HOMICIDE: Luck was not on his side a third time

HOMICIDE: Luck was not on his side a third time

St. Lucia’s latest homicide victim, Arthur Paul Jones, is reported to have survived two shooting incidents earlier this year.

Jones, 27, who was fatally shot while walking in Trouya, Gros Islet sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 this morning, was shot in the face eight months ago in Marchand and a bullet grazed his back in Forrestierre about four months ago, according to his child’s mother, 18-year-old Katelan Desma Jeremie.

Below: Scene of the crime

In an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) this morning, Jeremie said in the Marchand incident, Jones was injured during a crossfire. She said he underwent surgery for a bullet wound in the region of the mouth.

About four months later, she said he was shot at during an argument in Forrestierre. The shot only grazed his back, she said.

Jones was however not so lucky a third time this morning when he was shot several times while walking along the Trouya Road. He was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital.

Four persons are in custody assisting with investigations, according to a police press release. The post mortem examination is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 30, police said.

Jeremie said she understood that Jones was hanging out with friends in Bagatelle before he left their company at about 9 p.m. for Trouya where he met his death.

When SNO visited Trouya this morning, persons in the area said Jeremie was seen in the community several times.

One person, who claims to have known the deceased, alleges that Jones sometimes visits a female in the Gros Islet community.

Other persons who were close to the deceased told SNO that Jones’ death may have been gang-related, or as one source puts it, “a revenge killing”.

According to Jeremie, Jones’ mother died when he was only two years old and his father died when he was 13.

She said he was originally from Babonneau but sometimes slept by her house in Bagatelle, Castries, or by friends living in the same community.

Jones is survived by his only child, a seven-month-old girl.

His death is the 40th homicide committed so far this year in St. Lucia.

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  1. So sorry to hear wat happened. I'm from ny and heard about it through relatives. He was my cousin dnt know what was going on with him but when I knew him yrs ago we had a cool relationship then he went back home. Nobody deserves to die like this too much unnecessary crime R.I.P cuz we love u from NYC


  2. He has family who cared but he never kept in touch. His Dad was my brother. No one called us in the states


  3. RIP Arthur...

    He will be missed. It is very sad for him to face death in that way, but like all of us, we do not know the day and how we will go. Arthur had people in his corner, but ultimately it would be his decision to get out of such a life (i.e. the one he lived). I always had his back, it is just sad that this time I was not around to know what was going on and provide the support. I woke up hearing such terrible news, so far away...


  4. these facts are up for questioning she not 18 and once more that is NOT his child chek out his fb wall ....she is a liar who is lookin for handouts he is a very gud fren of mine...dead men tell no tales but i will talk 4 him


  5. women are normally used by gangsters to lure other gangsters to their deaths... you cant be a true gangster and letting others use women as bait to get you. sometimes you gotta say no. see u left ur baby behind and her mother to fend for themselves.sad


    • the more SNO gets popular the more st lucias illiteracy rate is revealed. theyre so many dumb people around am in shock. keep up the good work SNO


  6. I ask myself several questions now.Are we failing our young men? Is it that they are simply wicked and evil? Are they just searching for love in the wrong places?

    This boy needed direction in life.His parents both being gone, must have left him with a deep ,desperate longing to be nurtured and loved by significant others in his environment.
    There are many secrets are young men can't reveal,because of the male ego.Our young men who frequent gangs etc are really wonderful young people who have been messed up by neglect etc.I love those boys and wish them love in spite of the fact that they keep on searching in the wrong places.I just keep on praying that God will find them before the Devil does.


    • wow lita i echo your sentiments... Its too sad that in this day and age we have no support systems for young people. We have no one stepping up to the plate to foster and be role models for our young men. The older men are busy running after young teenage girls and young men have no one to talk to or listen too.St.lucia is spewing out a generation of angry young men . Gangs what is in a gang most of them dont even know the true meaning of the term gang. Please continue to pray for them and please pray that we can take St.lucia back from the hands of the devil


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