most loving man ive ever known….its so hard for me to live without u…u were my baby daddy …my love baby il never forget u never….no one can be MY KYON u cant be replaced and u will always have my heart…will miss calling me boombastic….saying all those meaningful and sweet things to me….not gonna question god….cuz this life is so f–d up R.I.P love u.”

The motive for the shooting was not immediately clear.

Alexander’s death was the 29th homicide recorded so far this year.




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  1. Kyon was a great man, and for god sakes he was a human being just like u and me. Everyone has a good side and bad side.. Yes he killed someone but it was self defence, so give the man a break. When we hear rumor we jump into conculsions and we continue to spread even worst things about ppl.. U can not judge someone by their looks and say he was a bad boy, in most cases looks are deceiving, if any of u knew Kyon personally u would know for sure he was a good man... He will go out of his way to help u, when ure clouds are grey he would try his best to cheer u up. Kyon, my brother u are gone but will never be forgotten... Your memories will live forever in our hearts...May god accept u in his palace and forgive u. Who r we to judge let god play his role..RIP...

    • All good gang busting criminals are the dead ones.

    • You endanger your life, those of your family, and those in the vicinity where your rivals want to take you out. What the hell is good about any of that. If you are in the killing business for your livelihood, any day you live, is one day when you have cheated death.

      Now, turned into piece of road kill, return if possible.

  2. Kyon was a great man, and for god sakes he was a human being just like u and me. Everyone has a good side and bad side.. Yes he killed someone but it was self defence, so give the man a break. When we hear rumor we jump into conculsions and we continue to spread even worst things about ppl.. U can not judge someone by their looks and say he was a bad boy, in most cases looks are deceiving, if any of u knew Kyon personally u would know for sure he was a good man... He will go out of his way to help u, when ure clouds are grey he would try his best to cheer u up. Kyon, my brother u are gone but will never be forgotten... Your memories will live forever in our hearts...May god accept u in his palace and forgive u. Who r we to judge let god play his role..RIP...

    • Killers making a living out of killing are just animals. That is easy to understand, unless you are on drugs. They look like people. But are just animals on two legs. Don't be fooled. A snake by any other name is still a snake.

  3. Can we pls stop making excuses for criminals. Prison made him what he was.NO. when he came from prison he could have lived a better life get a job settle down. He's not the only one whose been in prison .many ppl have been in prison n upon their release has found jobs n loved good lives gotten married have kids n been good father's to them. So let's take responsibility for our actions

    • @ mary jane:
      Unfortunately not all of us are built or think the same way. Lets take the example of two cats placed under different circumstances.
      One treated with love and showered with food, water and attention.. the other ill treated , starved and abused..You will find the one that the one placed in the loving home will sit next to a bowl of fish and never steal or take.
      However the other which was ill treated will not hesitate to grab a fish and run away to eat.
      The same goes to humans beings. The discarded individual always seem to act up and get in trouble whilst the loved one tends to follow the normal trends of society.
      I do not believe anyone is making excuses for criminals, however we must understand the theory of cause an effect.
      If you put a child to hang around thieves guess what its more than likely he will become a thief.
      If you put a child among god fearing, responsible and well adjusted would be more than likely this is what the child would become.

      • Making excuses? But of course not. Dim witted sounds a lot more like it. Thank God. Some people grow up, and know the difference. You are infantile. You probably changed your diapers for DEPENDS. Enjoy.

      • He is a cat now? One basic weakness of all who give us such foolish examples is this.

        One hundred million examples, or 100,000,000 does not prove anything. Not one single proof. There is no evidence there at all.

        You can repeat 'take for example' till Thy Kingdom Come, that there does not mean proof. People like you are just ignorantly wasting your time. Those who pay any attention to your crap, are even more stupid and more ignorant than you.

    • Exactly.

  4. I knew Keyon after he became what ppl say he is today and he never once try no stunt around me, Because when u around positive ppl good things happen, But when u around negative ppl bad things happen. MY heart hurts because I know the system continue to fail the ppl of saint lucia while politicians continue to play with politics and robbing the lives of young men, Women and children in this country. My question is how many children have to grow up fatherless before those corrupt politicians start taking jail and being on remand for years. Crime will always be around the world is not perfect but saint lucians deserve better. And it start from our leaders. Way too much talk without action.

  5. St. Lucia is supposed to be a deeply religious country but all these angry, biased, judgmental, backward comments could only come from uneducated sinners. Y'all seem to be practising the "hate thy neighbour" religion of the white american conservative "christians". You have zero information about the person but seem qualified to pass instant judgement. Every post is the same backwards comments.

    • If somebody make you have a guilt complex into making you believe that you are a sinner, that is your concern. I am no sinner. I know right from wrong. I had to learn to know the difference. You need somebody to make you feel good that you are not going to Hell. You have a hard life. Planet Earth is Hell. Stop wasting your money on religion. You must be a primitive.

