Highest victory margin for King, lowest for Hilaire

Highest victory margin for King, lowest for Hilaire
Left to right: UWP's Stephenson King, SLP's Ernest Hilaire/
Left to right: UWP's Stephenson King, SLP's Ernest Hilaire/
Left to right: UWP’s Stephenson King, SLP’s Ernest Hilaire.

Apart from gaining a decisive victory and reclaiming governance of the country, the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) managed to win each of the 11 seats with major margins against the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in Monday’s general elections.

Former party leader, Stephenson King, had a triumphant win securing 3,774 votes, to defeat his contender for the Castries North constituency, Stephen John Charlery, by a massive 2,292 votes.

Following suit was Member of Parliament (MP) for Gros-Islet, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, with an overall 6,344 votes claiming victory over Emma Hippolyte by 1,792 votes.

SLP member, Alvina Reynolds also lost her seat to former minister and UWP MP Ezekiel Joseph by a large margin of 1,305 votes for the constituency of Babonneau.

Reynolds said however she remains committed to the constituency and is open to working with Joseph for the people of St Lucia.

Another candidate who took a beat down was Joachim Henry for the Castries South East seat. He lost to Guy Joseph by 1,156 votes.

Henry congratulated Joseph on his success and has since moved to meet with his supporters to discuss plans for his future in politics.

SLP members, Herbert Roserie and Guibion Ferdinand were also defeated by contenders Gale Rigobert and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet who won by 1,045 and 1,049 votes respectively, in Micoud North and Micoud South.

New comer for Anse La Raye/ Canaries, Dominic Feedee also managed to bring home the seat for the UWP after obtaining 385 votes more votes than his competitor Saturinus John Victorin.

And Sarah Flood-Beauburn secured the Castries Central seat with 379 votes against Stanley Felix.

The SLP had other losses. Candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus, Lorne Theophilus lost his seat to Bradley Felix by 825 votes; Harold Dalsan against Herod Stanislaus in Soufriere with 460 votes and Jerome Gedeon against Edmund Estephane in Dennery South with 149 votes.

Theophilus commended Felix and also pledged his support to working in unity for the people of the constituency.

But despite being heavily defeated by the UWP, the SLP also managed to secure 6 seats with Alva Baptiste in the lead, securing 626 votes against Francisco Jn Pierre for the Laborie constituency.

Mosses Jn Baptiste got 468 more votes than UWP’s Prince Ambrose to reclaim the constituency of Vieux-Fort North, and Philip Jn Pierre with 336 votes against Fortuna Belrose for the Castries East seat.

Former Prime Minister Kenny Anthony also defeated his contender, Ulric Mondesir, with a total of 240 votes in the constituency of Vieux-Fort South.

MP for Dennery North, Shawn Edwards leading with 131 votes against Jimmy Henry also regained his seat followed by Ernest Hilaire who got a mere 43 votes against UWP’s Mary Issac for Castries South.


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  1. Was the Electoral Department ready for elections or did it seem like a fete accomplish by the Government. I myself made an enquiry of the department and was told that my information was lost on the computer although I had only 10 days earlier renewed by ID. I was fortunate enough to meet a very pleasant young lady with who I was able to resubmit my info and had an ID issued in record time.

    This had me wondering, if such a situation could occur with me, one who is very familiar with the system, what then had become of the majority who were without such connections? It also made me think since the Electoral office was claiming that it was prepared for elections yet when one examines the equipment at that office most of it either did not work properly or was out of service (from scanners to computers). Even the air conditioning for the workers was not functioning. I also found it strange that other staff informed me that they had been asking for such assistance for the longest while but to no avail.

    There are also questions as to how the Chief Elections Officer was appointed. Were there not other staff who were in line to get this post? All these issues raises my suspicion. I suggest a full inquiry into this department with a view to improving it and its operations before the next elections. I am also proposing that Chastanet should legislate a fix date elections as soon as possible so that all preparations could be made and this would also enable him to set his time table for his future accomplishments for the five years. No more trying to fool electors with projects on the last days leading to elections.


