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High-powered gun found in Babonneau

By SNO Staff

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An Uzi sub-machine gun. (Not the actual gun mentioned in the article)

Police have recovered an “Uzi-type” sub-machine gun in Hill 20, Babonneau, according to reliable sources.

Reports are that around 8:30 p.m. Thursday (April 20), off-duty police officers observed two suspicious males standing near the WASCO water plant at Hill 20 and began to approach.

However, the two males ran, with one of them dropping a nylon bag that contained the automatic gun and two rounds of ammunition, sources say.

No one was arrested but police are reportedly investigating whether this gun was used in a foiled armed robbery at a shop in Girard, Babonneau early Sunday.

During the incident, the alleged gunman was overpowered, disarmed and beaten severely by patrons of the shop.

The gun was not immediately handed over to the police.

The suspect from that incident was brought into police custody today (Thursday), accompanied by his lawyer, after he was discharged from Victoria Hospital on Tuesday morning without police guard.

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  1. All of you complainers, educated people, instead of these insults, why don't you all get training serve your country to make it a better place. SHAMEFUL COMMENTS, ..... I am pretty sure St.Lucia can do with some good ideas. STOP CRITICIZING !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I doing my best to get their idle hands busy of their legs. @[email protected]$/&*)) €€₩`}÷<[]♡`

  3. This is a cover story to aid the vigilantes whom I applaud in this particular case.

    • Bullshit...with these undecisive laws in no way shape or form should this gun be trace back to the robber.

  4. A genuine full auto machine pistol, be it Tek-9, Sig Sauer, Uzi or whatever, to do a punk-scale boost of a small shop? Oh, please, when did these idiots decide to use a chain-saw to cut butter?

    Before we all panic too much:

    --- It could have been a non-functional scale replica --- that has not been disclosed.
    --- It could have been a pellet gun replica that shoots .177 BB pellets from a GO2 gas powered cartridge with a maximum first muzzle velocity of 490 FPM on the first shot, hardly enough to kill anyone, though enough to bleed and potentially maim. Again, this has not been disclosed.
    --- Had it been a real automatic weapon, it is highly doubtful that the pathetic ruffneck-poser-wannabe's would have hit a warehouse aluminum sliding door, even if they had known how to disable the safety, be it for bursts of three or full auto. Why? The kickback on such this small weapon in full-auto mode means that most first-timers that do not have a good amount of practice firing have a firing pattern, based on the unforeseen kick-back, that resembles the fire pattern of MC Hammer on crack --- the kick-back in full auto mode requires careful managing of the grouping if one is to stay on target and the weapon to literally fly out of one's inattentive hands.

    Yes, it looked like a sexy weapon on TV's "Miami Vice", uhmmm, literally 32 years ago. Just let it go already, it's all just flash in the hands of an untrained, inexperienced, amped-up user who'd probably be surprised on the sound and from it and run away on hearing it discharge in full auto mode.

    Uzi's and their genre are "yesterday's man". If, in fact, the alleged weapon recovered was a semi-auto machine pistol, which is doubtful, it is only because the smart criminals upgraded from the Miami Vice era shock-and-awe look-at-me-factor to more effective, available (U.S.A. and Asia) discrete and less overt kinetic and energy-based close-range side-arm weapons.

    If the perp had instead showed up with 'gauge such as a relatively idiot-proof Winchester Defender with a pistol grip or a simple 9 with a high-cap mag that would have been a different story as to actually sending a very visceral and obvious message meaning business in that particular situation.

    Priority one is to not get caught up in the adrenaline and calmly engage so as to try and de-escalate the situation.

    Either way, it doesn't matter what the perp was carrying, be it a functional machine pistol of a spray-painted kids' squirt gun. In this upcoming case, our Judiciary has a unique opportunity depending on the ruling, to send a very compelling message to others in the sentencing of the perpetrator that serves as a harsh deterrent to others. And, hopefully, the ruling dovetails with a prioritized, publicized, focused and visible presence of uniformed officers both 'on the beat' and in a rolling hard-response capacity, and suitably equipped.