  6. I grew up in the same neighbourhood as keyon (Zachius). He was not always like this he was a descent young man working at a hotel as a chef. One night after work he was attacked by 3 individuals who constantly bullied him. Unfortunately one of the individuals was killed that night.
    Our justice system failed him in the aftermath sending him to prison for an extended period at a very young age.when he returned to society he returned the monster we know today.
    there he learned every type of illegal activity on the face of this earth and unfortunately when he returned put it in practice.
    Then again what do we expect this is what was bred into him in the school of hard knocks in prison. Prison Changed this young man unfortunately he never saw it fit to try to change his life,
    A fewweeks ago I spoke to him and asked him when will he be coming to Bexon.
    He responded "Gassa I ehh coming bexon cuz each time I come dere I ending up in jail"
    I responded to him something to the effect gassa cool out yourself and put that s-t behind you.
    This is when he told me he just had a child and he ehh on that anymore.
    I know his family very well..To his mother brothers, sisters and children I say be strong, hold on god will help you though this.

    To the Authority This young mans life changed because you failed him no ifs ands or buts.
    Sad Sad story

    • Everyone have something to say some hear say but if they knew him before he went to prison. They are here trying to make him a monster but people turned him into that monster.

      • You are what you are today because of all the small decisions you made along the way to this day. Think about this deeply. You can be born rich or poor. What you decide to do when you have to make small decisions pushes and points you in certain directions. Together they make you the person you are up to this very minute.

        You could have made other choices. Some that would have made a difference in your live would be to drop out of school, disobey your parents, and do drugs. All of these would put you on the path to self-destruct or for others to kill you. Just look around. How true is all this?

  7. Let the dead buried the dead!

  8. Let the dead buried the dead,...Amen

  9. You live by the sword and you die by the sword. if he was evil sorry to say but one less criminal.

  10. He was good. I guess good at what he did and does? Smh. Another man lvn behind so many children. How dem murder victims hv so many children. Another set of kids with no father figure. smh. This what really concerns me. Guys stop the crime. Even after 20 yrs when u least expect u will find yourself suffering or dead.

    • Only those drug fiends and sellers would call what this man stood for as good. Good is, what good does. This man was pure evil.

  11. In this Christian society, it seems that ‘one bad act spoils the boy or girl for every’, then how is this different from societies where the law of the land mutilate hands, legs or worse, decapitate as punishment!

    We must challenge subcultures that subvert the law and mete out their own punishment. There should only be one law that everyone is subjected to if we are not to go down the abyss of lawlessness!

    • You are confused. Completely confused. You are conflicted. You are not Jesus Christ. Now you have to make a decision on whose side you are on. Don't play God. God's decision is in the after life. Live in the moment. Now, the entire country is not safe with all these reprobate terrorizing the law-abidding citizens. Our lives are in their hands, and our livelihoods are in danger. Stop playing God. Make up you damn mind where you are.

  12. U fail to mention they try to rob him after he left work at the hotel.

  13. We are not suppose to speak ill of the dead. People the man was an evil criminal. Look at the man photos for sake. Who he fooling been to prison several times.... won his cases in court.........was a good man. i have faith in the judicial system and would not believe they put a good man in prison several times.

    Stop committing crime, behave yourself and treat others with respect and you will leave longer.


    • Plenty of innocent people are in prison right now so your total faith in the judicial system especially ours is misplaced

    • Huh!!!! I don't know him, but I know everyone has an opinion but yours is trash because someone can go to jail several times and be innocent, wait till it hits home and you will speak out

    • Our idiots do not learn. once you are in the killing business of drugs and human trafficking, your time can be up any day. You have decided to be a moving target. That is why they set you up. This is a revenge business. Killing never stops.

      They are going to come for you, once the children of the older ones you killed or injured decide on this. You can become a priest, bishop or pope. It is like the mafia. Killing is the business. Join at your peril. Dead?

      R.I.P. Return if possible.

    • The person involved karma will find u very soon

    • Nigga shut the -- up what do u know about crime, if someone rob u after hard days work how would u feel Keyon try to change his life for his children sake, Do u believe he could not walk around with guns he could have but try to change live your life don't judge others.

  14. Keyon I will miss you. I wasn't expecting this. You were such a jovial person. Words can't express how I feel now. Rest in peace family. Always had the right intentions even if you were often misunderstood.

  15. I always wonder why women are attracted to those kind of men

  16. So no one knew why he change his name!always remember karma never sleep...this guy killed someone by stabbing him some twenty yrs ago on the exact date he was shot...24 june..

    • Wow!

    • You know a lot but yet still 20yrs ago you wasn't even born yet. When you All hear people say things you all quick to repeat and you would swear it's the truth. My name changed and it's not because of any criminal reasons

    • His death was to be expected. Killers get killed. Plain and simple. There is kama. That is even for your children and grandchildren. What goes around comes around. Return if possible.

    • He killed someone 20 years ago do you know why? This guy was attacked by a bunch of guys and he ended up stabbing one. Unfortunately it turn out to be fatal. Don't make it look like he went out looking for trouble. He was walking in the dark ally when he was attacked.

    • Since you are so hell bent on saying he went to prison for murder. Why dont you give the entire story. He was a quiet and humble person. Never spoke an ill word to anyone. Very pleasant and respectful. One night on his way from work a few thugs decided to rob him and that wasn't the first time he defended himself and stab one of them. So dont make it sound like he was a thug and just killed some one. RIP my friend

    • do you know the exact details surrounding that case ? ...clearly you don't. Must have been something you heard, he did not do any jail time because of that incident because it was an accident. Eye witnesses stated so at that time. Please if you don't have anything meaningful to share please shut up! Lucians again

      • He was on remand for a few years didnt just walk out of prison. Visited him on more than one occassion. When the case went to trial it was then deemed a self defense case... Thank you


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