  2. No wonder Kenny is so dejected, he was badly wounded. To tell me the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Rep. for Vieux Fort, a man who was well loved, was only able to beat Mondesir by 240. Kenny you almost lost your seat man


  3. I really hope Chastanet shows some respect to King and Spider now after ousting them from his party. The stone the builder reject ...


  4. Foreign monies and paid-up capital were behind this election. It is obvious.

    There is still a need to go behind the scenes to erase any doubt regarding potential fraud, forgeries, stuffed ballot boxes, double voting, dropped, missing and transported, filled ballot boxes and the like.


  5. As far as I am concerned Mary won the seat. Ernest invested so heavily in his campaign and Mary gave him such a beating? Being arrogant and egotistical won't take you anywhere. Money can never buy respect!


  6. The one thing Labour always had in a camping is money and a lot of flare, but the writing was always on the wall SLP just could not accept it , even when it was hinted the felt it was impossible because UWP did not had the readiness to win that election.
    But people wanted change. There was a lot of persons who took all the can get from Labour Campaign, eat ,drink and took them for a ride just because of vat and the felt the had every right to ,then on polling day some voted UWP and some just stay home.look i can tell you of people with serious financial constraints and the felt hopeless and that is true , simple bread and butter issues were the main concern of many and to them Kenny was not listening. Most of the advisors to the PM on vat and other key issues do not have the disposition as poor people and don't feel what we feel and can't bring them selves to relate to our situation.The PM needed to visit people homes and see first hand the hardship many of us are face with daily to understand our plight .


  7. MORAL OF THE STORY, "DON'T TAKE LUCIANS FOR PAPISHOW !! " Talking about CIP will will bring 3.5 billion. Who you think you fooling. And Most of all, you know what REALLY COST YOU THE ELECTION?

    IS THE VAT ! More LUCIANS tell you the VAT to high awa, you ain't hearing. Mr.Kenny you to arrogant.






  9. hmmm for the amount of money that was spent on Hilaire's campaign I was expecting a landslide victory for him. As far as I'm concerned Mary won.


  10. I think that this is an indication to Dr. Ernest Hilaire that he is not needed in the politics of our country unless he answers all our concerns.


  11. so the saying is slp got six seats on the sixth day of the sixth month of the year two thousand and sixteen.mama look sixes e it seems is cricket that going on

    and the other is uwp cut the grass behind the grass and put the grass in slp a**
    lol look things people saying e.

    and messay elections over already stop being ridiculous and making big motorcades still. That already getting old and lame


  12. I am still puzzled about this very strange result and the margin.
    This must be thoroughly investigated. No stone must be left unturned. Not one.


  13. The more things change the more they remain the same. controversy , bad judgement, suspicions of theft, corruption and all of that and more follow mate whereever he go. if mary was so ahead of him how comes he beat the odds all of a sudden.


  14. If election was delayed any further I suspect UWP would have at least 15 if not all the seats.
    The margins won by SLP against a team that was supposedly unprepared and caught with their pants down tells a very telling story.
    Eg Jimmy and Prince came on at the very last minute but observe the number of votes they were defeated by.
    Hilaire who sang all his accolades, accomplishments etc with his sophisticated campaign against a woman whose presence on social media and posters was barley seen, and she made that dent. Based on this in my books, she is really the victor.

    In my opinion SLP needs to look within because their strong supporters on SLAPs were actually campaigning against them with all the nonsense , attacks etc they were spewing. They did more damage to their party.
    Next time don't send a little girl to do a woman's job.

    Sorry looked like SLP got SLAPPED REAL HARD even from within.


  15. Ha boy my boy Ernest. There was no landslide against Mary. I await the recount. It baffles me that you were so far behind and then you suddenly won.


    • Same for Shawn Edwards. That other guy was stuck on 2147 forever. As if no one voted for him in the last few places counted. That is mighty strange.


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