Hilaire disheartened by SLP’s loss

By SNO Staff

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Ernest Hilaire

Ernest Hilaire

The Saint Lucia Labour Party’s (SLP) loss at this year’s election came as a surprise to many and this was no different for the new Castries South Member of Parliament (MP) Ernest Hilaire.

Hilaire has said he is disheartened at the loss by his party, but told the media that he will use his time in opposition to nurture greater bonds with constituents to take Castries South forward.

The new MP said he will advocate at every opportunity for continued development in his constituency, stating that his plans proposed for development there would have been achievable if the SLP was in power.

During the election campaign, Hilaire spoke about a comprehensive plan for Castries South that would include construction of playgrounds, a community centre in Ciceron, among several others.

The former British High Commissioner said his team ran a clean, diverse and youth based campaign.

He claims, however, that his slim win was beyond his control as issues of financial enticement and efforts to tarnish his reputation were at the forefront of the United Workers Party (UWP) campaign.

Hilaire said his ultimate goal is to help the SLP to regain governance of the country.

He etched out a narrow win over UWP’s Mary Isaac in the run for the Castries South seat at  the June 6 polls.

Although there was a recount of ballots for the constituency on Tuesday, which saw a slight change in the number of votes he received, Hillaire remained the official winner of that seat.


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  2. Reading these comments really show the ignorance of certain citizens of this country and clarifies why we are so backward . Both parties have done rubbish , stated rubbish , not leave up to what they have stated yet it seems that we're only bashing one party ? What makes him arrogant ; because he's tidy , he has achieved diserable accomplishments , and how his campaign had good management ? In all fairness he's a new member everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves . Give him a chance . No one knows exactly the truth behind the juffalli issue yet it's just in our nature to assume the negative . It's only time before you same people start accusing Your new prime minister when he doesn't keep all his promises . Grow up and start thinking . Stop judging

  3. Friends, Countrymen....Lucians

    Financial enticement? Really? This is the crap that comes out of the mouth of the same guy who basically invaded social media and the Internet, with people constantly being bombarded with Ask Ernest App and a bunch of other nonsense all over Facebook and almost every single website you visited

  4. Helaire - It's time you give it up and admit that UWP is the one and only. WHere did you come from ????

    You are fighting cause you want to be the next SLP leader . BULL CRAP.

  5. Yes SLP had secrets. They lied or misled the nation on some stuff. Dr Anthony may have been arrogant, or even slightly communist. But... One thing St Lucians cannot accuse them of not being a team, educated, and moving St Lucia forward from what it was before. The past UWP administrations have left much to be desired. Infighting, lies and manipulation by the leader, blatant corruption by some ministers, and the list goes on. Did I mention the lies by Allen? About the headset not working, VAT, the lady he met, the crocodile tears,... St Lucia we are in trouble. I hope for our sake we did the right thing. Good luck Allen. You will need it as much as you and your crew needed this win.

  6. @ Jadia are you suggesting that there has never been infighting in the SLP. The SLP was the party that destroyed the city in 1979 because of infighting. Who say there isn't a Pierre camp and a Hilaire camp within the SLP. This level of arrogance is precisely why your party lost. UWP is not divided they are democratic (meaning several voices) unlike the SLP which is autocratic (meaning one voice). Are you still communication minister for St. Lucia?

  7. The volume and pace of the congratulatory messages are signaling the relief of the international and regional community regarding the phase of social and political decline that this country has just bypassed.

    I am perturbed by the extent of the intrusion of undesirables from the monied scumbags of Middle East, manipulating our Third Word reprobate minds of their surrogates in local politics. These scumbags have taken us very low level. All our two international political pimps are missing are fur coats, walking canes and stretched black or white limos as in the movies SHAFT and COTTON COMES TO HARLEM.

    There is every expectation that in places like the US State Department and in the Eurozone, that the drivers of the IMPACS report and of the international diplomatic Jufallie scandal can be brought before international tribunals for their duplicity. After all, there is a God.

  8. Peter Saint Pierre

    You SLP candidates are a bunch of imbeciles and since you are all so surprised to lose the general election it clearly shows how much you have been out of touch with Saint Lucian's. Go do your homework and contest for power in the next 5 to possibly 10 years.

