UPDATE: Homicide #32 recorded following killing of alleged bandit in Castries

UPDATE: Homicide #32 recorded following killing of alleged bandit in Castries
The alleged bandit, Simon Joseph.
The alleged bandit, Simon Joseph.

Three males who allegedly tried to rob a man at George V park in Castries around 10 p.m. Friday night got something they were not expecting.

The man was actually a special police constable in plain clothes.

The officer reportedly drew his firearm and fired a shot at the bandits – one of whom was allegedly armed with a knife.

The bandit, identified as Simon Joseph of Balata, was struck in the chest.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital by ambulance but died shortly after midnight.

This shooting brings the number of homicides to 32, surpassing the total number of violent deaths of 31 for 2016.



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  1. This is not a homicide, yet. A homicide is an illegal killing and so far there is no indication that the police will be treating this case as a homicide. If it were a homicide the constable would have to be charged for murder or manslaughter.


  2. Bravo to the police man ou ben pwen St lucia is a place that is getting very dangerous to live every day u hearing people are being rob tied up shot and beaten what is our sweet st lucia coming into we have to start to pass what these robbers want we have to start to defend our selves there are some little robbers that is ambreying people in marisuil and East wind the the two white people that came from from shopping by glace u all ambrey the people u all better watch yall selves because some body will pass it to u all real good some people saying why is in his chest the police shot the young man zot soutiwes ben


  3. I well deserved... U look for it.. u get it.. only thing officer make sure ure always armed.. the fact that 2 got away.. they might be back be very careful sir..

    I'm not sorry u lost his life. Them fellars do enough aredy


  4. He asked the officer to pass it, so he passed what he had, bullets, I commend u officer and having more vulnerable looking officers in civilian clothes would be a way to help us get rid of them.


  5. This situation could have been played differently, i know theives deserve their judgement and one got it that's for sure but my problem is most of you seem to love the idea of people losing "their life"
    Not one sensible comment, while yall clapping for the policeman know that the theif get his judgement already. Meaning that officer still have to live his life knowing he took a life and has to cope with it everyday.
    Indeed it may seem ridding the street of one less vagabond is okay but lets not rejoice on a life lost it is not humane. We all have one to lose someday too. Peace.


    • No one loves the idea of ppl losing their lives ...if given the chance the officer wud be the one dead .....let one or two of these criminals break n enter ur house ...steal all ur valuables...if u at home tie u up or shoot u ...lets c if u will still make that comment....kmt


    • Yes...u are right...life is precious and God's word supports the value of human life...however..the scriptures also declares what a man sows he will reap...Our people need to fine other things to do, rather than robbing and endangering the lives of hard working and innocent citizens....let's pray for our country...


    • Well the officer didn't shoot without a cause... He shud b shot in the head n his other 2 friends..


  6. Its ticklish that no other person has step foward and said that this robber has robbed or tried to rob them.


  7. Bravo Officer. Job well done. Now God ask pardon.
    A bunch of waste of thugs on our streets causing problems. I call this one. .Operation remove cooshon nee..ORC


  8. Now I'm so upset at u officer. I would of fired u if I was your boss cause by right u should have called n said u got rid of 3 bandits not 1. So from my end you're fired till u can bring in the other 2


  9. This officer should have his fire armed taken away and given to someone who will put it to better use as he should have killed all 3 of them, to the idiots saying why not shoot him in the leg do you know how difficult that is, unless at point blank range, when was the last time u saw officers at a shooting range firing at a leg?


  10. He Salop, you piece of shit, in your ass jombie, let that be a lesson to the rest of ya'll jombies.


  11. Good job officer..an easy way to make bandits afraid to commit any robberies. I agree there should be many more ARMED plain clothes officers walking the streets day and night expecially the HOT SPOTS.


  12. AS LONG AS HIS LIFE WAS NO LONGER IN DANGER , HE COULD NOT HAVE KILLED THE OTHER TWO. it would have been excessive force, and he could be charge. we have law enforcement police officers not killers. === well done officer,==


  13. People I agree that it is a homicide. The officer had no right to kill one man when he had an opportunity to do a triple play. But it is a Home-In-Side. He is home now and will not comme back out.
    On a serious note, well done officer. I celebrate wih you and will come to the canteen to have a drink with some of you in celebration. I know the critics saying I must not celebrate the mans death but enough is enough. Crappo smoke his pip. Think of it, if this officer did not have his weapon we could have been planning a state funeral.


  14. Well done officer!!!!!!!!!!! but you need to work on your aiming skills...next time take all ....use your ratata


  15. Kudos to that police officer.Citizens should take note cause if he did not have his firearm the news would probably have read differently.St Lucian law abiding citizens, should go about lawfully obtaining their gun permits through training,range practice etc.This is the only way in my opinion to curtail the nonsense that is happening right now.Too many religious fanatics sitting idly by waiting for religion to protect them and it never comes to fruition.God helps those who helps themselves.Throughout the Bible when enemies came against God's people, they defended with their weapons[swords,knives,spears]etc.So again give that man his promotion one dead piece of scum off our streets.


  16. Job well done! Balata must be breeding dem thieves like mosquitoes! "Kill them all and Don!" Some Thieves from balata raided a place up Cap over 85thousand in items and yes That thief that got bail for only $3000 Lalinge but there is only so much the police can do I blame the judges for the tap on the wrists they receive. They need to line up these thieves and execute them by the 50s them they would learn to see and not touch or attack people for their stuff. Yesterday right before my eyes the Dr was beaten and robbed and shot for his own things about four gun shots luckily he only got hit by one. While the two pigs ran away to their car waiting in the bend where the other pig was waiting and the poor man hopping and shouting stop them stop them. People making excuses didn't have to shoot,why is in his chest? Toot bayteese sitweyears kon zot yea. If was my family? ?I'd report them faster! I Got the man to deal with them if these corrupt govt intrested but I guess they will never be cause they are just as bad