Hit-and-run at Vigie roundabout

Hit-and-run at Vigie roundabout

A young man was admitted to hospital following a hit-and-run incident at the Vigie roundabout, Castries in the wee hours of Sunday morning (April 27).

Reports are that the victim, who is about 17 years old and hails from La Clery, was hit by a “white jeep” which did not stop. The accident occurred around 2 a.m.

He sustained a laceration to the back of his head and was admitted to Victoria Hospital in an unconscious state.

He has since regained consciousness, but according to reliable sources, he is unable to recall what happened.

Police are investigating.


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  1. Why would a driver hit someone and just continue driving like everthing is ok. My gosh you hit someone STOP help that person call the police. You didnt hit that person intentionly i hope so do what you would want someone to do for you or your loved ones so heartless. when the get him take away his liciense dam careless idiot.


  2. A JEEP jeep or an SUV Jeep? Whichever way this is heartless.

    Now clearly pedestrians in St. Lucia esp Castries City have no regard to moving vehicles. Vehicles never get a chance to move along the Blue coral/ Glace crossing because pedestrians ( Grown folks) use it one at a time ( single file) for several minutes. None of them wants to wait before crossing. As a driver, I literally must threaten them by rolling onto the crossing to get a chance to move. WE REALLY NEED SOME INTERVENTION. My suggestion is a simple sensitization campaign.This I think is long overdue.


    • Odd, how some of us who are vehicle owners forget that we were once commuters or those without.

      Some of us who have now become vehicle owners see everything wrong with people who are simply crossing the street etc.

      This is the level of stupid arrogance that i just cannot understand.

      I am a vehicle owner and i do not speak or behave the way that any of you idiots do.
      Because i know, that i was one like them (without a vehicle.) So i fully understand.

      I have have been a victim of driver, upon seeing me crossing the Bridge-street going into the Pharmacy, sped up just to hit me. The driver passed inches away from me. The twin cab was fully tinted. And he sped up the street.
      I was able to get his number plates and the matter is in the Courts.

      And i will make an example out of him.

      There are many Mentally unstable drivers and people in this land.
      And i truly believe that many drivers are maliciously trying to hit persons crossing the streets.


  3. They should put the cctv to catch the hit and run. The driver know he does something wrong sure he was drunk that why he did not want to get caught he is so heartless.


  4. If he admitted in an unconcious state and is unable to know what happen how can SLNO say he was hit by a white jeep? Then some one knows some thing.hope they catch the person who did it.


  5. there is supposed to be surveillance cameras at or near the roundabout. Hope the catch the bastard.


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