  9. I am tired of hearing from the slp camp. Sick of it. I don't want to see or hear their arrogant opinions on anything for the next six month...if only that was possible. For a party that like social media they forced it on us so much it became part of their down fall. No more go away let the govt try to stand before yall begin the attack.

  10. Hilaire I think you got it wrong. Surprise Kenny knew he was going to lose the elections. He knew it very well, he blindsided you and the others. You think when you were giving out all those packages with expensive goodies in them you would get votes. Your umbrellas from London, you were the only one who had umbrellas and you shared with the other candidates. Money, enticement check the highway you had the best decorated constituency. So what are you talking about. Kenny was grooming you to take over the party, now you talking all that foolishness if Kenny had wait longer to call elections SLP would be out. That's means you and Kenny would not be in there at all 17-0. So take a chill pill and relax. You party was there for 4 and a half years did nothing for south Castries now you want to do the world for them in opposition. Go to hell.....

  11. I am surprised you were surprised by the outcome of the election. What that shows me is that like the other Labourites you to were out of touch with the people. You did not hear or was not listening when the masses were telling you all that they were suffering You being part of the SLP bubble of arrogance elitism and delusion was immune to even Labourite calls to cease on your current course. Labourites who complained were ostracised and excluded.
    I hope that the elitist executive of Francis Clarke and the likes realise this vote was a rejection of them,one should Olso note to achieve a victory of such magnitude that SLP supporters must have voted UWP
    I was far from surprised at the outcome of the election, the writing was on the wall for all with eyes to see. The arrogance of the party was so overwhelming that when the outcome was indicated in a poll, you all rejected it instead of using it as indicator for damage control . The SLP had become saw contemptuous of the electorate that you all believed we would continue to be fooled and vote SLP regardless.
    The following cost the party the election Kenny, Philip, Leo, Claudius, Lacorbinerre.
    For example the UWP micheviously suggested that Claudius Francis was the GG in waiting if SLP was victorious ,the thought of that arrogant over promoted individual bein in that post influenced a number of voters to vote UWP.

  12. the nerve of this guy!!! you should have never been a candidate in the first place, I say we get a petition going to remove this guy , I don't think he got the message the electorate is sending, the likes of him we no longer want representing us.

  13. Jadia. Which media did Hon. Kenny Anthony (not the prime minister) used to congratulate the new prime minister, was it Facebook oh what a shame. Let him hide behind Facebook

  14. Harvey you have no shame to say that! Your reputation was tarnished by you. From your days with cricket to the Juffali affair which you have not provided any proper explanation for to this date. You are surprised because arrogance blinded you from reality. Your sophisticated campaign didn't resonate because it was marred by your reputation of arrogance and now corruption.

  15. Do not be disheartened Earnest.This is God work you will not understand.This was a good election for S.L.P. to lose,We all will see the wisdom in time.However i wish Chastanet the best in the five to stay alive.

  16. Jadia and SLP are still showing their attive attitude towards the UWP. SLP lost a supporter in me for that reason. learn your lessons uh.
    Now just because its not too public, dont try to tell me there isnt infighting in the SLP. PIP kicking himself that kenny want helair to run SLP. And we know Alva want to be leader too. Their silent suffering (publicly) is not indication that there isnt turmoil, but that there isnt democracy and they listen to what the great dictator say, Kenny that is. He is forcefully shoving a new SLP leader down their silly throats. But remember st.lucians spoke already. dont force feed us hilaire. he almost lost his seat. next time the SLP leader WILL lose it, if its HiLIAR
    And BTW didnt ther constitution say that after a leader loses a general election he must step dpwn. Kenny shud have in 2006. But he had to feed his ego and regain power. It was so good he didnt let it go after the 2/3 years he promised and still came back to lose a general election as leader. And in less than 24 hours he declairs he not leader anymore. Mate is too hungry to "power" That was his problem. He back in PURGATORY

  17. Give me a Break

    Boy, shut the hell up. I will remain eternally grateful that the people of South Castries were able to see through your deceit and deception. You are such as fake; your only concern is you, and the people of South Castries whom you have absolutely no interest in, were able to see that. Thank God.

    It is precisely this type of arrogance that has landed the SLP back into opposition. Keep up your attitude and see how long you and the rest will remain where you are.


