Homicide victim survived previous shooting; was a good father, planning to change his ways, says relatives

Homicide victim survived previous shooting; was a good father, planning to change his ways, says relatives
'Shem' Cherry was a good father and was changing his ways, according to relatives and friends.
'Shem' Cherry was a good father and was changing his ways, according to relatives and friends.
‘Shem’ Cherry was a good father and was changing his ways, according to relatives and friends.

The island’s latest homicide victim, 27-year-old Seame ‘Chem’ Cherry, aka Snake Oil, of Corinth, Gros Islet, survived a previous shooting and may have been attempting to change his life, relatives have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Cherry, a father of three children and with a fourth reportedly on the way, was shot four times in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet this morning around 2:00, and pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital.

Shortly after his death, relatives told SNO that they are not sure if the previous shooting has any connection with his murder.

They however revealed that the bullet from that previous shooting was still lodged inside his body and he told them it reminded him every day that he will need to change his life.

“He wanted to change his life… he was changing his life… a little too late,” one cousin, who wish to remain anonymous told SNO.

shem4Our newsroom was told that Cherry grew up with his grandmother and that his mother, a diabetic, is currently living in the United States. They are worried that news of his death will plunge her into a deadly coma.

“We do not know how to do this one (tell her the news),” another relative said.

Cherry, a former┬áCastries Comprehensive Secondary School student, was reportedly expelled for bad behaviour, and the absence from his mother’s care may have contributed to his involvement in the “wrong company”.

“He was a good father to his children. He was on the path to change. Rest in peace Mr. Dawg,” a friend told SNO.

Cherry was attending a remembrance party last evening in Piat for a friend who was killed in January when a gunman, whom sources say was not invited to the party, shot multiple times.

It is alleged that Cherry and the suspect had a long-running dispute.

However, friends told SNO Cherry is not the type to look trouble and he was loved by everyone.

“He was a cool fella.. crack jokes.. drink, on our vibe. We don’t look for trouble,” one friend said.


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  1. Who are u to judge!why don't u pray for the world need love ,peace,happiness understanding not killing one another


  2. All of hourll saying bad things about him and how its tight for him but yiurll never when is you'll time. You'll never grew up with him neither talked to him deeply. He was a great father. He would never care about all the bad things you'll say ther. He cared about his family only. You guys can't day whatever but it doesn't changes anything so watch urlselves cuz coming here and saying these thing doesn't make you any better. You guys are killing his mother emotionally. Have some consideration. Everyone has their good side even if its very small.


  3. If you're a m here says my snake oil was a good person and never knew killed someone go see a doctor something is wrong with your brain


    • Well he is dead y just say how it happen n who he killed cuz it look like u have a story to tell.... my family not bad ppl we are defenders n don't take ppl shat so fuck u ...


  4. Why when he was alive you couldnt say what you had to say to his face , ure just like tje carwards that shot him. All yall cam do is bad talk people when they dead or to their back . All of yall sicken me yall are a disgrace to the human race. Go clean yall closets.


      • Is u that know cause you was their when it happened
        Someone that had a pact with the devil doesn't pray to God everyday


    • Do bad and have people celebrate how bad you were? Give you a damn state funeral for terrorizing the lives of the good, the bad, and the ugly? Everyday and every hour is high noon, just because you can fire an illegal gun? Or because you, like a God damn animal can only kill as a way of life?

      The churches should ring all their bells when the island is rid of another walking curse.


      • Doesnt matter if u are gud or bad we all going the same way 6 feet deep . Humans need to stop judging people that is not your place to judge anyone. Because sometimes the people u judge badly may not be all that bad in the eyes of the lord.it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. So all of you that judge and point fingers you may need to take a hard gud look at ur own life.


    • Look like the ppl putting thumbs down afraid to die . Oops sry to burst ur bubble it gatta come at some point so just embrace it.


  5. The only thing lucians are good for is minding poeple business, spread their nasty ass viruses because alot of women cant keep their legs close nor can the men keep their dick in their pants n respond negeatively to everything, this country need a fresh start. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


  6. To all the people commenting here let the young man rest in peace. We all have to die someday we all will cross paths at some point. That said R.I.P shem. He was a gud father dispites hes mistakes in life. The lot of lucians are terrible dads and mothers . If u are a terrible parent u will take offence to this if not think nothing of it lol.


    • Like a wild animal it knows how to mate and reproduce. They all do. It had a face of a human, but without human qualities. Like most wild animals it was shot dead. Put the carcass in a garbage bag with lead weights, and dump that out in the ocean. RIP. Return if possible.