Homicide #44 at Mon Repos, Micoud

Homicide #44 at Mon Repos, Micoud

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Sunday, October 22, 2017, officers attached to the Micoud Police Station, received a report of a shooting at Mon Repos, Micoud, about 3:25p.m.

Curldon Marius, a twenty five (25) year old resident of St. Marie, Mon Repos, sustained a gunshot wound during the said incident. He was pronounced dead at the St. Jude Hospital by a medical practitioner.

Investigations are continuing into this matter.

This incident brings the number of homicides recorded for the year 2017 to forty four (44).


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  1. So very sad, seeing such a handsome young man wasted away by a nothing for nothing.
    I don't know but I bet it must be something to do with Drugs and it's sidekick, the Guns.
    I notice the young man with "Star of David emblem" Tattooed on his chest. Let me tell you
    that King David, the son of Jesse never had a Star.
    That six pointed star, is an emblem of one of the many 'Idol Gods' worshiped by idolatrous
    Jews long before little David. The Spiritually blinded Jews of yesterday and today, still bear
    the Curses of their fathers. Hosea 4:6 says: My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge.
    Our Heavenly Father hates Idols. Almighty God is a Spirit. Worship Him In Spirit and in truth.
    People make many mistakes, worshiping things they know nothing about. Get rid of all Tattoos.
    Join a good strong church, where the Bible is preached. Sing and give praises to God & be Baptized.


    • We are the on es Who are cursed..slavery. .un stable households..un married..highest percent âge of bâtarde kids..we were spread to the for cornets of the earth..we are the people the bible speaks about..this is the hid d'en truth..


  2. Out of these 44 homicides, How many have been solved ??? I'll wait....***cricket sounds*** SLRPF admit it you need Professional assistance on all levels. Pls ask for training etc from international bodies.


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