  5. that story is so full of SH**t and petty. the officer did not call for back-up? the guys got away... omg, I can do a better job than that and I am not law enforcement.

  6. A gun in s plastic bag is dropped and the suspects run because off duty cops just happen at the time. Looooooooooooool. So funny!!!

  7. How could you investigate whether that was in fact the gun used in a foiled robbery? Is such foolish statement which I think are designed to make the average educated St. Lucian think that he is stupid and his education is highly exaggerated. The only way one can know whether a gun was used on a scene is either because that it was fired and spent shell recovered on the scene or it is confiscated on the scene. No sense making such a report.

    • or if they find the criminal's fingerprints on the gun. Which they actually have NO WAY OF DOING SO. totally agree with your comment. I guess they will just ask the witnesses if it looks like it. Choops.

  8. That's a bs story , ain't nobody who rolling so with that . Guess you'll figure out a way so that the person or persons who took the weapon that night to give it back without any repercussions.

  9. concerned foreign citizen

    Oh my gosh. Officers search every household in Babonneau or ask Dominican policemen to help because they speak the same language. Just imagine Lord. Praise to the police officers for being so observant.

  10. Not arrested? You mean them fellas were allowed to go home and sleep in peace like every other law abiding citizen?

    Police, please do not sleep! them fellas eh deserve to eat least not at their jail yes

  11. and the games continue ... u know the media is a sweet thing - it seems like the suspect has been found so the gun that "maybe is the gun used in this charade" is found when 2 suspicious looking guys are seen running and drops it .... OR!!!! ... maybe somebody gave up a gun they shouldn't have kept and didn't want to make a big announcement of it SO !!!!!!! this story developed .....

    maybe the police aren't as dumb as they are made out to be
    i really know that they (police) know whats up but can't do nun really because the law is for and against them at the same time ...

    anyways, everybody please just try have a good day yourself and share that goodness ...

  12. uzi sub-machine gun with 2 (two) rounds of ammunition? What a joke. /

  13. thanks God one firearm off the hand of bandits. my brothers dont fear. they come again f..them up if you get the chance.

  14. It is quite alarming that the police do not yet know the exact name and model of that gun since they have called it a "Uzi-type" sub machine gun. Is there a new weapon in use on the streets and who is providing the bullets for this weapon?

  15. Sound so stupid, high powered gun in a plastic bag. And what make it worse they drop it and run. Police in vehicle and the run... The police must learn to pursuit . Tell me if a criminal commit a crime and decide to jump into the sea to escape I guess the police will just stand and watch him swim away.. Let's say it happen in the waterfront.

  16. the fellas have an uzi with two shots lol that making any sense

  17. There are more guns like these out there. THAT'S A FACT!!!

  18. But I know that was just the beginning these guys not giving up without someone is dead they want their gun and they will come back

  19. Really??? Am I reading it right???
    Neither the gun was taken away nor the man was arrested?

  20. I guess Castanet understand why would one with criminal intent be in possession of such weapons!

  21. After joy comes sorrow?

  22. Is the police that foolish im assuming the guys are looking for revenge smh its not co incidence that a guy was beaten his padnas escape he has not been charged his padnas out there and it will be forgotten!!!!!!! Can someone please slap the police and wake them the f--- up to do their jobs properly and stop being clowns but an innocent person like me they would arrest with no reason stupid a.. m--- that's why I have a lawsuit against you'll fools

    • Are u foolish..if no one is speaking how do u expect police to know who his accomplices are..everybody always have advice to police on how to do their job..why don't u join the force and show them how it's done since u know so much

      • Take your time to read fool your statement proves me right again smh because I don't see how you read carefully and that's your response must be a lazy cop smh they are trained to give chase I'm quite sure and yes I know a lot but I can't work with clowns... is that even a force to join?smh for what fame!!!!! That's my opinion!!!!

  23. .... and the saga unfurls. Why are these thugs still in the area and why are they there armed to the teeth? Is that "Uzi" a tip of an iceberg? Whatever it is, thank GOD they did not use it!!


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