Hilaire: “We must know where the CIP money gone”

Hilaire: “We must know where the CIP money gone”
Dr. Hilaire (left) and Chastanet
Dr. Hilaire (left) and Chastanet

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party denounces the prime minister for misleading the parliament and the people of Saint Lucia on the use of CIP monies.

The prime minister during the last sitting of parliament attempted to explain that the Budget Estimates for 2019/2020 contains projects which is identified as projects to be funded under the CIP. The SLP maintains that the prime minister never mentioned in his presentation on the Estimates, nor in his Budget Statement any project to be financed with CIP monies.

However, he has belatedly now presented a list of projects which is in the Budget and which he claims satisfies the requirements of the law.

Section 33 Subsection 3 states: “The Minister for Finance shall lay before Parliament every financial year for its approval the purposes to which the funds will be allocated.”

The SLP rejects this backdoor way of seeking approval for the use of the funds from the CIP. However, the central issue is not how the PM intends to use monies to be earned from the CIP. This is a separate issue. The central issue is how has the CIP monies collected since 2016 been used by the prime minister?

The prime minister has to present to parliament and Saint Lucians, a statement of how much money was collected from the CIP Unit each year and what was the monies used for.

The SLP calls on the prime minister to respect accountability and transparency and provide the information. The law required it and the parliament and people of Saint Lucia require such information.

We must know where the CIP money gone.


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  1. Those living in glass houses should not throw stones. Those living in glass houses should not throw stones. Those living in glass houses should not throw stones.


  2. Isn't there an annual audit being done? Hilaire you should know that right?! These financials would have to either be presented at parliament or filed with Accountant General. So Mr. Hiliare stop playing with st.lucians minds.


  3. Most of our politicians with degrees are very delusional.

    They think that their degrees qualify them to know EVERYTHING about everything! Hell! Why are we blessed with so many and such idiots?


    So our credentialed morons just go on pontificating to the non-credentialed masses in areas where they do not even have degrees. Why?

    Just because they have degrees in other areas, and in something else. Saint Lucian morons. (smh)


  4. The question is. When will we stop corruption in St. Lucia ?. When will we stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.? Just focus on removing the king Cooley volair Guy Joseph in office and corruption will drop by 75% .And I urge St.Lucians to arm them selves with legal cell phone videos and watch us take our country back. Follow those simple steps and see what happens.


  5. SLP, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. THE JUFALI AFFAIR, EVEN TODAY, REEKS OF CORRUPTION.


    • So that means the UWP can do what they want with the country's money right? And UWP has no scandals as well (Tuxedo Villas, Blackbay, Boxing in Paradise, 162 million letter, HIA investigation). And what is the scandal about Juffali, a rich billionaire promising a million dollar buillding for cancer reasearch in Saint Lucia. Oh the humanity !


      • Jackass Lucian! You love to live on promises, I see. If stupidity were cancer, man, you would have been done dead already.


      • Watch who is talking. Watch who is doing the talking. Why is it so difficult for people in this country to differentiate between what is being said, and who is doing the talking?

        No one with an unbiased sound mind would ever condone or should ever condone malfeasance, misappropriations, outright theft and abuse of the public purse. No one.

        Yet, by the same token, the public should never let its guard down and give a pass to those whose behaviour in the past have been dubious, at best, in terms of public accountability.

        They were never immune and will never become immune from scrutiny, just simply because of their innuendos or accusations that "others" are sinners, suggesting that they themselves are "clean".

        The Saint Lucian population must rise above this simplistic view of life. Life is too short to continue with the idiocracy that is taking place in our neck of the woods, that continues to pass for democracy.


    • Just too many politicians fool themselves into believing that they have the moral wiggle room to ignore their own past, if they simply accuse others of wrongdoing. After all, they feel that they can always fall back on their party's machinery and political handouts to keep their 'yes' men, mindless followers and yard-fowls incredibly contented.