  18. St.Lucians Are So Stupid Man, Ernest Hilaire Deserved That Seat So DEAL WITH THAT .. and next elections am voting him again because i didnt regret doing it this year .. SLP all the way and they will regain governance of st.lucia again

  19. All of u have some nonsence to say Hilaire will be a great minister and can also bring our country foward so stop talking bull

  20. You hilaire u have too much excitement, that's why Mary almost beat you

  21. Hilaire noone tried to tarnish your reputation. on that one, is you alone to blame since you refuse to state the truth about the Juffali deal. so its you who tarnished yourself brother. All the best to you, your part and the new government. Lets make St.Lucia better

  22. Mr.Hilare had the audacity to say that his slim win was beyond his control as issues of financial enticement and efforts to tarnish his reputation were at the forefront of the United Workers Party (UWP) campaign. Mr.Hilare ,Mary didnt hv Juffali's money, her honest track record got her so many votes . Nonesense.

  23. You are the cause of your party's loss.

  24. The difficulty I have with the expression of surprise by some, at the recent UWP victory, is that there seems to be an almost right of entitlement to govern by the SLP! What about the people of Saint Lucia who expressed their displeasure at the way in which the country was being governed? While I am not condemning Mr. Hilaire's comment, he has every right to express how he feels, I am disgusted by the continued arrogance of the now opposition.

    A government becomes oppressive and tyrannical when it rejects the will of the people to be governed by it (yes, I know, the SLP is out of government...). From the political pundits who got it wrong to the political operatives who relied on the misleading guidance of the pundits, we should all accept the most powerful force in politics, the will of people. Let's get on with the business of the people. Let the new administration begin the task of moving the country forward, while the opposition command it's duty to ensure that the government functions in the interest of the people.

    One last word to the opposition, don't be like the Republicans in the United States who announced that their main responsibility was to ensure that President Obama failed in his presidency. Well, the outcome the world saw, was perhaps one of the most successful administrations in recent US history. Well, that story is still being told! Just be a good opposition!

  25. where is KENNY? He didnt have the decency to congrat the UWP and Allen. and these same people will want our vote in 5 years. choopse!

    • The Prime Minister did congratulate the new PM, he will soon announce the new leader of the SLP. Unlike the UWP no in fighting will occur for leadership

      • He did not do it the honorable way! On Facebook.... come on, who does that? So what if the new PM was not on Facebook? Blind Labourites!

      • No Sour Grapes Here

        You mean this new trend of posting something on Facebook as if that's appropriate? What planet are you from?

        Protocol demands a phonecall on the day the results were announced, usually that same evening. Kenny Anthony didn't have a number for Mr. Chastanet? Balderdash!

        Lorne did it with a pathetic attempt at a real apology. The public didn't buy it. They voted him out.

        To all of you who want to apologize and excuse the former Leaders of our country I have one question - if it was Mr. Chastanet who had done that Facebook letter, what would you all have said?

        I'm fine with the current Prime Minister. So far he's been nothing but classy. You can learn a thing or two from this man.

      • here you are still trying to show your attive attitude towards the UWP. SLP lost a supporter in me for that reason. learn your lessons uh.
        Now just because its not too public, dont try to tell me there isnt infighting. PIP kicking himself that kenny want helair to run SLP. And we know Alva want to be leader too. Their silent suffering (publicly) is not indication that there isnt turmoil, but that there isnt democracy and they listen to what the great dictator say, Kenny that is. He is forcefully shoving a new SLP leader down their silly throats. But remember st.lucians spoke already. dont force feed us hilaire. he almost lost his seat. next time the SLP leader WILL lose it, if its HiLIAR

      • Jadia, this kind of attitude that cause you all to,lose the elections. You all don't learn. Continue with that type of behavior, and you all will lose the opposition too., ha, ha ha. By the way I hope to see you soon in Kenny constituency office, as the receptionist, and Jade Brown as Hilaire,s receptionist.

      • How can he announce the new leader of the party. Shouldn't the party do the democratic thing and vote for a new leader. It is the same dictatorial thing about Kenny. And you have a mistake in your post Jadia. It should read the former PM congratulated the New PM.

