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Homicide #53: Unidentified man killed during armed robbery in Sarrot


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(PRESS RELEASE) – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an unidentified male during an alleged armed robbery.

On Thursday November 16, 2017 about 8:20p.m, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Castries responded to a report of robbery at San De Fay in Sarrot, Castries.

Upon arrival, officers received information about two masked men who fled the scene after allegedly attempting to rob another male at gun point.

On Friday November 17, 2017 about 1:15am, the body of an unidentified masked male was discovered about 10 feet from the main road in San de Fay.

The body was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a later date.

This brings the number of homicides recorded for the year 2017 to fifty three (53).

This individual is yet to be identified.

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  1. We need to get ready to demonstrate if they jailing that brave soul. I applaud u young man bravo. Medal of honour to u

  2. Ha ha ha I was faster to draw so I shoot him dead good for you now that's a real gun slinger. To you I tip my hat set him free no charges.

  3. When criminals realize that their life in real danger when they try to attack citizens, then maybe we will see a drop in the crime rate. They will learn to work honestly for what they want and leave people things alone.

    • With all the crap going around, law abiding citizens cannot even get pepper spray or a stun gun. Goes to show the mind set of the politicians.

  4. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    "Even he rendered a just decision in the end. So don't you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?"
    – Luke 18: 7

  5. You pesticide

  6. Oh boy it has to be Kenny & lacob's fault because there is nothing for the youts to do.. that's the song that use to be aired Everyday , I remembered the now pm saying how vex he was and that he would fix it first thing..what has been done about it forkall but still blaming Kenny & lacob....again it's only now that you know crime is a national issue & not a political issue ..

  7. I for the breadvan driver

    Nawwwww dey need to treat this as self defense.. cuz the papa bowhooo had a gun and it could have been the bread man that lose his life in that shit.. #selfdefensemiiseh

  8. Perhaps it's gunside


    Homicide is willful killing

  10. Bravo the the breadman! Job well done.

  11. A masked man laying dead on the ground. This should be in the Good News section of the website. Someone owned him that time.

  12. Chas please make saint lucia safe again. remember you said you would but you really have no clue do you??
    so you hold a symposium to get ideas from the people you said could not stop crime. ironically your administration holds the accolade for highest homicide rate. Thanks Chas for making me safe again.

  13. Denver that's his name..jackass it was about time.

  14. All law abiding citizens must be more vigilant and ready to deal with the bandits because the police can't do it alone.

  15. Show us the thief’s face. A mask man will kill without asking any questions. . There are two explanations. Either the other robber killled him or the person they tried to rob killed him.

  16. Last week I said 60 by years end but it looks like I will have to add ten to that

  17. Show his face so we can help identify him.

  18. They rt to kill him.. morenppl need to be ready to defend themselves.. they will learn

  19. They rt to kill him... More ppl need to be ready to defend themselves.

  20. Nice one OK!!!! and I don't feel sorry for him.

  21. Citizens of St. Lucia please be on the alert , there are several young men driving around looking to rob people's home. Please do not let your guards down. Those lazy young criminals should be taken off the streets. Neighbors please look out for each other. I pray no one gets hurt. This is not the time i grew up, shame........

  22. Putting things weh it is

    Salop la... Pay backs a bitch ... Go work fuh wat y'all want

  23. Why hospital? U look for it u got it bravo driver

  24. The homicide count has gone up but ... SAAAAAALLLLOOOPPPP.

  25. U had your mask on good to know u look for it then I got it

  26. Ah that's a beautiful ending. Love it, store owners and home owners get Ready for these bastards, Christmas coming the got plans.

  27. He maybe has gotten away with many robberies. This time his chance was slim. We need to get them out of the streets.

  28. Pass it! Well he sure passed it including a fatal stab wound. These young men are too dam lazy. They want to stay in the savhan smoking weed all day! He'll never be able to say pass it again....

  29. If you go and steal and they kill you that's not homicide you look for it that's suicide.


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