Hilaire tackles Nancy Charles on Rovers

Hilaire tackles Nancy Charles on Rovers

Below is a Facebook statement from Opposition Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire, who responded to Nancy Charles under the title ‘Evil Thinks what Evil does!’ Charles, in a Facebook comment, questioned how Dr. Hilaire, as an ambassador under the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), could have afforded “more than one Range Rover” on an ambassador salary.

Someone sent me a screenshot of comments made by Nancy Charles, Director of Implementation, which I have posted below. Essentially Nancy is continuing peddling the lies and deceit of a corrupt UWP, that I bought and own two Range Rovers and could not have afforded such and therefore involved in nefarious activities. The person was disgusted by such low-level politics and thought I should answer her with the facts.

You will recall that Nancy and UWP first claimed that I had stolen the Government’s vehicle then it was Juffali’s vehicle now it is I could not have afforded to buy vehicles on an Ambassador’s salary so it had to be money laundering. Here are the FACTS.

1. I bought a Range Rover on behalf of my brother.

2. My brother, who was serving as a regional diplomat and had tax free status, took a loan and sent the money for the purchase. He is still paying the loan. UWP have access to all private citizens’ accounts, she can easily check it out.

3. I later on bought a Discovery Sport for myself using my own Funds.

4. I am pleased to let Nancy know that I have had a professional track record and career before politics. After attaining a PhD from the London School of Economics, I have had the following jobs:

– CEO of Cricket World St.Lucia Inc;
– Associate Consultant at world-renowned McKinsey and Company based in New Jersey:
– Tournament Director for the ICC World T20 Tournament (regional job with tax-free status);
– CEO of West Indies Cricket Board (regional job with tax-free status);
– High Commissioner to UK (diplomatic posting with tax-free status).

Without disclosing my salaries and savings from previous jobs, I can say that the job of Ambassador was among the lower-paying jobs that I have had.

Surely I could have bought a vehicle. There are people in your UWP who have worked nowhere, could not afford to pay their debts or held no such high paying jobs, who are supposedly on a Minister Salary, but own million-dollar Houses, Condos, Villas, Trucks and buses, high-end Vehicles, acres of land all over the island, shares in construction companies, yet you say nothing. How are they affording it, Nancy? How are you affording it Nancy? Tell the taxpayers.

You see, I did not enter politics to earn a salary but to serve my people and my country. I believe in my people and I believe in putting people first!


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  1. Love this. Invasion of privacy but plain and simple cut to the chase. Cause these dogs just won't stop barking over two stupid vehicles. Whilst unethical, immoral, outrageous and egregious political crimes and atrocities against the citizens of Saint Lucia take place right under their noses. They continue to muddy the waters to make it seem deep. Pathetic! Can't wait for God to exact judgement on these goons to the degree of their dishonesty! Yes, judgement on me too but I own up to my shit and do not project on people. Foolishness!


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