      • Seriously!!! You still defensive? Awa wee. He only said it during his interview when the announced he won. What about a decent congratulation speech. He was quick to always address the nation.

      • on facebook and via email,
        I guess he thinks the masses made another mistake by voting the SLP out of power again.

      • a fb post doesnt count

      • Jadia - He will nominate you as the new leader ....... Dream on Girl. Stop defending Kenny when he does not even give a crap about anyone.

    • WHY IS KENNY AND ISSUE? Elections done and gone and its still KENNY...KENNY..KENNY? Where were you when moments after UWP was declared winner of the election Dr. Anthony through the MEDIA conceded and congratulated Mr. Chastanet and the UWP? SMH. Everyone has a right to an opinion and to express it but seriously... if you stupid (ignorant by choice) you should really keep it to yourself. YOU just help to prove that a whole lot of US LUCIANS like to talk BEFORE we THINK, KNOW or UNDERSTAND. IF YOU MISSED THIS INFORMATION THAT THE WHOLE WORLD HAS SINCE 3 DAYS AGO...I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT ELSE YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU MISSED FROM 2006-2011 AND FOR THE PAST 4 1/2 YEARS! WITH SO MANY LIKE YOU RUNNING LOOSE REFUSING TO BE CORRECTLY AND PROPERLY INFORMED AND HAVING THE ABILITY/PRIVILEGE TO EXERCISE PRECIOUS DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS AS VOTING...ALL I CAN SAY IS... MWEN FACHE'! MWEN PE'! MWEN PE'!

      Check the following sites as reference... and the list longer eh


  26. Mr. Hilaire its amazing you're disheartened at your party's loss!! get it through your head UWP has won. Its not all about the Labour Party anymore and its gonna be for a while so accept it and SUCK IT up!!

  27. How lucky you are to squeek by, we'll get you next time, so enjoy it for now.
    My reason for disliking you is for the Juffali affair. But in time we all will know.

  28. Please read this artical properly. He's sorry slp didn't win, he's going to try and regain strength. And his ultimate goal is for slp regain power.

    Look his job is work with all members of the house to bring the country forward. But it appears he's goin to continue campanging.

    Is this what the tax payers want. Why can't everyone take off their colours.

    Alan bring up this comment in the house

  29. Dr. Hilaire, you are very , very lucky you won. You better thank Gd for that, although I wonder if you believe in God.

    I always saw you as someone who's not electable.

    Dr. Hilaire, you are not truthful. You told Tim Poleon that you don't know whether Dr. Juffalli is a holder of our Diplomatic passport.

    As a former CEO of the WICB, you could have simply hit Tim for 6 by telling him that it stands to reason and it's obvious that if Dr. Juffalli is one of our Diplomats that he will be a holder of our Diplomatic Passport.

    If you can hide this trivial piece of information from us, God alone "knows what you and Kenny know and the President of the peoples republic of Laborie don't know" about Dr. Juffallli that we the people of St. Lucia will eventual get to know through our new administration.

    Dr. Hilaire, politics is not your calling. I am certain that there's a science that will indicate this to you, based on all the money you spent, all the mobilization skills that you possess; and given the end result despite you been declared the winner. You should venture into another field and not politics.

    Dr. Hilaire, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion, which you may have very well realized.

    For once take some foolish advise - Dr. Hilaire!

  30. Surprised!! You must have been blind my man

  31. Bull! Hilaire ran a first world campaign in a third world constituency. Money was absolutely no problem and with a desire for him to win the seat to lay claim to leadership of the SLP he better not dare talk about monetary enticements.

    He is yet to explain the dark juffal secrets.
    His campaign was money in the sky whilst Mary Issac was boots on the ground. His her boots that nearly mash up his thousands.

  32. I think we should call Mr. Wickham to do another poll to determine if indeed people were paid to vote and if so which party or parties actually did the paying and in what quantities . We can also invite T Joseph to do the same poll. This is getting rather ridiculous with all these accusations or should I say excuses.
    Some people have a gift for believing their own lies and a greater gift for misinforming people. Labour has lost and they still cannot accept the fact and admit the truth.
    If you think you don't really need a poll because you are afraid of the result then maybe you could do it on "Aquarius Crossing-The People Speak"!!


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