UPDATE: Homicide at Fond Assau, Babonneau

UPDATE: Homicide at Fond Assau, Babonneau

unnamed-5PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 37 year old, Elie Mathurin of Talvern, Babonneau.

According to reports, on Saturday, November 26, 2016 about 2:00 a.m. at Fond Assau, Babonneau, the deceased was involved in an altercation with an individual known to him, during which he sustained injuries to his abdomen.

He subsequently sought medical attention at the Victoria Hospital. On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 about 3:40 a.m. he succumbed to his injuries.

Later that same day, a post mortem was conducted by Dr. Heather Emmanuel which revealed that Elie Mathurin died as a result of a ruptured spleen with massive blood loss, secondary to blunt force trauma to the abdominal region.

An individual is in police custody assisting with investigations into this matter.

This is the twenty-sixth homicide for 2016.


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  1. People do not go to VH with serious injuries. all lucians supposed to know that by now. That is why it is so important to get St. Jude's off the ground again. That is unquestionably our best public hospital. I went there and while VH found nothing wrong with my foot, St jude examined it and saw a small fractured bone. that is why it why it was hurting like hell! St jude's also have a great network of very good doctors all over the world that have taken decades upon decades to build. It is an indictment on every government SLP and UWP that this project was not made the biggest priority during their term in office. but tanto tanto.. we all get old, some feel they can afford to go to miami and elsewhere but their money usually run out at some point especially after a few years out of office.


  2. The Grim Reapers in white and blue strike again. People VH is the Grim Reaper's base! you go there to die! not to live.

    Stop going to the Grim Reaper's base! Go St.Jude they have real doctors and nurses down there. Only monsters work at VH.

    Don't say you were not warned. VH is death Trap!


  3. Plan a demonstration against this place and go out in large numbers. Just like you did when Darren Sammy was sacked as captain. This is far more important.


  4. We too stupid as a ppl. Xray shows bone. When you qualify to do the work, you can make a change. Until such time, go protest for your leaders to invest the money where it's needed. Not multilane highways. Start by placing adequate medical personnel to patient ratios. The ER cannot be run how it was in the 70s . From then to now. It's still 2 are 2 or 3 nurses and too too many ppl.Start going to your health center for the flu or go to your private Dr. Oh but wait, we want to pay $20 and what everything under the sun for it, blood tests, xray, ultrasound, minor surgical procedures, all for $20. Yall to damn out of order


  5. sometimes i wonder if the nurses and doctors at vh doing their jobs as a passion or for the sake of them in search of employment, because for god sake a man cannot come to the hospital with that kind of injury for him to be waitin and its obvious that he was waiting for quiet sometime goods know how much i dnt wanna fall ill and go


    • This is a an injury that could have easily been treated and not have one more young live dead due to insufficient and lack of appropriate health care. Utterly ridiculous.


  6. This is what happens when you have junior people who just finished medical school running an ER without supervision, senior doctors who defend the status quo as their guaranteed money in the bank, and an incompetent and corrupt hospital administration.


    • This is a an injury that could have easily been treated and not have one more young live dead due to insufficient and lack of appropriate health care. Utterly ridiculous.


  7. I don't believe what I am seeing. St. Lucian's need to start taking advantage of the law! They need to bring charges against these doctors or institutions more often. The family of this man need to find out who put this man in a wheel chair to wait instead of treating him, and demand their medical licence. This is utterly ridiculous. put their names in the news paper for medical negligence. Doctors and nurses value their reputation. SUE THEM!!!


    • Chewps, I agree with you to a certain extent.

      Firstly, St Lucians need to familiarise themselves with our Laws, many Lucians don't own a copy of our Constitution which is very alarming.

      All professionals (including politicians) need to be taken to task through the Courts (and publically) when negligence, fraud, mis-management of finances etc. are discovered.

      And if found guilty they do the time behind bars.


  8. Like everything else he is not white with a foreign accent so that's what you get. I had to laugh last week when the tourism ministry and SLHTA announced improvements in handicap access for visitors plus other improvements. Never mentioned once the local disabled people! Shame same in all the other islands. Set proper local standards and everyone benefits.


    • I'm sure he must have died, because lack of immediate atten
      tion. some of them nurses,they don't care unless it's someone of importance. Loveless people


  9. This photo speaks volumes. What is happening in St. Lucia????????????????????????????????????????


  10. I was wondering if that's the person who died because Im reading injuries to the abdomen but he is just slumped over in a wheelchair like it's a minor cute and he's tired. SMH. We need to do better than this my people. Someone in the hospital needs to face the higher head to answer why this man came with a serious injury and was left in this manner.


  11. If u not happy with ur pay how can u aim for progress...and all they speak of the Owen king hospital..will be better...they place need a over hall ...


    • I keep on saying the same thing nothing will change the same practices will just be transferred to a new environment .


  12. This is not Homicide in Fond Assau. It is Homicide at Victoria Hospital. If proper treatment was given to him when he arrived he would still be alive today,but someone was playing God on earth and discard him like garbage in a stinky wheelchair with filthy drainage tubes insert in him and move on as though it's all good, saying all right I take care of your boo boo you good to go .That hell hole call Victoria Hospital with all them arrogant people call nurses I pity you all, some of you take care of friends and families to the best of you all abilities but all other will face you all wrath. I am mad as hell, with injuries to his abdomen why wasn't he rush to the E R for X-Ray and started working on him immediately to save his life? No the lazy Doctors and Nurses never around, all over discussing other peoples business,I hope they make a clean sweep of all the incompetent ones which is 3/4 of the Hospital and take all the experience ones with lots of compassion for their fellow men to the new Owen King Hospital.


  13. someone has these injuries and yall people at vh just drop him on a chair like a sack of potatoes. look at him who knows he maybe died cause of poor timely treatment at that god forsaken place they call a hospital.


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