HOMICIDE UPDATE: Vehicle discovered in ruined state

HOMICIDE UPDATE: Vehicle discovered in ruined state
Akwaso’s ruined vehicle

Police have confirmed that the vehicle driven by homicide victim Akwaso Francois was discovered on Monday in Barre D’Isle (also called Badlin).

The vehicle was burnt.

No one has been charged for Francois’ death and the assault on his girlfriend Eva Louis.

Police said on Monday that two persons are in custody assisting with investigations but there is no indication as yet if those persons are still being held.

According to a police press release, “On Friday, November 15, 2013, about 8:33 p.m. police officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department received a report of an incident which occurred on Millenium Highway, Castries.

“The officers responded immediately. Upon arrival, they received information that 33-year-old Akwaso Francois, a resident of Entrepot, Castries was driving his motor car, registration number 1498, along the Millenium Highway in the direction of Castries. He was accompanied by 27-year-old Ava Louis of Monier, Gros Islet and two other male passengers known to them.

“Whilst on the motor car, an altercation occurred resulting in both Francois and Louis sustaining serious injuries. They were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where they were treated and admitted in critical condition. Francois subsequently succumbed to his injuries,” the police press release stated.

Meanwhile, Louis is now in stable condition.

A friend said Louis sustained a fractured skull, broken finger, numerous bruises, among other injuries.

“Her face is really swollen and she received several blows to the head,” the friend said, adding that Louis is able to communicate and her injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

Louis and Francois, who would have celebrated his birthday in a week’s time, are past employees of Peter and Company.

Francois was employed at St. Jude’s Hospital in the accounts department at the time of his death.

St. Lucia News Online understands that Francois gave the two men – considered to be friends – a ride on his way to Castries.

The cause of the altercation is not known or not yet disclosed.

Francois’ death is the island’s 30th recorded homicide so far this year.


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  1. there is talk about an I.A.D or I.A.U which will be in place soon to investigate police wrong doing i cannot wait to see this, with the right investigators in place our crime situation will decrease by 25 % the first year . corrupt cops must resign now. or face the music.


  2. How can u pass judgement on a public forum,say the man married.stop spreading rumours.already the girl lost her heartbeat.rumor is she mayb with child.please sympathize with the family &stop bashing each other.rip young man...realy hope these criminals get death penalty.


  3. Theres more to this story thats y its takin so long to know who were these two other persons!!!!! And adding up to dat how can kwaso woman n people spread a name n that same person cannot b found guilty up to now!!!!! Theres so mych more to this story n kwaso gf probably knowsss


    • in my opinion this should be the easiest homicide to slove. We have a victim who survived and is in stable state to give information. why is it taking so long? what is wrong with our system?


  4. It is alleged that one of the persons assisting police was recently released from prison after serving approx. 30 years for a crime. Would any body guess what crime?


  5. Ha Patrica,ou sav oui,Kwaso was a married man with children and a wife,Kwaso was doing alot of things eh,but Patrica are you a gadere?"a spiritual seer"


  6. We are still in the mode of telling the police to do their job properly. I guess even if they were the majority of St. Lucians will not trust them doing a good job. The peception is that our Justice and Police system is messed up real bad. It has been in this state for a while but the recent castigations by those in authority has futher infuriated the public. The public seeing that those who are responsible to fix the system now blame that same system when someone ends up with the short end of the stick. This has now become the most common excuse used by the people employed in the public service. I have been a victim along with countless other St. Lucians of this "is the system" excuse further saying that they themselves have nothing to to with that.

    The situation has been compounded by persons in authority instead of looking to fix the system blame others for their incompetencies. Can you compare a police killing with another or even the amount? Does crime under one administration differ from the other? All government are elected to fix situations and not to compare their achievements because how could an admistration take credit for something they had no hand in fixing?
    We are yet to hear anything about the death of Chakadan, the young man at Babonneau and the countless others where the police are under scrutiny. What did the Commissioner have to say? He was more focussed on revealing that St. Lucians were too excited. What did the Minister on the other hand allude to? Possibly the same with a probable a hidden agenda to sue if he was blamed. Lets not forget the Commissioner did make a statement previously that he would "stand by his officers" when certain allegations were made. Take this in light of the fact that the Prime Minister now sees it fit to pass legislation to further empower a section of the Police to investigate themselves. Isn't that RIDICULOUS? Considering it was poven in Jamaica that arrangement did not work.

    In effect what the PM is saying let us now try in St. Lucia what has NOT worked in Jamaica. Although t Jamaica now have implemented a very successful independent system called INDICOM?

    I Pray for Wisdom


  7. If the girlfriend is alert and oreineted can she be ? by the police since she is the only i witness that knows what realy wrnt down in that car. Come on offices u guys are letting another murder go unsolved. Do the investigation before that casevgo cold. its sad in this day and age st.lucia is so backwards when solving cases. Good luck to everyone.rip my bro.


  8. November 20th 2013

    I am feel the pain of Mr. Kwaso Wife and children, think of it what was he doing with the young lady this time of the night, and his wife is waiting on a bed for him, God is always there with the saint and Satan is also there with the cheaters, please all married men see what can happen surrender your life to the Lord and be happy with your family.

    I will pray for the young lady that she will recover and give her life to the Lord.


    • Patrica.......No disrespect why didn't you read the the story from the beginning? Please stop posting callous comments,before you give us the definition between God and Satan like we don't know, read carefully and try to understand.Your comment is actually ignorant and facile.


    • Patricia, please stop being so irresponsible with your words, Where in the world did you hear the young man was married? And after you are wrong, you want to pass judgement already! Someone once said, we in Saint Lucia are religious but not spiritual and that is so correct. Talking nonsense about Satan being there with the Cheater...This holier than thou attitude sickens me!


    • whilst you talking about satan Patricia remember thou shalt not lie. and God said do not judge.

      seems u were the wife waiting in his bed. smh. wife not coming forward is you coming forward. Eva was the only woman in his life...be considerate. insensitve woman.


  9. Wait a minute. I thought the guy and Kwaso got into a fight and he may have killed Kwaso. How can you explain his burnt vehicle? I hope the perp rots in jail after this.


  10. what the heck is taking so long..i realise everytime some so called important person in society commit a crime it takes forever for info to be disclosed....but if is a lil malayway or someone without a title the whle world knows by now.


  11. The family is going through a rough time now, knowing the way his father died at the hospital i remember that story my heart goes out to his mother who may feel that her family is a target the most i can say God is in control and will take you through this, it is not easy.


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