“His exact words were ‘I am coming for you’: Pierre defends actions in viral video (see video)

“His exact words were ‘I am coming for you’: Pierre defends actions in viral video (see video)
A video still image (right) showing Pierre and Joseph (not seen in video) arguing.
A video still image (right) showing Pierre and Joseph (not seen in video) arguing.

Opposition Leader and Castries East MP Philip J. Pierre has said he was merely defending his integrity, his constituents, and the people of Saint Lucia, in a video which shows him arguing briefly with Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Guy Joseph.

The amateur video, which was published on social media, reportedly occurred during a break in the sitting of the House of Parliament last Thursday.


Pierre said he has since moved on from the matter however he emphasised that he will always defend himself when attacked or threatened.

He told DBS: “My position, once I am defending my integrity, or I am defending the people of St. Lucia, and the people of Castries East, I will say what I have to say to defend myself and to defend that people that I represent. Yesterday, it was very important that Mr. Joseph did not want me to speak in parliament. It was clear. Further, he threatened me. His exact words were ‘I am coming for you’. So I had to, I had to defend myself and I told him who I thought is coming for him. I just defended myself, I have nothing personal and I have moved on. It is just a matter of State and a matter of my constituency. So I really have nothing more to say, except to say that when I am threatened, or when I am attacked, I will defend myself and I will defend the people that I represent.

Commenting further on his actions in the video, Pierre said: “That may be an opinion; some people may call it passion. And I think what is important is what is said. What is important is the policies. What is important is whether the government keeps its word. I think that is what’s important. The other stuff is, is superficial. Some people may not think so, but what is important is whether the government has kept its promises.”

According to DBS, Minister Joseph was unavailable for comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, a religious leader has given his opinion on the matter. Deacon Peter Fevrier said leaders are expected to set good examples.

He told DBS: “When we as public leaders choose to behave in this manner, we are telling the rest of the nation that it is okay to behave so. So, reviewing procedure, which is something that most of us who have maybe moved on to the upper level understand, that there is a process where if you have an objective or an issue, you can present it. It can be discussed. And if you cannot get reconciliation, at the first level, then you seek another party to help you to get to that point. So there is a process that we can go through to avoid a situation where there is verbal exchange or where there is direct confrontation.”


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  1. It can also be said that Guy was defending his integrity. What do you expect when you spend millions investigating somebody, down to spending millions involving foreign states and world renowned investigators and still find nothing? Would such actions be without backlash?


  2. since when the words "am coming for you" is a threat i can tell me daughter, my son, my friend ,my mum ,my dad, any body am coming for you . now lets put this in context you in the house there is a debate going on ,so its obvious he is saying when it is his turn you will be under his radar ,in your own words,"Yesterday, it was very important that Mr. Joseph did not want me to speak in parliament. It was clear" where is the threat guy is smarter than you you took me back a few years breaking glass this is yet another labour party intolerance of being in opposition


    • If you took the time to read the report carefully before commenting, you would notice that it said the argument occurred "during a break". Also, the phrase "I am coming for you" is a threat depending on the context and the people. You telling your mum, siblings and or close friends that phrase would not have the same effect. Let"s see how you would react if some random person or some thug told you that. hmm. I don't know why everything is always so political. Respect should have no colour, gender or race!!

      Stop proving that ridiculous "only Pre-School Education" comment true!


    • Personally I would have had a problem with the situation had it taken place during the actual house meeting. Although I agree that leaders should seek to carry themselves in a manner becoming of leaders. Clearly the situation appears to have been set up. A careful look at the Video suggest that PM Chastanet was aware of the recording as you can him gleefully coming in full view while ensuring that he did not block the camera. So for those who wish to condemn, ask the PM why did he not, as Leader, ask Guy to behave better rather than having this smile of satisfaction on his face.


  3. AND ??? Pierre if that's what you say that's what you don't take back no chat from a " Guy." Pierre you was too soft on him, you should have race him up Yardie Style " Hay Coolie Bway you see you mi a come fi you, and let them have something to talk about. What do they think politics is a gentleman sport, as if you were at a Polo Match at Churchill Downs. IF you step on a "Guy" corn you step on his corn and keep it moving no apology. With all the mess and bacchanal Trump is in and all the outlandish statements that comes out of his mouth have you ever heard him apologized for a dam thing ? NO ! Because he knows if he did that would make him look weak and nobody want a weak leader amongst his base, as a matter of fact his rating went up. Pierre be more like Alva; when Alva come at "them" he come full strength with no flip flop or apology he don't take no chat from a bway.


  4. this was just a setup.... but it showed a bunch of jokers in the house, the PM calmly passed by without trying to tell neither one of them to respect the house. Only Shawn tried to draw his colleague away. Guy must remember he is not at the bus stop anymore and no one wants him to be afraid. smh...

    why don't they use the courthouse to quarrel or battle why is the honorable House and all of them saying they are Christians and praying at all sessions.


  5. They were on a break and it was behind public cameras. There's a time and place for everything and they had their bickering on a break off air. I see nothing wrong with this, they're humans and should be allowed to argue like humans do. The only problem there is a troublemaker recorded this and tried to use it against a parliamentary represetative.


  6. Guy is always controversial ! Lol! Pipsque defending himself! A few words and Pip goes ballistic! Yet the Labour Party spend three thousand thousand dollars (Lol!) in an attempt to jail Guy and you want him to keep quiet!
    Labour Party hacks have no principals morals or intellectual consistancy!
    Who is burning down buildings under a UWP government!


  7. smh chpz... these are the ppl that are representing the country? all i see is a bunch of jokers.


  8. Deacon Peter...you said leaders are expected to give good examples..but the Church leaders..lead Gods sheep's astray..come on now.say something better.me


  9. you that religious leader Deacon Peter Fevrier dont come and ope your damn mouth there and say nothing. as its politics you want to open your jaw but when for you to talk about lgbt and this agency that wants the rest of the Caribbean to change its buggery laws just so that they can do their nastiness none of yall coming on the news and say jack. so just stay out of that scenario there.


  10. why did this video make public, this happened during a break, so whoever recorded and made it public has no pride and is no etter than the persons involved


  11. That Guy is always in a controversy! The other guy in opposition, has every right to defend himself if provoked.. We the people expect better from our representatives. I hope the accusations are taken seriously.


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