  6. the CIP money burning mate because he wanted to volaire it himself. so the fact that another person getting close to it have the jufalli bobolis seeing red. you old volaire stop trying to make yourself relevant like an old used bag of dirty tricks. CIP money u WANT BAD. your hands itching to make more bobol under the SLP.


  7. You know it just hit meh. The slp, uwp and the prudent are using those media outlets as their political platform to ask all kind of stupid questions. Wtf yall asking rhetoric questions and yall not comin out with the answers. And SLNO for Gooddness sake at least do some investigative journalism and at leaSt try to get some answers. Everyday is roro roro and them same felas marrying each other sisters, conference together, flying together, holidaying together, laughing together, hotel together. Take out flabow put slp take out slp put flabow. My opinion as long as u win a contituency then lose u shouldn't run for that contituentcy again because think of it lets say chastnet lose his seat u mean to say the same people that vote him out will go back another time and vote him in again? People u ehh see that not makin sense please wake up. ANY MEMBER THAT WIN THEN LOSE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO RUN AGAIN FOR THAT CONTITUENTCY. Before elections even dog shit they want to pick up for u but when they win they eh want ro see u again, Playing as if they on a PHONE call when they see u. Politicians saying to vote for the country but and not for self gain but who have the biggest houses, who have supermarkets, who have buses, who have farms, who have hotels,who have shares in big businesses . They givin contracts to their friends and later split the money. They allow certain businesses to be open here by taking bribes. When someone gives the government money to campaign how do government pay back? Smh the politicians makin a mess with is us by tricking and fooling us. Imagin I steal 1 million dollars and m on a platform telling u to vote for me again. The politicians mus be saying ''look at them jackases after I tricking them they still voting for me '' it's all bout the money my friend. Money money money money. SomePeople does vote for contracts, favors and jobs and benifits and the rest of us are jus there watching them enjoy a good life mmmmmm. Politicians are not civil servants but who controlling civil servants indirectly? Smh. Who appointing trouble makers to the ministries and saying after government workers lazy? Ask yourself that. Now I need a good lawyer to investigate those politicians , o shate !! They are related !! Or friends or business partners. O boy look I stick.


  8. Compton only saw to it that the country could pay its bills with the banana protection deals. It was never about good governance.

    By the time, more crooks in government came into power, the new set of crooks had the doors wide open. There was and there is no legislation in place, and even today, there is none to halt the 'tieffing' MPs elected.

    Anything goes. That has been so since the time of Compton. There are few squeaky clean MPs in government today. Few. Very few. It is a sad commentary that this entire country is governed by a majority with a 'borbolist' mentality. It is not a party thing. We should start pointing fingers at ourselves if we are going to be even half honest, and in earnest.


    • The Bryron Report said that about Saint Lucia, too, a long time ago. Nothing has changed.


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  10. Goes into places like the OECS to fund endless work trips aka paid vacations...and for the elite to keep feathering their selfish little nests...


  11. What about the Airport development Tax monies that ya'll took out when ya'll came in? All ya'll are trying to do is make one party look bad as crooks but ya'll on the other hand can do no wrong. From time things are done in secret that's a solid sign of corruption Mr. Earnest Jufalli or sorry I meant Hiliare.


  12. THE KLEPTOMANIAC STRIKES AGAIN ! Everybody watching who has the longest bag not surprise just wait when the airport start PURE CROCUS BAG YOU GOING TO SEE ON THEIR SHOULDERS. I am betting next year this time the same headline will be printed again WEH THE MONEY GONE.


  13. Q: Where has the money gone?
    UWP: Well, well, uh, what about, uh, Juffali, what about Rochamel, what about, uhhhhhh . . ."
    Q: But y'all are in power. No? What are y'all doing about all these "scandals"?
    UWP: Uhhhhh, uhhh, but, but Kenny . . .
    Q: Answer the damn questions! will you?
    UWP: But, but, but . . . .


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