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Hold the phone! You can now use WhatsApp with a landline

By Softonic

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(SOFTONIC) – The launch of WhatsApp Business has given the messaging service a completely new dimension.

WA Business gives companies and customers an official and secure way to communicate with each other and in the coming months and years; we’ll see all sorts of entrepreneurs using this new facility to sell us their wares. WA Business also brings with it an interesting new function; it allows you to hook up your WhatsApp account using a landline number instead of your mobile number.

Although WhatsApp Business is designed for use by businesses, anybody can download the app. You will still need a mobile phone to run the app but you’ll be able to register your landline number instead of the number associated with your SIM card.

Once you’ve downloaded WhatsApp Business all you have to do is tell the app that you won’t be registering your mobile number but rather your landline. Normally WhatsApp sends an SMS to verify your number but for landlines, you’ll have to select the Call Me option.

After you receive the call and verify your number, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp Business with your landline number the same you use WhatsApp with your mobile number.

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  1. Why do I need a landline? I am traveling to St Lucia and I tested it out in the US before I leave.
    The text went through to a taxi driver there.

  2. Lol ....been using a landline with the regular whatsapp for 5 years now

  3. Hold your horses there boy . . . Don't lick your lips yet. I am sure this will be a paid service.


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