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High Court upholds injunction against Boundaries Commission

By SNO Staff

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Guy Joseph.

The High Court has upheld an injunction filed on Feb. 17, 2015, by Castries South East Member of Parliament, Guy Joseph, against the Boundaries Commission.

The decision restrains the governor general from signing the documents, which would allow the constituency boundary changes to take effect, until the legal matter is resolved.

The matter was brought before Justice Frances Belle, in the High Court this morning. A new date will be provided to both sides for the next hearing, as the matter will now be tried in court.

United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet told the media today that he is of the opinion that the process of arriving at the report was breached.

Chastanet argued that the constitution requires that the commission act independently, which he believes was not the case in compiling the report. He alleged that SLP General Secretary Leo Clarke and Mayor of Castries Shirley Lewis were the ones who were mainly responsible for writing the report.

“Do you believe that they have the capacity to write that report? If they didn’t write the report then who wrote the report and who paid for the report? And are you sure that it meets the litmus test that the authority remains autonomous, Chastanet questioned.

In defending the report, Clarke said that the commission sat and reviewed proposals before it and having gone through extensive discussion on those proposals it came to the conclusion that those proposals were “proper and fitting”. It was then submitted to the governor general for approval.

There have been a number of debates regarding this issue. While some persons believe that the realignment is long overdue, others have questioned the urgency of making provisions for additional constituencies. Some persons have also said the country cannot afford it now.

However, others have said that by whatever means the country must adhere to the recommendations, in order to better serve the people. The Constituency Boundaries Commission has recommended that the number of constituencies be increased from 17 to 21.

The Commission recommends that Gros-Islet to be divided into three constituencies and a new constituency be created by conjoining contiguous parts of Babonneau, Castries North and Castries East to reduce on the size of those constituencies.

It also recommended that a new constituency be created from Castries South East and Castries South, to reduce on the size of Castries South East.

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  1. Hahaha !! who the hell gave Guy Joseph that

    name?, "THE POODLE" that shit is epic!! Hahaha !!

  2. Looks like the UWP poodle bites harder than all the LABA dogs put together

  3. It's the bus driver's right to have his day in court.

    It doesn't mean he will win anything.

    Now the injunction is fair, so the Court can hear his arguments.

    No harm done.


    They wanna play dirty and align the CSA President to their political party. Yea change the boundaries on their MODA !! They wanna play politics, play politics too.

    YEA IT'S FAIR GAME!! I Am Just sitting on the fence watching the bullshit.

    May the better of the two evils win.

  5. @ proud Lucian very unpatriotic but funny never the less maybe Judge Belle decided I am going to be nasty!!

  6. So does this mean that whenever a state wishes to change election boundaries it must do so through the courts. Absolutely ridiculous! Incidentally, the Privy Council has made no substantive ruling on this subject. it has simply upheld an injunction given the closeness of the St Kitts election and the issue is yet to be decided!

  7. The poodle has dealt the first blow and the knock out punch is round the corner. The odds are really against this labour government. Lets us have a petition to have Kenny Step down. How many signatures do we need?

  8. Why is Chastenet commenting and not Guy, is he still being Chastenet's poodle?

  9. From my understanding both parties consented to the case being heard. There was no attempt by the government to quash the injunction. How can Chastenet then claim victory??

  10. Why didn't the Maleway Government not see it necessary to seek the view of the people on this before attempting to rush it through. Kenny seems to be following his mentor Denzil. He may very well meet the same fate.

  11. As regards court case? In the light of the Privy Council Judgment which is binding on our Courts, the Courts will err on the side of caution and allow th interim injunction until the full facts of the case is ventilated. If they do not an D the GG gives her assent. To the Boundaries Act, it would be difficult to reverse

  12. Ridiculous !!! More constituencies to increase recurring expenses...coming from a gov't who wants to cut the wage bill ....SMDH

  13. Hotel worker, are you aware that the VAT replaced consumption tax? Are you aware that there are goods that care zero vat? Are you aware that tax is used to run the country.

  14. Poodle bites like a pitbull.

  15. The country is broke, we can't afford the luxury of more Constituency division. I see this interest in 21 offices more as a way of evening the odds of Labour being re elected. It's a better crap shoot, it makes no economic sense in a time of dismal economics.

  16. Great job Mr. Guy Joseph. I hope you win this case. The SLP government is too divisive in their dealings. At a time when the economy is struggling they want to create opportunities for the government to pay more wages. God dammit! i went to the supermarket a few minutes ago and the freaking taxes came up to $26.43. I could have gotten some more food for my three kids on that $26.43. I work at a hotel and i cannot afford to continue paying all this vat. Hope better days come with the UWP. Something has to break or else i will lose my mind.

  17. That should teach yall not to mess with the Judge's wife.

  18. Astafan must be sharpening his thoughts in preparation for a big fight.
    Who will pay for the Legal bills. I hope not the Tax payers, but in some ways they will.
    Let's have an open and fair discussion/ debate on this matter; let's not play it A La St. Kitts-Nevis.


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