HERStoire supports Clothes Line Project

HERStoire supports Clothes Line Project
HERStoire's Sister 2 Sister Team pose with Rep. from Dept. of Gender Relations at Clothes Line Project
HERStoire’s Sister 2 Sister Team pose with Rep. from Dept. of Gender Relations at Clothes Line Project

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Introduced to Saint Lucia in 2011, the Clothesline Project has been picking up steam over the years, captivating the attention of the public with vibrant messaging speaking out against violence affecting women and children.

This year, the event was launched in grand fashion at Serenity Park in Castries, hosted by the Division of Gender Relations in collaboration with with Strut for a Cause and TOCO (They Often Cry Outreach).

At the event, which traditionally features an enthralling visage of brightly coloured t-shirts hung in strategic fashion, officials spoke against the practice of unfair treatment of women and girls, standing in solidarity with those affected, and giving a voice to survivors, all in the name of creating awareness.

Participants were invited to walk with their own plain coloured t-shirt, or to use one of the plain t-shirts provided, on which they were encouraged to create a personal message against all forms of violence affecting women and children. Each colour represented a varied dimension of violence against women and children, and the result was breath-taking, with some of the handcrafted designs reading: “Liberate yourself”, and “Say no child to abuse.”

A team from HERStoire Collective’s Sister2Sister Safe Space Programme was present at this week’s event, lending support to organizers, and sharing the programme’s objectives as it relates to young women.

Sister 2 Sister Volunteer Ambassador Tamisha Deligny stated, “Violence against women and children is a very real issue affecting so many people who suffer in silence. Supporting this event means that we don’t believe that these people need to be suffering quietly anymore. It was important for us to come out and demonstrate that, and we really want to thank the organizers for hosting such an important event. Hopefully events like these will continue to provide hope and let those affected know they are not alone.”

This year’s Clothesline Project comes to a conclusion on Friday, March 23. HERStoire wishes the best to organizers moving forward with this incredibly meaningful endeavour.


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  1. HERStoire check you'll selves........... You should not be associating with women who beat other women......... it goes against what your organisation should stand for............. or you'll should get the accused woman to publicly refute the claims/speculation.


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